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  1. Ha! So far I've resisted looking at those videos! I can't think of much besides the usual suspects like keeping yourself occupied, a little exercise, lavender oil etc. Maybe someone else will be of more help. Mine's in three weeks; I'm not nervous yet, but I'm sure I'll be checking the suggestions when I'm closer to the date! Good luck.
  2. Lol. I don't like cold food. @Gretta I agree about plastic. Guess I'll have to see what bothers me more!
  3. So sorry you're having so much pain. It does sound like it's not too serious, but geez. Hope it's over soon.
  4. What's your experience with having your food go cold? lol During our preparation period they encouraged us to eat like we will (eventually) be eating: having protein first etc. I noticed that when I did that, the rest of my food was stone cold by the time I was ready for it. I know a couple of GBP people who used those stay warm plates they have for toddlers: the ones where you put warm water in there to keep the food more or less warm. Anybody do that? Is it worth it?
  5. Now that I have my date, I've ordered one of the Lauren's Hope alert necklaces, plus a set of their alert cards for in my wallet.
  6. So sorry you're having this problem. I agree with the others: keep on top of it with your medical team.
  7. April 18! New start! Still have to lose 2-3 kgs.....
  8. Yes, that's pretty much what I do: take it with a grain of salt and appreciate the input. Also, I think it's useful to focus on changes instead of the absolute values. So then it's not a drama if it's all not exactly correct: the important part is whether the numbers move in the right direction.
  9. Bump! Let's see what people are using now, a few years later. I love this kind of nerdy data stuff :-) I use a Misfit Ray tracker and MyFitnessPal. Thinking about getting a smart scale. Recommendations?
  10. @TentativeMe Wow!! Sent you a DM.
  11. Awesome, Kim! Wishing you continued strength with everything.
  12. @TentativeMe Not yet; haven't been called yet and the date will be 3-4 weeks from the call. So sometime in April, I think. Need to lose about two more pounds. How are you?
  13. The Eddy. :-)
  14. Yes, that thing is magic. I'm still pre-op, but I've been drinking from my Camelbak for a few months now to get in the habit. I'm astounded at how much more I drink with the Camelbak than from glasses or other water bottles.