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  1. Calm down, it's just a stall, not even that really given you have actually lost weight over the last week. Mine typically last a couple of weeks or more. Your body needs time to readjust particularly after the massive weightloss you've been experiencing up until now. I never find exercise is the solution to my breaking stalls. I usually require a period of calorie increasing for about a week to break one. Once I go back to calorie restriction the weight drops off quickly again, because I tend to store more water when I increase the calories a bit. It is unrealistic to expect you can maintain weightloss at the rate you've experienced up until now. As your get closer to your goal weight your body will need less energy just to operate on a day to day basis, and your restricted diet will have slowed your metabolism down meaning you're using even less than before. Scales aren't your friend during fact they are enemy number one. Now is the time to pull out the camera and the tape measure instead and allow them to be your motivator.
  2. Please check the nutritional panels on these two products. Ensure in Australia is a supplement specifically used for the malnourished and frail, although I'm not sure if the US version is the same. Here it is primarily used to put weight on sick people, and often the choice of supplement used for cancer sufferers and tube feeding. It is a high calorie meal replacement....exactly the opposite of what surgeon's want for their pre-surgery diets. If yours is similar to the product here then there is a high chance you'll be adding fat to your liver rather than reducing it.
  3. Hope it's going better for you today. I don't do veggies at all really. They just don't go down well, despite the fact that I really do enjoy eating them. My stoma is completely scarred over these days, so veggies just tend to sit in my stomach and rot causing the gases they produce to cause very painful distension plus they give my shocking reflux. For me it is nearly all protien for the evening meal (although I can manage tomato and cucumber from the lower carb veggies). I'm very good as far as taking vitamin supplements though so my last set of blood tests were all good. Good luck with finding things that work with your IBS. At least it isn't long now for you.
  4. Personally I think day 2 of optifast is the hardest but that's just my experience. At least you don't have a long pre-op. Mine is 4 weeks minimum and should surgery be cancelled due to an emergency the surgeon has says he'll expect me to stay on it until the surgery is rescheduled.....rolling eyes here!!! On the upside he also said I'm less likely than other patients to be cancelled because of the 3+ hr drive to get to the hospital. I actually don't mind the optifast/optimism as long as I stay on it and don't have a carb binge like I did last week. I've been replacing two meals a day for 4 months now simply because it doesn't cause painful stomach distension like real food does.
  5. My case is a bit unusual Kym so nothing is really straightforward regarding booking the surgery. I was put on the surgical waitlist back in November and when I saw the surgeon in January he told me I could expect "to hear any day now". I'm not holding my breathe. That said I've not had to jump through any hoops with regard to getting approvals from psychs, dieticians etc and no required weightloss. I did have to have a second endoscopy to determine why pain had reoccurred since my first one about a year earlier. My case then went straight to the MDT for discussion on how to tackle the issue. The original plan was to do this last year but my husband died suddenly and I was having second thoughts so wasn't ready for this size surgery at the time. For now I'm quite okay with waiting as I seem to have the pain side of things under control. I'll likely get a bit antsy if that ramps up again though.
  6. The team at Ashford seem to charge similarly to Bessel. I haven't been overly impressed either by some of the things my sister has said without realising that I know far more than she seems to. It's over two years since her surgery and the only weight she's lost was on her pre-op diet. According to her she's never been told to drop her carbs etc post surgery. I won't go into details as what she says is secondary info, but I'm not particularly impressed. I had no idea all his bypass surgeries were open procedures though but that definitely rings alarm bells. My sister had a lapband as she wasn't prepared to have a bypass and Bessel doesn't do sleeve surgery least he didn't when she had her surgery. I was originally told my revisional bypass will be open but that was before the MDT met after my second endoscopy. The last time I saw my surgeon it sounded as though they are now going to try laprascopically, but he has always been quite honest that in my case the surgery is likely to end up an open procedure due to scarring and adhesions not only from my prior WLS but he can also see from an abdominal CT that there is a potentially problematic adhesion from my two year old hysterectomy. I'm just going to put my faith in him and trust his judgement and skill. I know that nearly all of his surgeries are performed laprascopically so his skill level isn't the issue, it's my body that is the problem.
