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  1. Can sympathise. I’m six months out and it has gotten too easy to eat.
  2. Hey, I didn’t know that; thanks. Gotta have small fingers here at TTF. *grmbl*
  3. Thread semi-hijack: it annoys me when I click on a NSV of the Week post from the Unread Content page and land on the FIRST page of NSV of the Week. Does anyone know why I don't land directly on the post I clicked on?
  4. Wonderful, @BurgundyBoy; so happy for you.
  5. I'm so happy for you, Bob!
  6. Chips? *antennae waving*
  7. We NEED a gif of you doing the happy dance.
  8. Separated at birth....
  9. @John Good news! I’m sure there are several of us who’d be happy to provide input and/or test a beta app.
  10. So happy for you, Tom; you must feel great.
  11. There ya go, no excuses for not making an app!
  12. Is this really good? I read some so-so reviews on it (not very original, etc.) And what the heck is WLS for $$$$? Sounds like a game show, lol.
  13. Wow Jen, I love your updates! I do wonder, the risk of sounding like somebody’s mom, are you eating enough? 800 cals just doesn’t seem like much for 8 months out. But feel free to ignore me.
  14. Agree. I eat pretty normally and find it difficult to get in my 66+ grams a day without supplementation. (I’m six months out.) But do remember, @GimmeSomePT, that you are highly unlikely to hit your nutritional goals during the first few weeks. It’s something to shoot for, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Drinking enough IS very important right from the start. You’ll get there.