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  1. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I've checked in and I just have some questions for ya since my surgery is coming near. I'm getting so nervous now but still excited as well. Anywho, how well did you heal with the sleeve? What was the first week post op like for u?? Any information u can tell me before I go under the knife would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
  2. After all the hoops and appointments. I have finally got my date! I will be having surgery on may 22nd!!!!! Yay! Just in time too lol i wanted it before summer and it will be! I am sooo excited but also nervous too. Cant wait to join u all on the losers bench
  3. This is one of my fears as i too have anxiety and i am preop still. My surgery date is may 22 and im excited but nervous of how my anxiety will be. Please let me know what happens and what helps u!!
  4. Hello everyone!! I havent been on the forum for months and the reason being is i was finishing up all the requirements i needed to do before submitting to insurance. Now that i have all that done and am awaiting a response from insurance my nerves are on edge!! How long did it take you to hear back from your insurance company??? Also, when you were approved how long does it take to get a date? Its been such a long journey and im nervous and eager for what lies ahead
  5. So an update on the endoscopy appointment. They moved it to dec. 9th so im still waiting. Yes it is the worst lol but i guess theres a silver lining in the end right? Thanks and hope to be on the losers bench soon!
  6. Hey girl!! Thats awesome to hear!! My last required appointment is on nov 19th... EGD FINALLY. still so long away tho ugh. Then i think i submit to insurance too. Let me know what ur insurance says and ur date!!
  7. I havent posted on here for a long time because absolutely NOTHING has been progressing and I have been stuck at a standstill. I finally got my EGD appointment and its set for November 19th. It is my last appointment before calling my coordinator to let her know all requirements are finished and i am excited to finally see what happens next!
  8. Oh wow, sorry bout that. I know how that feels... And now i hear that the GI is booked up til close to February. FEBRUARY!! I am so angry about that. I pray and hope i can get in there sooner. I hope u can get yours sooner too. Waiting is horrible.
  9. Hi Kate!! Well, the week before last was such a busy one! I literally got all my pre op requirements done except for 1. I found out I have gerd at the manometry test so hoping I'm still eligible for the sleeve as I really do NOT want bypass. Just have my reasons lol. Anyway, my PCP has already sent out my referral for the EGD test but they STILL haven't called to make the appointment which is leaving me so frustrated because it's the last thing I need to do before submitting to insurance. Wow, so we are kinda running the race together!! Seems like your almost ready to submit too!! That's so awesome! Doesn't insurance only have so long to give you an answer? I hope so I hate waiting for everything lol!! At least we are almost there tho...
  10. So, it's been a bit since I've posted but absolutely nothing new is going on. I am waiting for an appointment for my EGD still!!! Things were going so good the week before last I got ALL my appointments done except this last one which my PCP has already sent out the referral, just waiting for the phone call with the appointment. I really dislike the waiting game. If only I can get my EGD done, so I could finally submit to insurance. I'm hoping to have a date by December. So my new year resolution can come true this year!! I feel like I'm the only one on here that still doesn't have their date, it sucks!
  11. Looking good!! Congrats to you!
  12. Looking good!! Congrats to you!
  13. Awesome girly!! Congrats!
  14. That is great and so awesome that you never did have to experience dumping! For myself, I have anxiety and I fear dumping ALOT as the heart palpitations and sweating could snowball out of control for me and that's the reason I'm afraid to do RNY. Don't get me wrong , I don't plan on eating the wrong things or just being lazy I truly am going to use this tool as a huge stepping stone to jump-start my new journey. I have plans and goals that include alot of hard work and giving up things I love but I can't lie, I fear the bypass due to the possibility of dumping. I think it could cause me to panic. I loathe the feeling so much I'd prefer to avoid it altogether.
  15. Your right , that's true! However I do hear that these things are more prominent in the gastric bypass patients and for my own personal preference I'm leaning towards the sleeve for these reasons as well as keeping my guts the way they are...