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  1. I'm 48 and was 100-115 lbs iverwhrght when I had my sleeve 1 2/2 months ago. We're like twins welcome to the group!
  2. Yes that's it
  3. There's a vegan in the group that has lost lots of weight. I can't remember her name...anybody?
  4. Thank you Jolls!
  5. My bariatric nutritionist recommends between 1/4-1/2 cup protein with each meal...and listening to my body to make sure I don't eat too much. Im wondering if any of your programs recommend a good number of oz to aim for 1 month post op for sleeve? I'd like to be able to weigh my fish and not pack it into a measuring cup. Lol
  6. Thanks Shrinking Violet...good to know you've been there before.
  7. Good idea thanks Cinwa!
  8. Im 3 1/2 weeks since being sleeved. I've stayed pretty active since getting out of the hospital and working hard to meet my fluid requirements and just recently (2 days ago) have also been hitting my protein requirements. I just started puréed foods 3 days ago. Here's my issue: I find I don't have much stamina. I just get tired during the day. The other day I laid down for a 20 min nap. I never EVER take naps longer than 20 min. My body always wakes up. Well I slept for 2 hours but it felt like only 20 minutes! Last night at 7:30 I was so tired I just had to lay on the couch the rest of the night and relax...I just didn't have any more energy. I haven't heard much about people still wearing out easily this far out. Seems like it is only the first week. Im an older sleeve patient @ 48 so maybe it's my age showing. Anybody have experience with this and when it started to turn around?
  9. You can go with more than one dose a day. Honestly you can do several in a day if you really need a clean out. I have a daughter that struggles with constipation and even at age 12 she was permitted to consume a large quantity in one day to clean out her system until her bowel movements are clewr liquid. Then she returns to one dosage a day. I'm not saying to go that far just saying you CAN go that far without any risk of harm to yourself. a gentler clean out is 2 doses a day until it's watery. Then back to one dose a day as needed.
  10. Update. My Nexium dosage has been bumped up to 40mg 2x a day. I'm to do this regemin for 10 days then back it down. My "hunger" is now only a slightly annoying gnat that flits by from time to time. As I get close to time for my next dose it definitely ramps up. I still keep gaviscon on hand for occasional breakthrough hunger. It was definitely worth the fight to find an answer. I would be in misery if I was still intensely hungry all day. Im excited to help others in the same situation because I know how horrible it is.
  11. Thanks ladies. Good to know. just tried "premiere protein" which comes highly recommended and didn't have any reaction.
  12. My provider recommended miralax to me. I just stir some into one of my 8 oz fluid goals of the day.
  13. Hi Teanna! I was sleeved dec 27 so 8 days before you. How is your recovery?
  14. How touching. Love your story thanks for sharing.
  15. Hunger with the sleeve could be acid/inflammation because we no longer have much ghrelin. I felt INTENSE hunger shortly after surgery and continued nonstop... which stumped every person on my bariatric team. a bariatric doctor from Mexico addressed the issue and suggested the solution (antacids) here: He recommends as a PPI Nexium 20mg capsules taken twice a day (on a different video) and he has also recommended Gaviscon (otc antacids) to others (via email) when they have written him with this problem. I started out withPrilosec aka omeprazole 20mg capsules 2x a day. It BARELY helped with my constant hunger. With a Drs oversight I was switched to nexium 40mg 1x a day (morning). It made a big difference but I still had some breakthrough hunger. So I was upped to 40mg 2x a day for 10 days. (After 10 days I am to back it down) which is what I'm doing now. Now I hardly feel hunger at all. I manage all breakthrough hunger with chewable gaviscon. If one PPI doesnt work for you after several days try a different one. My dr said that each body is different in how it responds to PPIs. Lastly, a woman several years ago took Vitamin E (400iu) daily (vitamin e acts as an anti-inflammatory) and all "false hunger" disappeared almost immediately and the effects lasted. I'm not going to try that yet because I don't know how that would impact my new sleeve. Maybe down the road when it would be safe. Since your hunger is mild I would recommend that you start out by picking up a bottle of Gaviscon from Walmart. They're chewable tablets very much like Tums. When you feel hunger pains take one (I think you can take up to 4 at one time but start with one and see if it works) If the hunger is resolved by chewing Gaviscon then you know that it's not actual hunger but acid or inflammation.