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  1. I started soft foods last Friday and loving the hummus, refried beans and such but lucky to finish 1/2c in an hour. Taking it slowly has been really helpful and I feel so much better having "real" food instead of shakes. I mix protein powder into oatmeal in the morning, beans for lunch/dinner. Still using SF popsicles for snacks. Blender things really taste good to me; black beans/avocado/mild salsa and then top w/cheese. Feels like I'm eating an enchilada... a few bites and full but feel so satisfied. My clinic says no to eggs for first 4 wks, think they are tough to tolerate for some folks. I can not wait to try them in a couple weeks and hope its okay. Good luck, hope its going better this week.
  2. Yall are the best, thank you I did all of the above. Wow the options of soups I had no idea. Tried cottage cheese today, just hours shy of day 15 and all is well and it felt great to sort of chew. Soft foods here I come.
  3. Hi Toto, yesterday day 11 post op.... I rolled over on my stomach while sleeping and there was no pain. Now this week I am moving slowly and get tired quicker but physically okay. Just so weak and tired from the liquids. Looking forward to a little bit of soft food on Friday! Just do everything the doctor says and you will do great!
  4. Hey Surgery Sibling ~ all well here and I am happy you are close now! Stock up on popsicles and jello My sleeve is doing well, its just me mentally tired of liquids. I want to crunch a triscuit or chew some chicken.
  5. Not a smoothie fan, not a yogurt fan..... I have tried mixing fabulous things into both, tried frreezing protein shakes in small cups and eating them frozen but after 10 days, yuk! Thankful for some nice thin soups that are helping the savory cravings. 5 more days until soft foods, not sure i can make it. Any great tips for bridge foods maybe i can think about for the next few days?
  6. I am 6 days post op and have hunger pains. Now taking 20mg prilosec twice a day and it helps but towards the end I'm dying wanting to chow down on food. How are you doing now that you are "healed" and eating regular foods?
  7. Great news, glad you are doing so well. Interesting re the splenda sensitivity. Seems like there are such varying degrees of changes to taste. Sad that I understand your experiences re doctors and weight struggles. Its reflective of many weight/size norms. Please keep sharing, learning every step of the way from you.
  8. Hi, I'm scheduled for VSG on March 3, so excited!
  9. VSG scheduled March 3, I'm so excited and hoping to find some friends on similar time frame.
  10. Hi, I am a vegetarian, could be vegan except I love eggs.  My surgery date is March 3 and I am trying to learn, prepare and plan as much as possible.  I read that you had mentioned liquid amino acids or something, what does that help with or do?  I think protein shakes (i read the link you posted for best tasting vegan shakes) with almond milk will help me meet the goals initially while on recovery.  Thanks for any other advice especially for the first few weeks and months.   

  11. I am a vegetarian, like you I enjoy eggs and dairy products. The brand Unjury as a new line of protein powders and stuff called "planted", its okay. My surgery date is March 3. So I am scouring all the boards looking for veggies and their experiences. Looking forward to more of your blog posts and hope all is goes well in Mexico.
  12. Thank you for these posts, reading in preparation. Are beans still good protein sources? I'm vegetarian and don't care for yogurt.
  13. Hi are you in Nashville area?

    1. NashvilleGirl


      I was but in Portland now.