  7. My surgery is being done in the public hospital system. It's kind of a long story as I didn't go looking for it. Rather I was having some abdominal issues and was eventually scheduled for an endoscopy at my local country hospital. The visiting surgeon on that day happens to be Head Bariatric Surgeon at the QEH. To cut a long story short, over the past year and numerous consults and further tests, as well as MDT team meetings, the decision was made that gastric bypass was the only option to fix what was going on. I'm on my surgeon's surgical wait list (and he says I should hear from the hospital any day...haha yeah right) so I'm just letting things play out as they will. My sister had her surgery with Justin Bessel at Wakefield Memorial a couple of years ago, and swears by his team, but from what I've read online it seems all of the SA WLS places get a very good wrap. I do know someone who had a sleeve done in the Northern suburbs that is pretty miserable about lack of aftercare especially as she is suffering GERD pretty severely, but other units seem to have lifetime gap free care after the big upfront payment pre-surgery. There is another new member here Kym, she recently started a thread in the Australia sub forum. Having her surgery at Wakefield Memorial. Sorry I can't link things on my mobile, but should be easy for you to find. Maybe we should get that forum moving again so we can discuss local products and services that we find helpful, not only for ourselves but also for those who cone along after us. I know I get quite frustrated at times reading eating advice/suggestions here that rely on products we can't access in Australia.
  8. Welcome Kate. Where about in Australia are you from? I'm in rural SA. I follow a similar diet plan with two meal replacement shakes and one low carb dinner daily and lost 18kg in 3 months, so your target is quite achievable. I even add in about 30g mixed nuts mid afternoon when I find I fade fast, plus about 25g cheese on 4-6 water crackers as a late evening snack. The crackers I find helps to control night time ketosis insomnia. I believe the theory is that the minimal carbs will drop you out of ketosis just long enough to get to sleep, but you'll nudge back into it while sleeping so continue fat-burning. Seems to have worked for me. If you haven't used optifast or similar products before, just be aware the first 3 days can be really hard but it does get heaps better. Eating off the plan though will cause you to drop out of ketosis altogether and then your body will need to start the ketosis process all over again. I'm on day 3 again after a weeks holiday in Adelaide. Usually just the thought of starting over again is enough to stop me going offplan, but both the week away and a persistent weight loss stall helped me decide to eat whatever I felt like within reason, and hope to kickstart my metabolism back into gear.
  9. Good luck Kym. You should actually have better results with the bypass surgery than you had with the band. I had my original surgery at Wakefield St Hospital back in 1986. I'm still waiting for my revisional surgery date because it is being done in the public system this time. I'm a bit like you are, in that I'm not really scared about the actual surgery, but I am concerned about how things will go afterwards. Interesting really that we both have the same concerns. We both should have this down pat given we've been there and done this before.....mind you my original surgery was so long ago I can hardly remember.
  10. Depends really on how big you are to start with. Took about 45lb loss for most people to see it on me clearly enough to make comments. The bigger you are the more weightloss it takes. Added to this, there are still some people who just don't comment about other people's weight for any number of reasons.
  11. While not holding our breath I know many Australians changing their holiday plans to take the USA off their itinerary. As if travelling to the USA wasn't expensive already, now we have the extra cost of travelling to Canberra just for a visa application, and ridiculous that we should have to under Trump's new rules. You'll definitely start seeing a decline in your tourism $$$ while he remains your President. Most of us see your country as a huge joke now. If as a country Australia dictated all USA citizens had to front up to Washington just get a visa to travel here, how many do you think might just flick us the bird.
  12. You might want to make the smoothie a smaller serve. The body can't take in more than 30g of protien at a time. No point wasting protien that doesn't count in your daily intake.
  13. As a woman I couldn't care less about things that happened before my time with someone. It definitely wouldn't be a deal breaker for me to find out later rather than sooner.
  14. Your surrounding family and friends aren't doctors so don't take their advice. They could enable you to the point of failure which is not why you had WLS. Get back on track and follow your doctors advice. Protien shakes are the easiest way to get what you need right now...So put them back on your menu at least until you can meet your nutritional goals through allowed whole foods.
  15. Once you've got the leg cross down, you can look forward to the double leg cross where believe it or not you get to wrap the leg you cross over back under the leg again. Not sure why anyone wants to do it, but I do it just because I can now!!!! My favourite leg trick though is putting my knees together and being able to drop something through the gap between my thighs.