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  1. Thank you very much.....Good luck to you and much success on your journey....
  2. I am curious to here how things have gone?
  3. Hi Just curios if any of you had had bariactric surgery with medicare and what it all entailed to qualify?
  4. Thank you.
  5. What is dumping?
  6. I had no idea I was going to have to quit smoking ugh....I am a light smoker about 5 a day..sigh Oh well...I a doing a liquid diet to make my 20 lbs by the 20th for my doctors office and I have completed my 6 month supervised...Going to the seminar on the 19th............I guess I will quit after ugh
  7. I have medicare .....I signed up for the seminar the 19th......
  8. My doctor required me to lose 20lbs in the 6months before he would send me over to a surgeon....Ugh Its been like a yoyo up and down..I got down to 288 my last visit and now am back up to 294.....Yesterday I started a liquid diet in the hopes I can get down to the 20 lbs by the end of this month...2 years ago I had db hip replacements...I have severe arthritis and lumbar stenosis which causes awful leg pain when I walk...I am reaching out because I really need help...Thanks