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  1. Yall are funnyI I'm just not that adventurous regardless of veg status. Jen at restaurants I usually get beans, like at Chillis I get a side of black beans w/ sour cream and onions. It is carby but the protein is good and its filling. Or I just get a side salad and take care of protein with a shake/bar at another meal time. Not sure if you have Zoe's but they have a snack pack w/hummus, cucumbers and pita. I just ask to swap the pita for a veggie.
  2. Long time veg and my daughter has mentioned the cricket/cricket flour option. Frequently, I say we don't eat things with a face so I have been able to avoid crickets thus far. It is doable after WLS but takes work and commitment to ensure proper nutrition. ChirpChirp!
  3. It sounds tough, hope the nutritionist will help guide you towards healthy options keeping with some of your surgeons thoughts. Read enough of these boards you will see the variety of post op plans and sometimes a little adjustment is a good thing. Good Luck!
  4. Good luck, all sounds like such a great path! I'm a meal planner, the first week my close girlfriends did a meal train and that was very nice just to not even walk into the kitchen at all. The second and third week I had it planned and enough items prepped to make it mindless as by then I was mourning chewing and crunching. 2 mos in and I feel like a pro; what I eat is part of the family meal, I'm just having small portions and none of the bread/potatoes. So far the only thing I miss is cornbread
  5. Please call your doctor and request to get in to be seen - by any medical professional there. Ice chips, from our margarita machine, got me through some tough times of nausea. A spoonful every 10-15 min, just to keep a very small something going in, and ultimately helps with hydration. Good luck, please let us know how you are doing.
  6. bummer i love protein bars but can see that happening for sure, I'm going to make sure only to eat half at a time. i'm a vegetarian so they are a great go to protein source when on the go at work, I get tired of nuts, cheese..... Anne funny, I thought I was 8 wks post op, thought wow someone at 7 wks we are the same LOL
  7. Ice chips every 20 mins was all I could do for what seemed forever. Maybe your doctor will change something to help w/pain management. Pain in recovery is such an individual thing. I had hiatal hernia repair as well, and think it made a bit slower to swallowing anything more than water for a few days. These boards are awesome, keep reading and learning. You will feel better.
  8. I'm 6wks out, I have reminders set up in my phone. Some for food, some for vitamins then calcium chews so that everything is appropriately spaced out. 6am breakfast, 8am vitamins, 10a snack (may just be a few almonds), 12p calicium, 1pm lunch, 4p calcium, (I'm an afternoon snacker no reminder needed), dinner with the family, 8p calcium.... Keeping a baggie w/calcium, a baggie of roasted edamame or a protein bar with me is key to keeping me on track. Maybe write down how you are doing schedule wise on your own, so you see what works with your rhythm of your day.
  9. One month surgervissary was this week and wow what a difference in how I feel, how I think and of course how I eat. Many thanks to all of the vets of VSG & Thinner Times for such reassurance, information, gentle guidance. I had a 6mos wait/education program and that was great, but as the time was close I scoured the forums reading and reading everything. Nothing has surprised me, I feel at peace, whatever obstacle may be food wise. And I did think I could "cheat" a little here and there, the post of no cheat days was what I needed to hear. So many posts of shared experiences helps us all be prepared and I appreciate all of the posts. Thankyou!
  10. I'm still taking thyroid meds same as pre surgery. Losing slowly by some folks, but truly every body is different. I think if we lose appropriate amounts of weight, whenever that is, then our thyroid may be able to keep up with our new body size and we can wean off of meds. That is my understanding, not a medical person at all though.
  11. first time i made the unjury chicken broth i heated a mug of water..... the powder stayed in pea size chunks, it was awful. nutritionist says all of that is best dissolved at room temp then warmed slightly. and it was much better after that. in the beginning, it did the job, protein/meal/calories.... Now on reg foods so prefer the morning star farms fake meat stuff; easy to digest but has good savory tastes.
  12. 0-2 weeks full liquid, 2-4 week soft foods, Friday was 4 wks so back to normal foods. Wild how different programs are, but if you ask questions you'll know what is right for your program. Popsicles were a fun diversion. I also used the unjury chicken broth, the protein did help clear the fogginess for me. Good luck!
  13. I started soft foods last Friday and loving the hummus, refried beans and such but lucky to finish 1/2c in an hour. Taking it slowly has been really helpful and I feel so much better having "real" food instead of shakes. I mix protein powder into oatmeal in the morning, beans for lunch/dinner. Still using SF popsicles for snacks. Blender things really taste good to me; black beans/avocado/mild salsa and then top w/cheese. Feels like I'm eating an enchilada... a few bites and full but feel so satisfied. My clinic says no to eggs for first 4 wks, think they are tough to tolerate for some folks. I can not wait to try them in a couple weeks and hope its okay. Good luck, hope its going better this week.
  14. Yall are the best, thank you I did all of the above. Wow the options of soups I had no idea. Tried cottage cheese today, just hours shy of day 15 and all is well and it felt great to sort of chew. Soft foods here I come.
  15. Hi Toto, yesterday day 11 post op.... I rolled over on my stomach while sleeping and there was no pain. Now this week I am moving slowly and get tired quicker but physically okay. Just so weak and tired from the liquids. Looking forward to a little bit of soft food on Friday! Just do everything the doctor says and you will do great!