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  1. Good to hear this, as I am at about this number of calories.
  2. Stressed!

    Hi Cynrey, how awful. I don't know what the right answer is; this happens. Three of us had surgery on the same day and had the same hospital room. I had no problems. Roommate two had no problems. Roommate three had two more surgeries before she was able to start recovering. No one can make this decision for you, but most surgeries go well. I wish you luck with your decision and I'll be thinking of you and your friend. I hope she begins to recover soon!
  3. Fun milestone

    How exciting, @Gretta! Enjoy.
  4. Sounds like my first mountain hike in Austria. My neck was gritty with salt crystals from my dried-up sweat. It was amazing to realize I’d done something like that. I still have the photo of myself with the town waaaaaay down in the valley. Congrats! If you do something like this again, let me suggest one of those electrolyte drinks, even diluted. Plain water washes the electrolytes out of your body. I learned this the hard way....
  5. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    You are just so friggin CUTE!
  6. Tracking intake

    I use it a lot, but haven't felt the need. So far everything I need is in the basic version.
  7. Forum changes

    Hi Tom, what do you mean by lack of activity?
  8. Tracking intake

    MFP is free. Haven't yet met anyone who has sprung for Premium.
  9. Wow...lots to tell! So glad your ortho seems like a competent person. Go for it!
  10. I'm not morbid anymore, baby!!!!!

    Hear, hear!
  11. Venting.

    You go girl! Sorry you’re having to deal.
  12. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Hey, I didn’t know that; thanks. Gotta have small fingers here at TTF. *grmbl*