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  1. Two pounds until goal

    Stay away from the scales for a week Jen......chances are you'll be well under by the time you step back on them. Prior to surgery it didn't matter what I did I couldn't get to onederland. I'd get to 201 and stay there for weeks at a time. Did it 3 times in fact with Wright regain shortly after hitting 201 each time. It actually took me 7 years to get from 201 to 198. I deliberately didn't watch for it post surgery because I knew I'd stall there yet again. Stayed off the scales for a week and the next time I stepped on it I was 198. The curse of 201 was finally broken!!!!!!
  2. Officially overweight

    This, this, this, this,.......and this!!!!! You need to find a deal set line that works to shut this kind of talk down. Of course you'll likely need more than to deal with people who are saying it out of genuine concern, and another to deal with those saying it for reasons of their own that don't include genuine concern for you. The "medically supervised, I'm healthy" option starts to wear thin after awhile. The one that works for me with the "others" is "Do you really want a discussion about who should and shouldn't be losing weight right now?" That tells them straight away that if your weight is okay to discuss, then so is theirs. I find that shuts them up immediately!
  3. I lost my dad tonight

    Thinking of you Trish at this really sad time. There is never a good time for a loved one to pass away, but Christmas has to be the hardest I suspect. I'm so glad that you'd found the inner strength to spend time with him during his last few weeks. I'm not sure that I could bury certain feelings to do the same. I truly hope that next year brings you far less drama than you seem to have had to cope with recently.
  4. Five months post op

    Glad things have worked out well for you with your revision. I also didn't know they existed before my surgeon told me I needed one. My original surgery was so long ago (over 30 years in fact) that I even forgotten I'd had WLS. I was embarrassed actually when my gyn was doing an ultrasound before hysterectomy and asked what the scar was on my abdomen and why I never told him about it. As for people asking what the magic secret is....I tell them straight out if they are people I respect and I believe their interest is genuine. We all probably know some folk though who for medical reasons need to lose weight and are constantly nagged by doctors to take weightloss seriously..... but never do and just complain about being told. Those people's questions I don't even bother with....if I can't ignore the question completely then I just tell them they already know what to do and just have to decide to take the steps to do it. That always shuts them up!

    I was already taking probiotics well before my surgery. Little to no gas issues for me either. Very different to after my hysterectomy when gas pains were at a level pretty much equivalent to labour pain. I also managed to avoid the upper right quadrant gas pain. I'd read somewhere about this pain being significantly reduced if you lay with your arms above your head. I figured it couldn't hurt to try so that's what I did.
  6. To introduce myself

    Welcome Crystal. The upper right quadrant pain is completely normal. Once all the gas they've pumped into you has dissipated the pain should go away. Unfortunately the only way to control that particular pain is by keeping ahead of your pain relief. It isn't intestinal gas so products like gasx will do nothing. Sorry I can't help you with the back spasms. It may be from how you were laying during your surgery. Many people immediately post-op sleep in recliners and use heating pads. Fortunately I didn't have to, but hopefully you won't be much longer away from your comfy bed. Lactose intolerance is also quite common after bypass, but usually goes away after a few months.
  7. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    Bigger bottles CJ!!!! I also used a rolling pin at home. A marble one because it tended to be naturally colder. I also stretched both foot and calves by resting the toe part of the foot against the skirting board at home and stretching. Remember to stretch the calf muscles as tight calf muscles exacerbate the strain on the planter facilitis.
  8. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    This is what I did when I suffered with it as well.
  9. The struggle (with the band) is real!

    She forces herself to throw up. I've never asked the details but I expect she does what I used to have to do from time to time with the old finger down the throat. I have introduced her to papaya enzymes though (which I only found out about here just before my revision) and they often help with the dry meat sticks. Nothing really helps her with the indigestible leafy vegetables like lettuce though, which once blocking the band can only be removed by coming back up again.
  10. The struggle (with the band) is real!

    Many of your questions sound like they would be best answered by your medical insurer. As for the band, I've never had one, but my original surgery was probably closer to the band than anything else, and it has recently be revised to RNY due to medical necessity. My sister though does have a band that was put in a little over three years ago. While they have now found her "sweet spot" she has no lost any weight since it was placed and is currently considering a band to bypass revision. That said it hasn't worked for her because she doesn't work with her band. She was completely in denial about this until quite recently when she decided that my revision was more successful than her original surgery, and is still (as far as I'm concerned) underestimating her calorie consumption. From an eating perspective, she does get "stuck" quite frequently. In her case there are many things she knows will stick, fresh bread for instance, leafy vegetables, chick breast (thigh is fine though). Any protien that is dry is a no go for her, any gluggy foods, pretty much any meat that is reheated. It's texture along with ease of breaking down foods that is the key to whether she tolerates it or not. Good luck getting a satisfactory resolution. In the meantime though I found meal replacement shakes were the key to me getting adequate nutrition while deciding upon and then waiting for my revisional surgery.
  11. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    Thanks Nerdy
  12. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    Same doctor who couldn't comprehend what was written in my scan report last week, so told me everything was fine when it clearly wasn't. Also same guy that doesn't believe in WLS, and same jerk that I had to argue with about getting "obesity" removed from my list of medical conditions, because his view is that obesity is a life long medical condition......yep without WLS in the picture it pretty much is. I have to argue with him whenever I'm due for blood panels because he says they're not justified when they are actually standard protocol post WLS. He's transferring interstate next about a case of the trash putting itself out. The real shame is the doctor taking over has an even worse reputation!!!!!! I'm getting my records transferred to my old doctor who now practices in Adelaide. It's an almost 4 hour drive but at least I can trust him until I can find someone closer that I'm comfortable with. NerdyLady, Caramello Koalas have been around at least since I was a kid.....well before Crocodile Dundee!!!!
  13. Welcome to the Maintenance Forum

    I've lived here all my life and never heard of them. Now I'll have to google them.....maybe they're called something else here! we call them Caramello Koalas. Definitely a popular chocolate treat here in Australia. Definitely advertising license at play though given koalas aren't bears.
  14. rashes ???

    Shouldn't be surgery related but could well be a medication reaction. I find many pain killers will cause me itching and rashes after a few days. I just make sure to keep antihistamines on hand wherever I am.
  15. Generally when someone crosses me I don't say anything, I just walk away. Ive found if I do say something then often my words are so carefully chosen and sarcastic that the idiot doesn't understand anyway, so a waste of my time. By saying nothing and walking away I've discovered you deny the other person the chance to make excuses or launch a comeback at you....I've actually found this form of silence a far more effective way to annoy the shite out of people, especially those who like to manipulate others to get their way. You can't manipulate someone that has already walked off!!!!! Guess that makes me somewhat of a silent assassin. Haha