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  1. It's almost like people go out of their way to test someone's will power or what they perceive as will power. I don't understand it, these same people would never consider telling someone who had food allergies to "just take a little bite". For so many of us, WLS saved our lives, and I for one don't ever want to take that for granted. I let food rule my life for too long, and if me working hard to take that control back and make sure I never return to where I was, bothers someone then oh well. I have a long way to go and I'm willing to put in the work and get there. I'm not exaggerating when I say I learn something more about myself everyday since having surgery (lately it's been what I can eat, when I should eat, how much to eat) but I'm getting the hang of it. So many of you have helped me learn these lessons, just because of the experience you share and the advice you offer.I know that I will have good days and bad days, I'm learning to recognize the signs my body shows me so I can adjust accordingly. Today I weighed in at my GP' s office and the scale said 275lbs, in August of 2016 when he talked to me about where my health was headed and urged me to talk the Bariatric Surgeon I was 352lbs. I was thrilled today when I realized I didn't need my seatbelt extender in my truck anymore. I am no longer pinned to the seatback, now I can reach the radio and the parking brake release while wearing my seatbelt. I could not do that back in August. I'm sorry if I hijacked the topic....just had a few things I wanted to say after reading the posts here. -G
  2. Congrats Tom, you're very inspiring to us newly sleeved. Thanks for being so helpful and sharing your journey with us.
  3. I also never get hungry, I try to make sure I eat something every 4 hours at the most. I am learning that for the last 30 years my life was planned around food, occasions were planned around meals, vacations were planned around restaurants. It's all new to me, but I'm learning. These are some of the lessons we all learn as our journey continues. You can do this DoneW/300s, and we are all here to vent to, and offer advice if you need it. GOOD LUCK
  4. Mine is a 24-26oz bottle. Not the backpack kind.....
  5. @DaniLiz, I had the same feeling, like food just wasn't moving, it was making me not want to eat at all just to avoid that feeling. But then I remembered people talking about smaller bite sizes, and chewing, chewing and chewing so I worked on that, and also setting the fork or spoon down between bites. These little tricks seemed to work for me. For me, I had to accept that my way of eating has changed, it had to change if I wanted to live. The old sensations I felt when I overate before WLS were different, I was not used to these new sensations. Some people talk about getting a runny nose or hickups and that's how they know when to stop. I never worried about being dehydrated before WLS because I always had a 44-64 oz soda with me. Now I carry a bottle with me everywhere, it's a camelback bottle, I found that I drink more from that than I do from a cup or any other bottle (don't really understand why, but I do, it's like magic) I'm also at 6 and a half weeks post-op, and I'm learning how to get along with my new sleeve. Some days it beats me up, just to remind me it's in charge for now until I learn how I should be eating. But I do notice that everyday gets better.... Good luck, and hang in there, we're all in your corner.
  6. I've also been having issues, recently added a softener... It's helped a little. I'm 6 weeks post sleeve.
  7. Good luck, you've got this! I second the refried beans, hummus, broth, protein shake comment they (along with bananas and Greek yogurt) have been my staples the last 4 weeks... but I also really liked a soft poached egg! It was the perfect portion, I've never been so happy to have an egg, it was my first food when I was done with the full liquid stage! The first few days are the worst, hang in there, it gets easier quickly.
  8. Congrats! All the hoops will be well worth it in the end.
  9. Wednesday was six weeks since my Sleeve surgery, it's getting easier. I'm learning my limits, when to eat, what to eat, and the right amounts. I still struggle drinking enough water but it's getting better, I bought a camelback bottle (after another poster here suggested it) and I'm not sure why but it does help me drink more....I do still wake up every morning so dry and I seem to play catch up all day.... I'm back in the gym (after almost 6 years), it's humbling how much different my strength level is compared to what I was doing 6-7 years ago. I've been beginning very slow and making sure I am in the gym 3-4 Times a week (even if for 20 min) so I can make it part of my routine. I've lost about 40lbs since surgery and clothes are getting loose. I started at a loose 48" waist (jeans), wore a few old 46" pairs, and had to buy 2 pairs of 44"s. My 4xl t-shirts are getting too big to wear much longer I am looking forward to eating some raw vegetables, soft mush is getting old. I find that I may need to add a fiber supplement, because .... well I'm sure you know why. Not really missing the old stuff I ate or drank, I thought that was going to be an obstacle for me, but it hasn't even come into play. I was a craft beer geek, searching out rare and legendary craft beers, I would have 2-3 pints a day everyday. Yesterday I gave away the last two limited release beers I had been saving before surgery. Thanks for all you have shared, it has helped and I know it will continue to help me as I move forward. If you're newly sleeved or headed that way, remember the first few days are the worst, but it gets better quickly. Don't give up on yourself.
  10. Try the Nectar brand protein powder.
  11. I was given instructions to follow that said: clear liquid for days 1-3, full liquid days 4-14, then soft/pureed days 15-6 weeks.
  12. So Wednesday was 4 weeks since my Sleeve surgery. I'm down 32 lbs, since leaving the hospital. (I gained 5lbs from the iv fluids) I'm getting used to my new stomach, but I find myself eating too fast and that doesn't feel good. Protein drinks, yogurt, cottage cheese, a soft poached egg, egg salad or vegetarian refried beans have become staples in my meals. I'm still on the soft/pureed stage, so I don't eat much about 2-3 oz max per meal. I'm struggling to eat 500 cal a day, while also getting 64 oz of water (or other liquid in). I'm am getting better at knowing when to stop, or when I should eat. While my water intake is getting better, I'm still not at 64oz yet. Any tips? Thanks!
  13. Great news, I had my VSG the week before you (1/18/17).... Keep up the good work! This place (thinnertimes) is a treasure trove of great people with a lot of wonderful advice, I learn something new every time I log on.
  14. I had the same concerns, I'm 3 weeks post VSG and I am glad that my concerns were put to rest almost immediately. The clear liquid stage went pretty fast for me, the full liquid (soup, jello) was OK, but got boring quick. when I made it to the Soft food/Pureed stage I was thrilled to eat a very small banana for breakfast. I'm still at the soft/pureed stage, and I honestly feel so much better, I'm getting just enough each meal (not over eating and not hungry). I was surprised to find that one large poached egg is the perfect serving size for me.... I had 1.5oz mashed cauliflower and 2oz of vegetarian refried beans for lunch yesterday and it was just the right amount of food.(although, because my office is changing vending companies the old company removed all the microwaves, so I had to eat my lunch cold, not the best, but it wasn't bad)
  15. I have also found that one scrambled egg is too much, but one soft poached egg is just the right amount.