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  1. Has anyone had plastic surgery at NW? I am planning on surgery - lower body lift and breast lift with implants. Thought I would ask here!
  2. You are my hero! Look amazing!
  3. Gosh no - I think my bill was like $52,000 that was submitted to insurance - I have United Healthcare. (I am sure the self pay amount would have been much less, but I still would not have wanted to pay it!) I had been fat for years so my insurance did not make me go through any specific time frame before surgery.
  4. I got lucky and didnt have to go to any nutrition classes. There was enough written material that I felt comfortable with the information. I met with psych, nutritionist, and Dr. Nagle all on 1 day, and had surgery 5 weeks later.
  5. Two days off. Was at Lollapalooza on day 6 and felt ok. But I was able to meet liquid and protein goals from day one.
  6. Welcome Kristin - how did your first appointments go? I just had my one year followup - and wow does the time fly. Welcome!
  7. realistic or not?

    I took 4 days off work and was at Lollapalooza with 100,000 people 6 days after surgery.
  8. Hello - Had surgery July 19th and have done well. But since October 18th have not dropped one single pound. Stuck at 276! Down 60 total which I am pleased about. So whats the issue? 80-100 grams of protein 96 ounces of water 30 minutes on either the treadmill or bike under 30 carbs a day 800-900 calories a day I am discouraged. Saw the nutritionist last week who blamed it on my having a cold, but it seems like a long stall.
  9. I went back to work at day 4 - I felt good so I went. But I was drinking 64 ounces of water immediately - never had a problem getting my water or protein.
  10. I have a question - during my pre-op testing a week before surgery, I was given a piece of paper that said surgery would cost X ($28,000) insurance would cover Y, and I had to pay Z. No problem, I paid my co-pay at that visit. Just received the bill and it is more than $42,000. Nothing strange about my surgery, no complications, two night hospital stay. Is $42,000 typical? That seems high for what I have researched - so thought I would ask the friendly folks here!
  11. I'm doing great! Went to work 6 days post op. I have never had to sip water - it's goes down - when they gave me the ounce cup in the hospital I drank it down almost like a shot - have no issues getting in 64 ounces plus a day- is that a problem? Like is my stomach too big? I can drink down a protein drink in a few minutes. The only noticeable side affect - I'm more tired than usual. Barely making it through Lollapalooza. So I'm cutting back who I'm seeing to limit my time to 3-4 hours. Question- what creative soft foods have you found work? I'm getting stumped! how are you doing??
  12. Surgery was this morning. I'm in my room answering emails. litle nausea little pain lots of relief it's over! Thank you for the encouragement.
  13. Two weeks from today is my surgery. Starting to get nervous.
  14. You guys are awesome! Thank you! My friend gets these tickets for free and I hate to say no!
  15. I have VIP tickets to Lollapalooza - NINE days after my surgery. Do you think I will be able to attend? I will have places to sit, air conditioned areas, and golf carts to drive me between stages. Would probably only go 3-4 hours for the headliners. What do you think?