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  1. I added soluble tasteless fibre (benefibre) to two of my protien shakes each day during my liquid diet. It was allowed, and in fact recommended by the shake manufacturer, and solved the constipation problem. I actually still add it to my protien shakes post surgery.
  2. Wow.......just wow!!!!!!
  3. Great news @ktallon. I hope yours works out as well for you as mine has for me. May they schedule it very quickly as well.
  4. Have a great trip. You're much braver than I. I was due to head off overseas in two weeks. It would have been my first trip out of Australia. Yes you read the "would have" correctly. I ended up bailing out. While I had a good excuse, in all honesty I was looking for one almost from the moment I agreed to go. I was really concerned about eating options, along with limited mobility due to a major foot issue. Then there was the overwhelming reminder of how dreadful my last flight was when I was at my heaviest. I know my size is very different now so that shouldn't have made the trip as uncomfortable as the last flight was, but the reality was also playing on me that my companion is much larger than me and the thought of having her in the seat next to me wasn't exactly reassuring either.....gosh that makes me sound very hypocritical.
  5. Does the cream cheese have to be fat free? Went shopping today and where I am we can get a low fat version but not fat free.
  6. My post surgery diet instructions allow diet gingerly but only if it poured into a glass and allowed to go flat. I do second the ginger tea though.
  7. Welcome. I'm in a similar situation only more like 4 hours from where I had my surgery. This group is truly a godsend. Not really much you can do about the liquid diet other than white knuckle it through the first few days. It really does get easier after about day 3 and is truly worth it in the end.
  8. @NerdyLady It isn't the surgeon, or even my family doctor at this point that is pushing for maintenance..... It's the dietician. So far all indications from the doctor and surgeon are that they're both happy with things as they are. I have blood tests due in a couple of weeks but not anticipating any issues as I've taken all my supplements and I'm eating quite healthily. If there is anything missing, it could only be that I'm having another surgery in August. It's a pretty small procedure....but it is a bone fusion. The dietician did suggest that maintenance would take the pressure off the heart muscle as when we drop muscle mass the vital organs take a hit as well. Not that there has been any indication of any organ wastage issues.
  9. I can't wait until the shops open tomorrow. I'll certainly be trying this out once I have the makings.
  10. Thankyou for your kind words @Res Ipsa. This is my support group, I'm not even sure formal groups exist in Australia like they do in the US and UK....They certainly don't where I live. As such I've received far more from this group than I've given. I've no intention of going anywhere, even if my visits do become less frequent over time. I love seeing and reading the stories of successful WLS people. I don't know any in the real world, so truly value the access I get to them here.
  11. There hasn't been a day since my surgery that I'm not in thermals. Thankfully I have lots but I really need to stash more jackets so I always have one available.
  12. Lots of questions in one spot, so I'll try to logically explain my stance on the ones I had thoughts about before surgery. Loose skin really doesn't bother me as much as morbid obesity did. I doubt I'll go the plastics route regardless of the outcome for me. Having seen my partner lose a lot of weight, the lower his body fat dropped the less his loose skin sagged. It was wrinkly but not saggy. Maybe it's different for males because their ideal body fat % is much lower than women's, that remains to be seen for me. We can dress to hide most excess skin from the world, so it is really only how it affects ourselves and our significant others that matters in the long run......and we can only guess that until it happens. As for losing significant weight before surgery... I only saw that as a plus. Firstly because it made the surgery safer for me, as well as easier for the surgeon. I even allowed myself to believe somewhat that the more effort I put in to losing weight the more effort the surgeon would put it on surgery day. I doubt this is really the case because my surgeon is the consummate professional and as such I can't imagine him doing any less than his best.....but hey I couldn't have asked for any more than he delivered on the day. He completed a surgery he believed he would need to convert to an open incision totally laprascopically, and spent nearly 4 hours with his 2IC to do so. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be his next patient waiting that long to go into surgery. As for the shift in the bodies set one seems to know the mechanism that involves. My thoughts were that my set point wouldn't go higher than the weight I was on surgery day, so the lower I was the lower my new set point would necessarily be. While my lb by lb weightloss has been slower than other people, I always expected that because my BMI was so much lower, plus my surgery was revisional and even surgeons seem unclear about how being a revision affects expectations. I don't track calories. That would involve too much effort given I pretty much cook every meal from scratch and constantly change recipes everytime I cook based on what's actually in the cupboard and fridge. Besides I don't believe in all calories being equal. I do keep a rough calculation in my head of protien and carbs because they seem to be what matters in my weightloss attempts. In the past I've tracked every calorie and not only did I find myself becoming obsessed by calories, it was really time consuming. Ive decided this time around that I don't want to give food that kind of power over me. This was a tough decision for me but I needed to make it or knew that kind of obsession would drive me nuts and screw with my head. For me, counting calories all the time would put my headspace in the place of being constantly on a diet and therefore in a 24/7 place of feeling deprivation. I don't want to live my life where every bite I eat reinforces that. If I'm in that place I'm bound to fail. We're all different though and have to work out for ourselves what will help us on this common journey, and what will make us fall over. Best of luck moving forward and working out what you need to do for your own success.
  13. Actually the best revenge was wearing shoestring strap dresses without any bulky bra straps showing on our exceedingly hot summer days. They couldn't get away without wearing a bra. Not that I could anymore. The lose skin under my arms these days is worse than what's left of the sagging little girls,
  14. Thanks @Jen581791 but this time I'm just going to go to a lingerie place and pay for a proper fitting....don't know about elsewhere, but in Australia most places charge for fitting...the charge gets deducted from any purchase. They're trying to stop people getting a fitting then buying online instead of instore. My girls are the only small bit of me. I grew up listening to my meaner older sisters berating me with the line "what do you want, a medal or a chest to pin it on". They're swimming in a B cup at the moment....really embarrassing to be honest but I suspect much of that feeling is a throw back to my older, and very well endowed, sisters' teasing.
  15. I just take centrum multivitamins which are on my bariatric surgeons list. He does suggest the chewable bariatric ones immediately after surgery just because normal OTC multivitamins tablets tend to be huge. I also take Kirkland calcium citrate (mainly because it is the cheapest of the only two calcium citrate available here). I take D3 gelcaps because I was taking them prior to surgery as I was already D3 deficient. Within a week of surgery my family doctor was already shooting me up with B12 (they'll be every three months). He'd been concerned about where I was going to get B12 before my surgery when I was using meal replacements, so he jumped at the chance to start pushing that. No iron supplement for me as I have haemochromatosis (aka iron overload), so no supplementing that unless my iron levels drop dramatically post surgery.