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  1. After gastric bypass, I left the hospital, 2 days later, without my diabetes medication. A week later I was off blood pressure meds. It's different for everybody however. I was a type II diabetic, and had high blood pressure, taking well enough BP meds that my doctor was asking how I was even conscious.
  2. Aye, but I live in the mountains of California, which means we get snow, and cold cold weather.. But yes, I am assuming it's common, it's just my gosh, I am shivering, wrapped in a blanket, thermals, and socks!!
  3. So, before surgery, I was hot, like all of the time. However, now almost 9 months post op, and I am freezing, all of the time. Today was in the early 90's and I still was in a sweater. Does anyone else get cold often? I also have learned to sleep in my socks, so my feet don't freeze.
  4. It also depends on the type of protein shakes. The protein shakes that say muscle builders use, the ones to bulk up, are not the type of protein shakes you should be taking. For women the goal is around 60 grams of protein a day. At the beginning you may not be able to get all of that in with food alone, hence the idea of shakes. I found that the Slim Fast 20g protein shakes are the ones that taste the best for me. 1g of sugar, and 20g of protein, 8 months out, I have one a day to help me reach my goals. I stay away from the ones that body builders use.
  5. As my husband will tell you, I may or may not be a bit of a shopaholic. I love clothes shopping. I fit into the cute clothes. I regularly hit thrift stores (I give myself a limit of what to spend), and I found an online thrift store that is awesome! http://www.thredup.com/r/JOQLUB - I went shopping well the first month really, just to get clothes to fit into, and then now my weight has stablized somewhat (I am 8 months out, but I'm no longer losing weight, which is fine, I may or may not continue to lose, but I am happy at what I am). I own a sewing machine, so I've had to tailor some clothes also. But really, it's a trip to go somewhere and fit into clothes you never dreamed of wearing. I have some small shirts that I fit into, going from a 3xl almost 4xl to a small is .. a complete shock. I say, do what you feel comfortable doing. Two weekends ago I went through and cleared out my closet from all of my bigger stuff and it felt amazing to do so. My shoe size hasn't really dropped, I am still around a 9, depending on where but my width is no longer the same, and my ring size dropped dramatically, I was size 10/11 in rings I am now size 6.5/7. That was my big mistake buying jewelry that now won't fit no matter what I do. Good luck, and congratulations on the journey!
  6. Thank you!!
  7. Jacket that I got for my birthday (I turned 35 on Friday), came in .. It's a medium from this site http://www.chicstar.com :
  8. The problem with text is that we all read things in our own tone. I hope I didn't come off as anything but concerned =) You can do it, it's hard and but worth it. My first day of recovery in the hospital was spent throwing up everything that went through my system, literally, I carried around one of those air sickness bags with me, and puked all day and night long, I kept nothing down. Even sips of water I threw up. It gets better.
  9. I am concerned that your program didn't cover this. This was something ingrained in every class I took. Sip sip sip. Try to get 64 oz in, but that can be with sugar free popcicles, or sugar free jello. Whatever you can tolerate. But gulping is not something you can do for now, and nor is drinking from a straw. You can do it =)
  10. That's a hard one to answer. Everyone is different. Your surgeons office should have talked with you about this. Regardless, if you follow your plan, and going by averages, average people who have the sleeve done, can expect to lose about 60% of excess weight, which for you would be about 70 lbs.
  11. I also had my surgery done in Dameron, by Coirin's partner, Coates. I think if you read, that a lot of people here have similar experiences with the 3 week stall. I know I did. I went through the two weeks after leaving the hospital wondering if I even had the surgery done, I wasn't in any pain, I could move around, and I wasn't losing weight. I had my self almost convinced that he went in there and didn't do the surgery. Regardless, my two cents, don't compare yourself to others. They are not you, and they are not in your body. Remember that this is a tool, and soon it will start happening. I didn't go the route that people tend to do on the forums, I weigh myself every single day, I've personally been in a stall for about two months, but I have lost 130lbs in total so far. It can be agonizing if you compare yourself to others, just follow your plan and stick with it.
  12. They do change. Before surgery, my pallet was pretty basic, but I could not tolerate hot or spicy food. Now, almost 8 months out, I LOVE wasabi anything, there is this cheese that is horseradish and wasabi, and it's too hot for my husband and I LOVE IT. It's so good. Sooo good. I also had to choke down protein shakes, I now get the Slim Fast 20g of protein shakes and they are fantastic, I also get Fairlife milk that has 13g of protein in a cup so I reach my goals. For a while chicken was making me throw up, scrambled eggs, ground beef of any kind, sausage, but I can tolerate them now. Yogurt is something that I have problems eating. They say that your taste buds change every 3 months, and I believe it, But how I look at food as completely changed, I used to eat for pleasure, and now I am eating mostly because I have to survive, I know it's hard to find your rhythm but you will =) The first solid food I had after surgery, was a pickle. I felt so bad for it because it wasn't protein but my gosh that pickle and I made friends, and then I didn't have another one until yesterday.
  13. Which really translates too in 5 years I am going to be eating my words =)
  14. So was I, However those are the only pills I take, and my iron count is good.
  15. I take four of these a day - https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01EIQ7KVS/ and it's an all in one, so everything is included including 375 calcium citrate per wafer so that makes 1500 in a day.