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  1. Jen Wow. Just wow!!! What a wonderful transformation!! I agree with Raddy. You have a genuine kindness that shows on your face. And your results are soooo inspiring. Congratulations on a great achievement!! I salute your success.
  2. This is an article @HappyCamper posted some time ago. It is very interesting.
  3. Oh my God!! Please don't talk to me about hair. In my family, everyone,male or female have beautiful hair. I had to be the exception. Even in my prime, I had a lot of hair but really soft and fine. Being a vegetarian and always low on protein didn't help. Multiple pregnancies, surgeries, menopause,left me with a real problem. Ever since 3 months post sleeve, I started shedding and never stopped. My hair barely covers my scalp. I've been taking biotin religiously. Alas!! No results whatsoever. I've been taking priorin N also. Still no results. What's a girl to do? I'm obsessed with beautiful hair.....
  4. Always so naturally elegant Dunndeal!!!
  5. You look great Clickin!!!
  6. @ShrinkingViolet2 Congratulations on your weight loss so far. You look fantastic!!!
  7. Beautiful results!!! You should be so proud!!! Congrats
  8. Oh Trish.. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so very happy sharing our experience helped you in any way. Candida going unchecked can really take its toll on our bodies. My son's mycosis was discovered when they did a barium swallow. It can also show in an upper endoscopy, but I was scared the endoscopy would hurt his freshly sleeved stomach. He was treated with fluconazole intravenously. He's feeling a lot better now. Please be diligent supplementing with probiotics. It is crucial for the good health of the microbiome. I'm sure @BurgundyBoy will agree as I read many of his posts emphasizing the importance of probiotics. Prebiotics too can play a positive role in balancing our gut floras. Virtual hugs and prayers are being sent your way. Please let us know how things unravel for you. Best of luck on this life changing journey
  9. Congratulations Trish1967. On this forum, we can all understand your feelings. I'm so happy for you. Hurray for lower bmis
  10. Hi @BurgundyBoy So nice to "meet" you. Even though I didn't post for a while, I still came regularly to TT. And I loved reading your posts. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Italy can be a magical place to visit especially for those who have the sophistication to truly appreciate it. Thank you for your kind words. My parents are doing really poorly, but that's to be expected unfortunately given their circumstances. I hired a nurse to live with them full time as I'm completely overwhelmed. But I'll be closely supervising everything as usual. Yes WLS has wonderful potential and can truly give us back our lives. But it can also carry very real and serious risks. Another argument against those who accuse us of taking the easy way out. As for kids, yes they refuse to benefit from our experiences. As much as we can, we offer guidance but sometimes they just have to go through the maturing process in order to become the adults we are raising them to be. I wish you luck on your own journey. You already achieved so much.
  11. Beautiful pictures!!! What a fantastic transformation!! Brava Nerdy lady...
  12. Hi Trish13 i'm sorry for the problems you're going through. My son suffered something very similar a few days ago. It turned out he had candida growing on the inner wall of his esophagus. He was sleeved on June 23rd. He's doing a lot better now after being hospitalized for 6 days. So this is to tell you that there are brighter days ahead. In a few months this period will be long forgotten and you will be on your way to a better version of your own self. Hang in there Trish and good luck on the rest of your journey.
  13. Sorry I had the time wrong. Oops!! Still you're a surgery veteran hero. I'm sure you'll be up on your feet in no time. Well in 2 months, but time will fly by. Best of luck getting over this last hurdle. Hope to see you on the other side of a successful surgery.
  14. I'm so sorry for your health issues Tom. You're an inspiration to us all. I hope you feel better soon.
  15. Great job Nerdy lady!!! I'm so happy for you.. You deserve all the compliments for taking control of your life and making things happen the way you want them. You'll get to goal in no time I'm sure.