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  1. You look awesome!! Congratulations!
  2. I really liked Her Majesty's Dragon (I have it on the drive!) I also liked her stand alone book called Uprooted - https://www.amazon.com/Uprooted-Naomi-Novik-ebook/dp/B00KUQIU7O If you liked the books Twilight (The movies were horrendous In my opinion), you guys may like the "Book of Life" trilogy, it's like a grown up Twilight - Starts with the book "A Discovery of Witches" - https://www.amazon.com/Discovery-Witches-Novel-Souls-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B004DI7HZ6/ It's one of the few series when I finished reading it, I read it again. I also have it on the drive.
  3. So small backstory on Kimberly. Years and years ago, I went to school, and I got a degree in anthropology. Then along came my son, and two more children, and a cross country move, and for 13 years I was a stay at home mom. It's incredibly hard to find a job when your work experience is from a decade prior. So, I have this major thing I am doing, surgery, and I am making the appointments, and running around doing the leg work, and my husband jokes that once our youngest goes into school I can get a job, so I figured why not and I applied. Well, I ended up getting hired, which I actually really love my job, I get paid 12.50$ an hour to stand around and talk with people. However, my start date was August 1st, and if you look to the left my surgery was August 1st. So, I had to explain to them that I couldn't start on the 1st, I'd have to start later. So I officially went to work August 19th. Three weeks after my surgery. So, when I came to work I had weight restrictions in what I could lift, and I work in electronics (which is perfect for me as I build computers, and I am a huge gamer, and I work as an IT system admin for an online store), which require a lot of lifting. So I was really open with my co-workers, and explained that I had this surgery, and a restriction, etc.. ALL of my co-workers have been really supportive. When I first came to work, they would ask me how it's going, how much I've lost, and understanding of why I couldn't eat certain foods. I have had three co-workers that have had the surgery done, two have succeeded, one had failed (she is the one that keeps telling me how I could cheat on my diet, I told her I didn't do this drastic thing to my body to cheat, but thank you for offering - though more tactful), and one who's husband had the surgery done and lost 200+lbs and has maintained for a decade, and a handful of people interested, so I've sent them my surgeons office card. I posted this post, the pictures, to facebook, and here were the responses : Dorothy is my direct manager. I've had nothing but love, and acceptance from my co-workers, and it's been fantastic, everyone has been supportive, and excited for me. One of the girls I work with was very excited about when I switched my vest from a 2xl to a medium, for a while when I was dropping sizes I'd come in and be asked what size I am now, and high-fived on it. I've actually never been in an atmosphere where all of the women I work with have been truly supportive. One of store managers, whom everyone is afraid of, made a comment to people that I am "doing it right", by not cheating, and moving around, that she's had friends that have failed at it, but since I've changed my diet, it was the way to go. Regardless, I am very very open about my surgery, and about why I had it done. I cannot fathom not being able to talk about it, it was a major life event, and I have had no one be rude to me. I've even had customers ask me about it, I had one lady who had the same surgery done by the same surgeon, she's failed and put on weight, but she was excited to talk with me about it also (Course she had hers done 20+ years ago). I realise that the stigma is from people to say "Oh you've cheated" by doing the surgery, but I really have had no one say that to me, all of my responses and talk has been very positive, and I hover the middle road, by being able to talk with my overweight co-workers, and my thin co-workers and understand where both are coming from, it's great to be able to listen to people's stories.
  4. I am up there, with the crew that struggles with not drinking at my meals. I have learned to order a glass of water when we go out to eat, because if I don't, I get looked at oddly. However, I find myself turning into a clock watcher, "Is it time, can I drink, has it been a half-hour yet??", I probably will always struggle with that. I agree that your entire relationship with food has to change and using your surgery as a tool to change your diet is a fantastic way to go about doing that. I am finding as the months go by, I crave protein, and not much else, mostly because I have incorporated so much protein into my diet. Do I miss bread? Absolutely, but I can go without it. These were my meals yesterday : 1 Slim Fast Protein shake 1 8oz cup of Blueberry Coffee (so fantastic, it's like drinking a muffin) + Sugar Free creamer 1 Shrimp tostada, hold the tostada + a few bites of queso blanco cheese with carne asada + avocado 1 8oz cup of Butter Toffee coffee + sugar free creamer 1oz of cubed extra sharp cheese + strawberry (one) 1 protein bar - Kind Caramel Almond & Sea salt 1 c. of sausage gravy, with sausage + egg 1 16oz cup of my milk - https://fairlife.com/our-products/whole-milk/ (Tastes delicious, half the sugar, and double the protein of regular milk) 1 Bite of sugar free butter pecan ice cream + Water throughout the day I have found that I personally don't feel full after eating yogurt, it does nothing for me, I find it hard to eat. I have found that once you've cut most sugar out of your diet, you don't crave it as much. I find that I have to really force myself to eat fruits and vegetables because I went all gung-ho on protein. Right now, I am craving a hard boiled egg, and some cheese.
