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  1. 3 weeks out and not losing

    Its the dreaded 3 week stall they say.. I myself didn't have it but I never lost big amounts of weight. My first week I lost 3 lbs and 14 for the first month. Sure some that have had it will respond. Good luck on your journey.
  2. Five months post op

    Congrats Madhouse you are doing great ! I had a lady whose mouth dropped open when she saw me last week. I was caught off guard by this and neither of us said a word as she sat there mouth wide open looking at me. I seen her again yesterday and we spoke( not as awkward) and I just told her that I had had surgery. I am happy to have this gift and I don't care who knows about it. That's just me though
  3. Congrats Jen on all the hard work you have put in. I can see how this can all be so overwhelming when you realized you were actually a size 10 !! I would be crying too.
  4. Met With Surgeon

    I understand your concern and being on the fence. I was approved for RNY and the day we scheduled the surgery I changed it to VSG. I was back and forth even after I changed it to the VSG. It boils down to this for me I need to be able to take inflammatory meds for my arthritis Aleve, Advil, ect. You can lose the same amount of weight with either it just may take a little longer with VSG. I ended up with reflux but the meds are controlling it.
  5. Halfway to Goal Today

    Congrats Kayak !! Halfway to goal must be a great feeling
  6. 4 month post op today

    Thank you kayak. We had Thanksgiving here and all those dessert leftovers drove me nuts. lol. No more bad food in my house !!! YAY
  7. 4 month post op today

    @hermit0208 I love my mom but it was not just this incident. Ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate eclairs, donuts, candy, chips the list goes on and on of things being brought into the house after asking her not to. I did apologize and whats done is done. She moved out and I feel it is better for me and my journey not to have those distractions and it will also be better for our relationship in the long run. I see you are in MO also. I am about 3 hrs south of you . I have a son and his family in Kearney and a son in Platte City. Small world
  8. Me 6-month post op

    This is AWESOME I can hardly wait till spring !!
  9. Me 6-month post op

    OMG Chefman we are neighbors I live in Springfield ! I am in the Mercy system who are you doing all you follow ups with since I see you had surgery in MS ?
  10. I have a problem.

    Sorry you have been struggling. Its good that you were able to get back on and stick to it. I had 2 week liquid diet also but the first week I was allowed a 300 calorie meal per day. They checked to make sure I lost the appropriate weight the morning of surgery because if you don't you don't get the surgery where I am. The nurse that put the I.V. in me that morning was telling me about a woman who only lost 4 lb and they didn't do the surgery on her.
  11. Why the hair needs protein to re-grow

    I have not had this problem so far but I did see my Dr. for my 4 month follow up today and she said healthy fats are important for the hair, nails, and skin. Specifically we were talking about hair at the time.
  12. Dont understand whats wrong

    Thank you @BurgundyBoy. I had my 4 month post op appointment today and discussed all the things above with her and I may go back and talk to the shrink if it keeps up. She says it is normal and good that I recognize it for what it is. I have had wine since my surgery 1 or 2 glasses a few times and that is okay for me, I just don't want to make a habit of it especially in weight loss phase.
  13. Lets talk snacks baby!

    Hunts Sugar free pudding 70 calories. Sugar free fudge pops 40 calories. Kind bar ( The protein one)
  14. Dont understand whats wrong

    @Jen581791 Thank you for your response. Its nice knowing I am not the only one.
  15. Dont understand whats wrong

    So for the past 10 days I have noticed I am not interested in food much. I just checked my food log and I haven't hit 700 calories once in that time and some days are 500 . I don't quite understand what is happening. ( I had been getting in 750 to 850 with no issues other than wondering how long I could keep going on those few calories before bumping them up.) I didn't eat anything today till 11 am yesterday I think it was 12 30 pm and I am constantly telling myself you need to eat when I don't feel good. Sigh Also I am wanting to have a drink or have a smoke or whatever and I am thinking omg is this the start of me wanting to do a transfer addiction ? I have not smoked since Feb 7th and I am not a drinker. I am not going to do either of these things because I am aware of what could happen and I am not interested but I am thinking if it keeps up I may have to go get some help. Can anyone share if this has happened to them and what they did?