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  1. Congrats ! It looks like you and I have about the same stats and our surgery dates will be close together also.. Thankfully I only have just a two week liquid diet and the first one I am allowed 1 meal a day..See you on the losers bench very soon !
  2. Glad you are feeling better !
  3. Congrats to you Jen !!!!
  4. Well I suppose when I finally get the surgery I will take measurements and try to weigh once every 2 weeks,, Otherwise I will be going crazy like everyone else having these stalls !
  5. Wow hope your throat feels better soon !! I agree with Gretta you taking it well..I would not
  6. Ugh not getting my date until July 6th.... Driving me nuts !! Hurry and wait wait wait!!!
  7. OMG that is basically what happened to me in September of 2015..The Dr Inhad said he would sign for a lap band if I jumped all his hoops first!! One year later I pretty much gave up.. Finally I switched to a Dr in a different town and she sent the request for me to have surgery the first visit .. That was just this past February and I will have the surgery in July,....Please Don't wait over a year like I did get yourself a new Dr !!!! Good Luck
  8. Congrats on getting your date!! I pretty sure I will be in July also. Seems like their are a few of us going in July.
  9. Lol you have good sense of humor ! I can definitely relate to your post. The first step is being aware of the problem, which you now are.My brain does the same thing,.. I have not had the surgery yet but sure some of the more advanced members can give you the advice you seek...Good luck on your journey !!
  10. Wow 20 lbs in 3 weeks. Awesome!!! Congrats !!
  11. Depending on where you go with or without insuance may not matter because some places you will have to do their program first. Good luck to you in your journey !!
  12. My surgeon doing blood tests day of surgery...Hope all went well for you..
  13. Well I find myself finally here. Done with all the requirements just waiting to set the surgery date and start the 2 week liquid diet..Although I am lucky as I get one low calorie meal the first week !!!
  14. Glad to hear you are home and doing okay !
  15. Glad you are doing better ...