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  1. I don't think so. That they were worried, I got the sense that it didn't really matter to them. But yes I wasn't able to keep any food down that first week, and spent the first two days after surgery vomiting, everything. But it was my understanding that that was pretty normal. Afterwards I went home, and I was wondering if he even did the surgery, I wasn't in any pain, and stalled for a while.
  2. I lost 40lbs the first week. Not kidding. The very first week, home from the hospital, I dropped 40 lbs that quickly. (Then it stalled for a while.)
  3. Hi there! So, I have lost around 130lbs total. I have saggy skin, does it bother me? Not really, my arms, well I feel like Homer Simpson from the Xfiles episode with the "Watch it jiggle", but everything else is just fine. However, I do wear a body shaper every day, and have since my first month home. I wear this one - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H6DGBZG/ As for hiking etc.. I usually do a 6-10 mile hike once a week. I try to swim and bike, and run. I also walk a heck of a lot, and my skin doesn't bother me one bit. I am quite active and I enjoy it. I don't get tired anymore, my body doesn't hurt anymore, I can run up and down stairs with no issues. I can climb up boulders, and actually go jogging without pain. It is now hard for my 6 year old to keep up with me. I am enjoying the freedom that I have now that I no longer have all of this extra weight to lug around. As for looking thin in clothes well, Yeah, I think I can pull that off. But yes, I do have sagging skin, here is my tummy, just now, 5 minutes ago, without my shaper - Eventually I'll tone it down I hope. But I also was overweight for almost 18 years, and have had three kids. It really, to be honest, doesn't bother me. I would have my surgery done again in a heartbeat, it beats being overweight any day of the week. As for does saggy skin make you look older, I don't think so, I am 35, and people don't believe my age when I tell them that. Here is a comparison shot of my face before and after the weight came off : To be honest I think I look much younger. I feel beautiful, saggy skin and all, and I enjoy showing off my body now. But a lot of that I think has to do with genetics, and age, and that's a gambit. I never lost weight after my first child. I just was rather stuck in this weight for the past decade. So I didn't have bouts of being thin and large, I was just .. fat. This is the first time I've ever seen my adult body thin and again I am thrilled.
  4. My husband made a comment to me, that if I were to lose my excess skin (Which I have, body shapers I love you!), I would be about 130 probably. However the goal in my head was 160, my surgeon's office doesn't want me to losing anymore weight because they think I would look sickly. 160 is fine, secretly I'd like to get to 150, we'll see if that happens, not because I particularly want to be 150, but I am curious to see how tiny I can get, but with that said, going from size 24 pants to finding size 8 pants sometimes loose on me, is fantastic, going from 3xl to small is a mind boggle. I am happy. I look good, that's what matters to me =) Weight though is always interesting, you can have two people in front of you that weigh exactly the same, and look vastly different, it's all in how we hold weight in, and of course to the ones that used to weigh quite a bit, it's difficult. I still look down and see myself bigger, the other day I was wearing a dress to work, thinking my gosh my calves look huge, only to look in a mirror and realize that was not the case.
  5. 6+ Months. With sashimi I just eat the fish on top, not the rice, with sushi, well if you think about it, half a roll (Which is usually only all I am able to stomach) is not a lot of rice. Regardless, the amount of protein vs the rice is worth it for me.
  6. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01EIQ7KVS/ (Or https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EIQ7KVS/?th=1 if you don't use smile for a charity) These are what I take. They are an all-in-one with calcium citrate, a year out and my vitamin count is excellent. I found that Very Berry tastes the best.
  7. It was 105 here the other day. First time in a long time, I felt warm.
  8. Ha! I would hope that we never get used to it, then it would be common place and I could get into an deeper discussion about that! Regardless, that is what the nurses and doctors in my practice stressed that your body/brain catches up to the fact that you changed something, tricked it into losing weight, about a year - year and a half. I am not sure if there is any science behind it, or just an arbitrary number that they tossed out with like a placebo effect. But that is what was drilled into us. I suspect a large reason why people regain weight is that they get lazy, or lax on the "rules". I have found myself thinking about it also, and I am almost a year out. "Oh, subway, I miss sandwiches, I wonder if I just get half a sandwich with wheat bread if that would be okay.. oh I'd better not".."Oh KFC how I miss you, I wonder if it'd be okay if I had just a few bites of coleslaw, there is no protein but I miss it!".. So it's a quagmire that I think we get lost in. I used to joke "I didn't get to be this big without loving food", and while I've not broken my diet, I can admit that I've considered it.
