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  1. Thank you all for the replies!!! I try to keep my protein at least 60 to 70 a day and carbs under 40 to 50...,that's what my NUT told me to concentrate on...... I haven't been able to go to the gym for serious exercise for the last 3 to 4 months due to the back issues but I walk like a madwoman.... I'm an administrator of an assisted living facility and I get way over 10,000 steps a day just in the 10 hours I am there working....I'm very hands with the residents and staff so its difficult to keep me tied down to a desk, with the first surgery that's what I did mainly was walk and the weight just seemed to melt off. This entire thing even has my endocrinologist baffled, he said try some phentermine ( thinking I was actually eating too much) so I said ok doc I will try anything at this point.... 3 months later still no weight loss.....baffling to me......I'm beginning to think something else is going on inside there that is preventing me from losing the weight
  2. Hi everyone, I had a vertical banded gastroplasty in 1993 went from 330 down to about 140 lbs...... Many years later and a back injury, poor food choices, a failed spinal fusion and then several caudal injections every three months for two years ( to ease the back pain the steroids also helped me regain about 50 lbs). In August of 2015 I had a revision to a gastric bypass, the surgeon said he had to remove most of my stomach due to scarring from the previous surgery......I just had my year surgiversary and I am sooooooo frustrated..... I've only been able to take and keep off about 15 total pounds....I know our bodies lose slower with a revision but this is just crazy... I barely take in 1000 calories a day.... If there is anything I can say I know I'm doing wrong is I know I need to drink more water....but that can't be the reason I'm stuck like this... My question is this, has anyone else had these issues? Or am I the only one?