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  1. I was having a lot of dizzy spells and fatigue so bad it felt like gravity pushing me down to the ground. I would get very light headed and lethargic and a diabetic friend of mine suggest I was experiencing low blood sugar. So I went to her doctor and got tested, my Blood sugar came back at 45. Not really sure what that means, doctor did not explain it. He told me i was not hypoglycemic, because only diabetics experience that. And for all the other things that were happening to to me...........his Professional Advice.......... Diet and Exercise. He did not bother doing any other test, because I was an overweight girl, my ONLY problem was that, my weight. Many years later I discovered I have something called Chronic Fatigue and adverse reactions to processed sugar. I suffered for 4 years because that @*# of a doctor totally dismissed my symptoms simple because I was overweight. That was in 2005, and I still hold a huge grudge against him...just something I cant forgive. I trusted him, I had to save for 2 months for enough money to even see him, and he dismissed me like I was nothing.
  2. You can do this! A new adventure awaits you.....and now you dont have to cook for a man, WIN WIN. (((( virtual hug )))) You got this!
  3. This is the only support I have had since my WLS. I have checked out others but by far this one is the best. The main reason I like it is because you dont get babied here, its pure tough love. Its not healthy for me to read about how someone can eat what they want and still be losing weight, or on a different level, eat what they want and complain about not losing weight. People here are real, you dont encourage bad behavior, you dont coddle , you are brutally honest and that is exactly what I need.
  4. I love your outfit, its perfect! The look on your face, sooooo proud! What an amazing day for you both. Two beautiful ladies!
  5. First thing I noticed is that neck! What a beautiful neck! Your skin all looks so tight as well, any secret you care to share on HOW?
  6. I like Mongolian type grills, where you pick your proteins and veggies, I just am careful with the sauces and just get a mixture of garlic and ginger water. Otherwise we I just have my SO's side soup or a few ounces of his meat. This is my favorite go to pickup meal. It lasts for a few days, I end up making chicken salad with the left overs.......then put the bones in the Instapot and make bone broth for the dogs.
  7. I would like to hear more on this as well, I've lost so much hair I have to either wear a wig or a cap. I ended up buzzing it off I was so frustrated with it.
  8. All my winter clothes got bagged up and donated except for a few pair of size 16 jeans that I never got a chance to wear. In my head I tell myself by next winter they will be way too big, but I just cant give them up yet.
  9. I had this problem ordering veggies at a restaurant. I ordered some grilled chicken with a side of veggies, but the veggies tasted so sweet. I thought I was being over sensitive but I had to make sure so I asked the waiter, who then asked the cook and sure enough they use honey in the veggies to make them taste better. I know I couldn't have eaten enough to hurt, especially after eating my protein first but ...hidden sugars could have been a real hazard for some people.
  10. Giving up diet pop was probably the hardest thing from this whole ordeal. I had horrible withdraws but once they were over my addiction was gone. I have had a few sips since surgery, and cant figure out why I ever like that stuff.
  11. I hear ya! But I've been stalled for almost 6 weeks now, I dont understand how I can be eating so well, working out and NOT being losing weight, it doesnt make any logical sense to me to. This is where I historically throw in the towel, thinking to myself, well if I'm not losing weight I may as well eat what I want....and that would cause an avalanche of bad choices. But I'm not this time, I will push through.....but OMG! It is frustrating isnt it?
  12. OMG, the depression from stalls is so overwhelming isn't it? But look at how much you've lost! My whole losing process has been one stall after another. Right now I am on a 6 week stall, I go from 158 to 160 and sometimes I get so depressed its crippling. Especially when I see others who started the same time as I did lose so much more weight than I am losing. You just have to push through it, my Nut says its actually better to lose slowly, gives your body time to adjust...maybe she was just saying that to make me feel better, I dunno.
  13. Like others I dont draw lines, I tell myself there isn't any food that is off limits to me because once I do that, that food is the only thing I crave. You know the old mind game, we always want what we know we cant have........... There are times I am craving something bad, I will go to the store with full intentions of getting that Bavarian cream filled chocolate covered donut, but then when I get there, I just stand there and look at it. I CAN have it if I want, its my body and I can do what I want with it, but when it comes down to it I choose something else. I dont think I piece of pizza is all that bad....hell I once was able to finish a whole medium pizza by myself. Stopping at one piece is pretty amazing. Instead of feeling guilty about eating it, feel proud you had control. When I crave pizza, I take a small low carb tortilla and make a pizza from that, eat half and save the rest for later.
  14. Oh my gosh my skin can get so dry. When it does I do an old fashion dry brushing, just make sure you use a body brush with natural bristles, you can Google how its done. This is how I personally do it. I dry brush my whole body, remove all dead skin cells so it takes about 15 minutes to really do a good job. Then jump in the shower and do all your shower things. Turn off the shower , but dont dry off. Take some coconut oil and smear it all over your wet body, then lightly pat yourself dry. Or an alternative to this which I also to is use a skin firming lotion. The thing is, if you have dry skin cells sitting there on top of your skin, the lotion / oil have a hard time penetrating deep into your skin. By removing those pesky dry skin cells it allow a deep moisture.
  15. I'm worried about this when I go visit family in September. Our past reunions all centered around food, cooking huge meals or going to the great eateries and ice cream places. No one knows I had surgery but they do know I am on a weightloss mission. I just cant see myself in the mix of all that now and will have to come up with some plan.