  9. So tossing in my two cents =) I am no longer losing weight, which I suspect I've not been losing weight since February. Other than a pound here and there, (Some days I am 157lbs, other days I am 160lbs..) however, I am still shrinking, and toning. They stressed to me that your body tends to realize it's been tricked about a year to a year and a half after surgery, but I've always been a quick healer (Like the stitches from surgery, my skin grew over them, and it's just because I heal fast), so I am thinking that my body realized that hey, you did something. But as said I am still shrinking, my inches are going down, just not my weight. But that's fine, overall I've lost 130lbs. That's an insane amount. I was at work last night and a little girl came up to me "You're Kira's mommy, right?" .. "Yes, you must be in her class".. "You used to be fat!" .. "Er, Yes I did.." "Wow!" heh. I am fitting into clothes that I never dreamed possible. I had a pair of pants that I kept for over 15 years, and I can fit into one pant leg now. Celebrate the small things, it will come!
  10. I was not, however, I had my gallbladder removed due to issues with reflux and stones about a year before my surgery. So that may be why I wasn't prescribed it, I still have it in my cupboard however,
  11. My hairloss has stopped, thankfully *knock on wood*, I was pulling clumps out of my hair for months, but it seems that is no longer happening. But I also do a lot of things for my hair. I don't slack on my vitamins, I take these every day - https://www.amazon.com/Swanson-Premium-Horsetail-Natural-Capsules/dp/B00L3KLLEA - Which doesn't help with volume but it does help with length, (There is a lady I work with that I suggested she take this and for the first time in over a decade her hair is long enough she can wear it up), I also do a hot oil treatment on my hair every few days : Which I found here - I really baby my hair and I am happy to say that I am no longer losing it in clumps. My suggestions for you, make sure you don't skip your vitamins, get your protein in, try adding horsetail to your vitamin regimen. Good luck!
  12. Ha! Thank you, I wouldn't know what help I could give without doing some research =) I do have a blogsite, but I've not updated it in years and years, and really my latest postings are what I've posted here, but alas - http://www.develsaa.com Oh I am having so much fun with it! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you so much!, The headset is here if you are interested however it does not have a microphone - https://smile.amazon.com/Headphones-KOMRT-Blinking-Foldable-Compatible/dp/B01MA1M9OJ/ Thank you!!
  13. I have not done Hello Fresh but I have done : Plated Sun Basket Green Chef Blue Apron Green Chef is probably the 'healthiest' version of them out there, I still have a lot of recipes from them, one of my favorite is a shrimp cocktail salad. It's delicious. Eating out isn't bad, just make sure you stay away from carbs, and be prepared to get a doggy bag. I also have learned to order water or else the waiter looks at me oddly.
  14. I also am losing muscle mass, though I wish I wasn't. I used to be able to lift almost anything, now I can't. But oh well, I'll get there again. My legs are doing just fine!
  15. Hi everyone! So, I got a new lens! It's something I've been wanting for a really.. really.. really long time, and I hardly ever treat myself, but I bit the bullet, closed my eyes, and ordered it. I am thrilled. Thrilled with my lens, it's awesome. However, I am not able to take Selfies with it, alas.. Here are the last selfies from my other lens : Goodbye old lens (No I still will use it, but I LOVE this new lens) It's a telephoto lens... So.. I took a picture of this dragonfly today. That's from about 6 feet away.. And here it is fully zoomed in : Aww.. so excited! I did try to get a picture of the waterfall and failed but it's an interesting shot of water nonetheless : I am still learning how to use it, I took some shots of myself, and they all failed spectacularly : From this not big they look okay, but really they are all out of focus. Which is fine, just frustrating. Regardless.. Today I went on a short hike. I've been meaning to do more, but the past two weeks have been hectic. My kids are out of school, my landlord called and informed us that he sold our place, so we may be asked to move shortly, which sucks, We've been here 9 years, my youngest has summer school for reading, and speech therapy, and we are in the middle of a heat wave, the other day it was 110!! I did go to a lake on Monday, but I didn't take any pictures, it was incredibly hot, and I ended up swimming out the middle of the lake with my daughter on my lap (using an inter-tube), and was exhausted. So, I've not had the time or the inclination to go out and walk, but while Kira was at school today, I went out. The trail I went on is the PGE ditch, it apparently goes all the way to Lyons Dam, (Which is about an 8 mile hike), but I didn't have time to go that far. A strange shift of perception.. (I'll get to my point in a moment) Here is the beginning of the trail : And about a quarter mile up the bend, or a little further is this : And walking across it is very high, but very pretty (apparently, when you get to the end of the trail, it's a mile walk along 200ft up, similar to this, Oh I can't wait) : Now, before I lost weight (And here is my point), that minor walk, felt like it took forever. I was winded, and hurting when I got to this, point, and ready to go back. Today, getting there, was quick, and easy and I couldn't believe how short it was, and how easy my body was able to make it there. It was slightly shocking. Anyways, I went about 2 miles, I wanted to go further, and I will, but I had to head back to get Kira from school.. Here are some more shots of the ditch/trail : And one more shot using the new zoom on the lens.. This bird was about 50 feet away! I will have to finish figuring out how to use it, but I am still so happy with it. And on a side last note.. Kira got a new headset, which she loves, and it's made my other daughter Brin, jealous :