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  1. Oh my. That was quite the blowout. So glad you didn't get sick!
  2. Very well put! I've been noticing this difference as well. I'm kind of straddling the divide myself: I grew up in the US and lived the first half of my life there. So I tend to ask for more details here in the hospital than they're used to providing.
  3. Sorry to hear about your dad. You could consider just making sure you maintain (not gain) for now, to give yourself some room to deal with all your feelings. In any case, I wish you lots of strength. (My mom died just over a year ago, so I do sympathize.)
  4. Unbelievable, Bob! How are you feeling?
  5. Sounds fantastic!
  6. I agree (for myself).
  7. Great topic!
  8. Haha, I think I was hangry. We have appointments on Tuesday, so you betcha I'm going to ask. I hope they have a good answer.
  9. Uh, that ship has sailed. @Hotmamatime
  10. I'm talking hunger: low blood sugar, growling etc. I feel like what's the point of getting yourself cut up if the result is just more hunger while following a restrictive diet? Could have done that on my own. Not looking for pizza, just food. Feeling really disappointed and pissed off.
  11. I'm having trouble with being hungry as well. I'm taking a prescription antacid, so I assume that's not the problem. I get at least 66 oz (2 liters) of water, coffee, tea each day. Mostly water. I'm following my instructions to the letter, even though it's giving me 600-700 calories a day. The hunger seems to be getting worse the farther out I am. I don't have any of those moments anymore where I think bleh, I don't want to eat. (Unless I just ate.) Pretty disappointing. Any wisdom? This too shall pass?
  12. @Havamal Nope.
  13. Wow, you're going great guns! Feeling good?
  14. Lol, you should see me chewing my applesauce! i like your "one day/hour/minute at a time" approach. I think that's how I'm doing it. Doesn't stop me from lusting after Mr. Carina's crusty-whole-wheat-roll-with-cheese lunch, but it does help me deal with it.
  15. One week out, and you're gagging while you clean it up, hoping not to throw up yourself....