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  1. Good job, you!!!
  2. They did let me Uber home as well. I think they won't let you cab/uber if you just had some anesthesia vs having spent the night in and having been transitioned to oral meds. While they thought I was odd, they let me do it. Lol. I thought it was wonderful. No need to bother others and coordinate a pick up and drop off. I would do it that way again in a sec
  3. Lol. Sounds like there are many of us who feel the same way. Athenarose is my new idol because she has succeeded exactly how I hope to. I ubered to the hospital, didn't want visitors and hoverers. My attitude was let's get this done. This forum is tremendous support of the kind that is comfortable to me
  4. @Aussie H I have to ask about the bariatric programs in your area. The ones by me have long term weight loss success rates of around 70-80%. They all have aggressive aftercare education, monitoring and support. Are there not similar programs by you? Or do you just know the 20-30%? Lol
  5. My pre-op diet was Optifast so I had no options. Stick to what your doctor requires. They are all different.
  6. Welcome! Relax! You've likely gone through the wringer with medical clearances and classes to get where you are. You're ready. This forum offers tremendous support here to navigate post-op.
  7. Are you working with a bariatric center? They usually have patient advocates who know all of the requirements. It is likely that your insurance requires visits to a dietician/nutritionist as part of a supervised weight loss program pre-surgery.
  8. Well 2 good things at least: you know what the problem is (because that was NOT acceptable pain) and you're done with 300s! Still sorry you're laid up as you are. It will pass soon, though, now that you know it's a hematoma that will absorb and not something more serious. If it makes you feel better, my weight has gone up since surgery even though I've been able to walk a lot since day 1! So you take it say and lose while I'll walk for the both of us and gain! Lol
  9. The liquid diet is really difficult. I had a headache the entire time. Focus on how few days of it you have left. I also went to bed really early because I was too hungry to stay awake. It helped make the days go by. And it does get easier! Day 5 won't be as hard as 4. You can do it!
  10. Honestly, I'm hungry. Which has me bummed because I know the surgery doesn't get rid of the ghrelin center for everyone. I keep hoping it's just gas or acid pain but it sure feels like hunger.....
  11. Damn, Done. So sorry to hear that!! Def call your doc. Immobilizing pain isn't right. Pain mends help at all?
  12. Welcome!! Congrats on the date! So many members here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  13. I was ravenous the entire pre op diet time. No, it didn't go away for me...at all. I had a headache the whole time from hunger. Drinking water didn't help either. I just white knuckled it through the days and went to bed early because I was too miserable to stay awake. And, yes, I did rip a few faces off (didn't eat them though, lol) because I was def hangry! in fact, I left work early the day before surgery when I was on all clear liquids because I just couldn't take the headaches and shaking from starvation. But I made it and had my surgery!
  14. Has the pain and pulling gotten better for you??
  15. Nutritionist. Every program is a little different and every insurance requirement is a little different. My insurance required 4 month supervised diet. I didn't lose much weight then but did lose some. You'll probably have to get multiple clearances from other doctors as well including cardiology, pulmonology and psychology so the months of waiting time are actually running around to various appointments. It's a lot of info so just take it step by step. And ask anything here!!