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  1. @Jen581791 How many calories do you take in on average ? Do you exercise regularly ? Your stats are amazing considering you just had surgery in February ! Congrats
  2. Wow ! I was on full liquids the first week .. I am on puree s now which I can have eggs, beans, seafood, chicken , soft fruit and I can tolerate all of it no problems. Guess I got lucky in that department.
  3. I not going to do non fat either! We can't consume that much anyways so I will adhere to all the guidelines but I will not use margerine. I use butter. I am using skim milk but this is the last time I will buy it. I will use 2% and my cottage cheese has been 2% and 4%. As for sour cream I use Daisy it's all natural.
  4. Thank you @BurgundyBoy and @Gretta. I just wasn't expecting to not lose weight right after surgery. They really should warn folks.
  5. @Gretta yep having no issues
  6. Well dang I wish I would start dropping weight already ! 10 days post op and only 1 lb down . Was down 3 at 1week post op appointment. Gained 2back and here I stall. Grrr. I been telling myself maybe it's the 15 I lost on the liquid diet and my body is just catching up?
  7. Thanks @Trish1967 @aksh just frightening when you are awoken out of sleep with that. Hoping once the pouch heals it will be a thing of the past.
  8. @BurgundyBoy thank you I will try that.
  9. @swanfray @Gretta @Trish13 @BurgundyBoy @cinwa @[email protected] @NerdyLady @Chefman77 I felt fine yesterday, but awoke to the same thing at 5 30 this morning just not near as bad. Feels more like burning in the chest and I wonder if it is getting in my lungs ? I feel great in the day time. I have no problems with any food so far. My only complaint is waking up choking which I working on and the dreaded scale not moving lol.
  10. Congrats !
  11. I called the Dr and was put on sucralfate. I have to take it before I eat and go to bed. I am also on pantoprazole. Does anyone know how long before that kicks in, he said it was time released. Thank you for your concern and help @swanfray @Gretta @Trish13 @BurgundyBoy @cinwa @AussieH .
  12. Omg just woke up choking and throwing up bright yellow stuff! A lot of it and some of it had red lines running through it .. It burned so bad. How could I have so much of that stuff in a week old pouch ? I assume it was acid.. Just saw the Dr yesterday should I call him ? Don't ever want that to happen again. Ugh
  13. @Gretta thanks. Other then being tired I feel fine. Tonight I had chill and cottage cheese and no issues. I do eat very slow with small bites. How many calories are you averaging a day ?
  14. Congrats on your progress @Havamal. Hopefully you get your stamina back quickly. It sucks being tired all the time.
  15. Hi @LadyFLrebotTX I have always said I just want to be at 190 at least, that puts me at a size 14. My doctor said 180 and I set my goal at 170. I plan on letting my body go where it wants and 190 was where I landed for 6 years until I started having all of my issues. You are the one that needs to be happy for you. So if you want to loose more weight you got this and everyone here is so nice so I know you will have all the support you need. Welcome back