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  1. Agree with all of the wisdom and support shared. It is a happy place to be here and we all share NSV and empathize with the struggles of our new lives. Please keep tuned in here Pollyspokets for the support and now its a few more weeks that you are feeling a bit improved.
  2. So enjoy your blog and updates but the photos are the best! What a wonderful representation of your journey! Beautiful all sizes, and looking like an athlete in the recent!
  3. Thank you for such a great point - I too can get too focused on reach the goal weight that we may miss the important milestones along the way. Congrats and love to keep watching the numbers going down!
  4. all those ideas and also may sugar free mint gum when you want to reach for the emotional snack? I love late night crunch of chips, any kind, any flavor not picky in the dark... so now I try roasted garbanzo beans with all different flavors and then some orbit gum to keep my mouth occupied. you know to stop before you go too far and that is an awesome thing, use what ya got and you will feel great again!
  5. Congratulations, such an exciting accomplishment and after traveling. Well you are always traveling but to a super fun place with super yummy food. Your discipline and focus on goal has paid off! Next adventure in the works and next goal in sight!
  6. What a beautiful telling of your trip; love the activity and food details! And all from our shared WLS point of view which is so special. The pictures are great, the culture and you!
  7. latina63 so interesting, i am short and every time I read one of those that just are just losing by large amounts I instantly check out their stats and think wow okay they are tall LOL
  8. hummus, cheese, nuts, tofu and a daily protein drink are all daily sources for this vegetarian. biggest change for me is making sure I add a protein to everything even salads. tracking in my fitness pal helps me make sure I have met goals. if not i grab a spoon of peanut butter or a cheese stick. Good luck and there's many of us and this place is a great resource for ideas from others.
  9. also the acid reducers (not sure of all the types) will often be prescribed to help keep acid down which I think makes us feel hungry, there's a very helpful gal who went through this in January, I take ominperzole post op, had "hunger" so the clinic suggested Am and Pm dosing for first few weeks and it really helped. Great to hear what you are getting down, mindful of the volumes etc. Good luck, it only gets better every day!
  10. exactly B.Boy - by habit I grab a giant bowl for a greek salad and then realize I can barely finish a cereal bowl size salad. So strange, but a happy change.
  11. Hooray great to hear you are doing well. Also making plans to travel with new eating lifestyle is awesome. I just got home from 2 wks and I took my blender shaker bottle and Syntax nectar with me - it was great to have my protein covered. Safe travels and continued healing and losing!
  12. Catching up.... how are you doing post op CurvyMermaid?
  13. Spicy stuff like Indian and Thai definitely is a new favorite for me as well and grew in the soft period from necessity
  14. Initially, I could only do sips. It was a good month to 6wks before I felt like I could drink water as typically had done. Extreme temperatures are not comfortable but volume wise I can drink drink drink happily. You will get there, just try sips every so often and one time you will be pleasantly surprised that the nausea is gone. Good luck.
  15. Glad to see this thread pop up, I'm always cold since surgery in March. Clinic said your insulation is leaving you rapidly, bundle up. Good to know I'm not alone