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  1. Oh my gosh my skin can get so dry. When it does I do an old fashion dry brushing, just make sure you use a body brush with natural bristles, you can Google how its done. This is how I personally do it. I dry brush my whole body, remove all dead skin cells so it takes about 15 minutes to really do a good job. Then jump in the shower and do all your shower things. Turn off the shower , but dont dry off. Take some coconut oil and smear it all over your wet body, then lightly pat yourself dry. Or an alternative to this which I also to is use a skin firming lotion. The thing is, if you have dry skin cells sitting there on top of your skin, the lotion / oil have a hard time penetrating deep into your skin. By removing those pesky dry skin cells it allow a deep moisture.
  2. I'm worried about this when I go visit family in September. Our past reunions all centered around food, cooking huge meals or going to the great eateries and ice cream places. No one knows I had surgery but they do know I am on a weightloss mission. I just cant see myself in the mix of all that now and will have to come up with some plan.
  3. I would tell her just for the fact that if she makes you a really great meal and all you eat is a little she might be offended, thinking you dont like it. But if she knows you can only eat so much she will not only understand but be more aware of your eating habits.
  4. Right now I am using that hair fiber powder stuff but its very hard to hide, so right now I wear caps. I am looking at wigs too, are the expensive? I live in the south, not sure if I can handle the heat of a hat or wig when the tempts get close to 100°.
  5. Are you scared to eat more because you think you might get sick, or are you scared it will slow your weightloss down? We had our operations on the same day, you have lost an OUTSTANDING 75 pounds!!! 75 pounds!!! that is amazing. I am still trying different things to see what works for me, I've only lost 35 pounds but I have no troubles eating. But even though, I am still always between 500-800 calories and try to get to 60-70 grams of protein, which is hard!
  6. That sounds very scary! How does that happen, I mean after 5 years you would think it would completely healed and a possible tear , well it wounds very painful! I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope you find out why this happened and share it here cuz if there is something I shouldnt be doing I wanna know!
  7. Thanks! I'll do exactly this, but in a new thread.....yeah my doctor told me yesterday not to eat grapes or bananas. I never was a grape eater before, but for some reason now I am craving them like crazy, but than also , i have no self control while eating them, soooo out they go, lesson learned.
  8. My Honeymoon Period lasted only a couple months.....After my first real stall I have struggled to lose weight, I've struggled to keep my portions down and I struggle with constant hunger. Its really hard for me to come to these boards and see results of others, people who have started after me and have lost twice as much weight already, people who have started around the same time as I did and are almost to their goal. And here I am struggling along..... My weight never just melted off, its very slowly trickled off, then gets stuck, dammed, and then will start trickling again. This stall has been the longest. I have only lost 4 pounds in the last 2 months between doctor visits. My doctor says to not eat more than 8 bites at a time. I tell him I am struggling, he tells me to stick with the 8 bites and thats all he offers as help. Really MR Doctor Man, if I had the willpower and self control to control the amount of food I eat you think I would have to have this surgery? Not giving up, OMG some days I want to, and I will drive myself to the store thinking , HAY, if I am not losing weight I may as well eat what I want, I march in with full intentions of buying some fresh baked pastry. But when I get there, nothing looks good i wonder of to the produce isle and pick a pack of strawberries or grapes. Thankful later..... So yeah, I basically had no magical Honeymood Period, or if this is what is considered it...Im doomed! Sorrry to rant, just not happy with my weightloss teams support. Any advice would be sooooooooo greatly appreciated.
  9. There are many reasons, but a fun one is that I am the baby sister, yet I've always been the fattest. Now I am on my way to be the smallest, cant wait till next time we all get together and I can look at the photos and smile instead on cringe.
  10. Beautiful in both pictures but, WOW!!!!! truly amazing transformation.
  11. I did too! I never felt such a depression as I do when I stall, if I were cheating it would be different, but I am eating so well, so healthy, stalls really send me into a frenzy.
  12. Debi , I had surgery on 9/6 and I go through the same thing. I have stalled a few times, not losing ANYTHING. My nut says add carbs like 1/2 slice of bread , my surgeon says no to bread. They are on the same team but they give me different answers. When I count calories I am always within 600-800, I have NO idea how someone could NOT lose eating this few calories. Yet here I am in yet another stall. Also like you I can eat more then I think I should. Sometimes I will make dinner and it will just be so good I eat a tiny bit more and wonder how all that food fit into my my pouch without discomfort. Other times I will eat a tiny bit and feel discomfort. I am still in the learning stage and trying to figure all this out. I know its disheartening when I read someone who lost 30 pounds in their first 2 months. Some things I have learned....... Slider Foods....... some foods just slide right through, so that makes it seem like you can eat more. Also, dont drink during for thirty minutes to an hour after you eat. Stalls happen, they suck and I dont understand them but they happen. Just stay true to your plan , maybe try different things until you find the right solution.
  13. I always check reviews for websites cuz you just never know.... I like JC Penny for swim suits, it just seems like something you really have to try on to be sure. Good luck in your search.
  14. This is it, maybe you ran too fast, a slow jog would work. Also there is great support groups for people just getting into it. For me....I've tried the treadmill version and just cant even run for 1 minute without it feeling like my lungs will explode. But its something I really want to do!
  15. Just wanted to add to DRY BRUSH ( Google it) before you get the shower, this gets rid of layers of dry skin. Then after you get out, before you dry off, smear coconut oil all over, and gently pat yourself dry. By dry brushing it allows the oil to penetrate better. I dont dry brush my face but I do exfoliate. Lotions, oils and creams will just sit on top of dry skin cells, removing those dead layers is something you really need to do. Ive been doing this for years with great results, one thing I really noticed is the lack of sun burns Ive had since. Like NONE. Google the benefits of dry brushing and applying coconut oil to skin. I do this at night before I go to bed and allow the oils to really soak in while I sleep.