  5. Thank you all so much! Ha!, I am a nut, I read a lot. In our home, my husband had to put PVC pipe under our book shelves (We have 6+ bookcases) because they were bowing due to the weight. However, I haven't read all 26,000+ but a few years back I downloaded the entire amazon kindle library, so I have a lot of books to choose from. In my google drive I have them all separated by genre, then sub genres and I take requests for the people I've added. I've probably personally read in the network of 5,000+ books. I read, a lot. It was kind of cool the other day, I went to the thrift store and they were having a "fill a bag with books for a dollar" sale, so I filled up a bag with probably 30 books mostly for my kids, and when I got home I laid the books on the kitchen table, and watched as my kids grabbed the books I thought they would exclaiming "mine", similar to the squawking seagulls from Finding Nemo.
  6. So, as of this morning, I am officially 159lbs!! I've reached my goal weight, of 160lbs. I'm posting some of my before's and after's.. So at my highest weight, I was 292lbs.. Surgery Date I was 284lbs. I had surgery on August 1st of 2016, and I credit it has being one of the biggest and best decisions of my adult life. I am thrilled, my health is better, I am off my medications, I sleep well, and I can be active with my children. Regardless! Facial Changes in losing 130lbs : Body Changes in losing 130lbs : And a bonus - Wow look at my arms before! Yikes! (This is my gorgeous husband that has stood beside me for 15+ years, through this journey, three kids, and still took the time to draw a bath for me today, he's awesome) : And one more, Me at work :
  7. If you read via tablet, I can invite you to my google drive. I have somewhere around the network of 26,000 books, on epub and mobi format and I take requests. Reading your first post, you'd be similar in my tastes for books.
  8. That may be where it is coming from, especially if you are taking a vitamin that comes from a plant, that would then contain chlorophyll. Regardless, if your surgeon's office is not concerned, I wouldn't be. Edited to add // Iron also can do that if you are taking an Iron pill, which is included in most people's bouquet of pills after surgery.
  9. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/28936585-kimberly Here I am. I read all of the time, even my kids are named after characters from one of my favorite fantasy series (The Sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks, my kids are Walker (From Walker Boh), Brin (from Brin Ohmsford), and Kira (from Tay Trenfield - First King)). I am going to echo what others have said however, you're not going to be in the hospital long, and you may not be lucid enough to read. I brought my tablet, never used it, and I try to read a book every few days. My favorite genres are epic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Mysteries, I give almost all a shot, just not very big on romance, currently I am reading the entire works of Robert E Howard (who created Conan the Barbarian), and The Handmaidens Tale. I did just finish a really interesting sci-fi series called The Fate of Perfection, which was very good - https://www.amazon.com/Fate-Perfection-Finding-Paradise-Book-ebook/dp/B01FSK7IWO - previously I blew through the Breakthrough series, which again was very good - https://www.amazon.com/Breakthrough-Michael-C-Grumley-ebook/dp/B00BVFM04C
  10. Are you taking any medications? Vitamins that you are not used too? My kids when they are on certain painkillers, or antibiotics (think like amoxicillin), that is what happens.
  11. I wasn't cleared for swimming until 3 weeks after surgery. I remember quite vividly the day I went swimming, it was 3 weeks to the DAY of surgery. I was very eager to go, and I had a wonderful time, however I did get very tired. It was my idea that if I spent a lot of time in the water, I wouldn't have loose skin. That, however, has not worked out. But oh well, at least my loose skin makes me giggle when it jiggles.
  12. That's great. I was hesitant to post my reply, because I didn't want you to feel picked on, as we all read things in our own tone. I googled the nutritional content of it, and it showed 12g of sugar, and a whopping 34g of carbs, hence my reply, but if yours isn't that's great and I am happy to be wrong! Whatever you drink to get liquids in, go for it! I also never had a problem with hydration, but I was a big big water drinker before surgery.
  13. Well. Thank you for that. That sucks. There are times that I really dislike my surgeons office. starting with the fact that they didn't inform me I'll need new birth control, to this. Bah.
  14. Check out the sugar content in the Gatorade. I try to limit my sugar intake to no more than 5g.. I believe those have 12, and may cause you to dump, and they also are on the high side for carbs. Are you gulping, or sipping? And the goal is 64 oz, but it's okay if you go over, because it will keep you hydrated. Just make sure you are sipping, not gulping, and not drinking from a straw.
  15. I think in the beginning, all programs try to limit anything that will cause you to lose fluids. Caffeine, because it's a diuretic and it makes you pee, Senna things because it has a laxative effect, and causes you to lose fluids. I believe most plans allow things around 6 months when you have your fluid intake under control.