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  1. Would it help to put a stool in the kitchen so you could sit part of the time? Maybe wear cushy shoes and/or put down a thick, soft mat?
  2. Go for it!
  3. Thank you for posting this, @cinwa . I have been sainting you in my mind for a long time. Somehow it helps me mentally to hear that you struggle sometimes too.
  4. You rock, P!
  5. happy about this!
  6. I took a couple pairs of pants to the thrift store. Also another T-shirt. Do thrift stores accept bras?? /
  7. I'm so sorry, Tom. I sure hope they can help you. Thinking of you!
  8. You sound like fun. When are you coming to Europe? Lol Thanks so much for posting these pics. So curious whether I'm going to be considering plastics when I "get there".
  9. Just to chime in with my well-known (well, here anyway) DIFFERENT approach: my program doesn't prescribe low-carb or radically low-fat eating. We're supposed to eat like "normal, healthy people". That said, they encourage low-fat in moderation, mostly because of the KIND of fat you get in full-fat foods. Plus, once we get to goal, we will probably have to watch our intake more.
  10. Amazing....
  11. You home yet, punkin?
  12. I'm actually having physical therapy (well, it's more like having a trainer) because apparently loss of fat tissue can make your joints unstable. Huh.
  13. Good luck, Tom. I've had sciatica before. It eventually went away, but it was painful.
  14. Another great post. Looking good!
  15. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, punkin. Hope they fix it soon.