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  1. Congrats !!
  2. Valerie I see you chose the sleeve...Are you glad with that choice you made at this point and what made you chose it..I ask because I am meeting with my surgeon next week to pick and I am still undecided
  3. Good luck...Looks like you 2 are neighbors...Same Dr and everything...I just down the road from you !
  4. My PCP sent the letter Feb 7th. Did my phsc and review and finally get to go meet the surgeon next week ! This has been a long road for sure. Be glad to get on that loser bench !!
  5. Oh wow I lost my smell and taste Feb 2016 due to the flu !! My taste came back after 2 weeks (just not as good) My smell never came back.. So like you I am going to use this to my advantage..I will say not being able to smell does mess with me but if someone's cooking bacon I won't smell it lol..
  6. Thank you...How much would you say you spend monthly?
  7. Just wondering the cost involved for the vitamins and minerals for both the Rny And the sleeve..I am just assuming they would be different but maybe not? Thanks
  8. I was prescribed this in 2014 and still today. I hate it ...Have 3 bottles of it..Does not help with pain for me. instead makes me hyper and jittery,.FYI it is prescribed to me for lumbar stenosis
  9. Thank you very much.....Good luck to you and much success on your journey....
  10. I am curious to here how things have gone?
  11. Hi Just curios if any of you had had bariactric surgery with medicare and what it all entailed to qualify?
  12. Thank you.
  13. What is dumping?
  14. I had no idea I was going to have to quit smoking ugh....I am a light smoker about 5 a day..sigh Oh well...I a doing a liquid diet to make my 20 lbs by the 20th for my doctors office and I have completed my 6 month supervised...Going to the seminar on the 19th............I guess I will quit after ugh