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  1. Definitely noticed the same thing although mine started prior to the WLS, but after significant weightloss. While not a question I've specifically asked my gyn, he did tell me at my last checkup that significant weightloss improves prolapse symptoms. I knew I had a still quite minor bladder prolapse, as he's been monitoring it for a couple of years. He was quite specific at my last checkup, that it has improved and he expects will continue to do so as long as the weightloss is held. Weightloss takes pressure off the bladder. I was never in the territory of surgery for prolapse, it was just an incidental finding from a hysteroscopy and d&c procedure 3 years ago.
  2. I'm a full fat dairy person as well. Not only has it not done my weightloss any's also what my dietician now prescribes for maintenance. It took most of my life to realise that carbs are my kryptonite.....not fats! I eat lots of cheeses, consume butter etc. My milk tends to be lower fat but I'm slowly changing that. I also eat meat that isn't trimmed of every tiny bit of fat.....and the skin stays on my chicken if it was purchased that way.
  3. Just be aware that the fat tissue in your boobs is tissue that continually redistributes. I can experience a week or two where there seems to be nothing there, then all of a sudden the cups runeth over again for a couple of weeks....then back to empty vessels again.....the cycle continues. If you can get away with the cheap stretchy bras then they're likely to be your best bet until your weight settles. I'm definitely finding that dressing the girls is the most frustrating part of this whole journey so far.
  4. I take biotin and have to say that the more obvious place I've noticed other body hair growth is my legs. I'd pretty much stopped growing hair on them post menopause....but it's pretty fast growing there now. I'm not looking forward to seeing the hair growth there when I eventually get the leg cast off...mind you that'll be 8 weeks away at least. I've gone shorter and shorter with hair cuts over the past 8 months or so. Always kept my hair longer when I was larger. The shorter cuts would have looked dreadful when I was bigger, but quite flattering now according to others. Hair breakage now is minimal as it requires less combing....less handling in general.
  5. Yes. Was only in overnight. Surgeon said it really could be day surgery except due to previous patient falls they won't let non weight-bearing patients leave on the day of a general anesthesia. Crutches and dizziness aren't a good match....haha!!! I'm going to visit my previous family doctor (he moved to the city 18 months ago) in a couple of days to see if I can get a pain relief script from him. I know it would be a struggle getting one from a complete stranger. He was the one that previously diagnosed the foot problem. After I made the appointment I realised he might not even recognise me after the WLS.
  6. Surgeon said all went really well with the surgery. Have to say though that even keeping up the pain relief regimen, pain is still off the scale much of the time.
  7. When I was scheduled for a hysterectomy he did an ultrasound and said that a laproscopic surgery was out of the question as my stomach was too low and in the way. As it turned out he had to refer me to a gyn/onc as cancer cells were discovered during the pre-op hysteroscopy and in Australia that means the surgery must be done by an oncologist. Where I live oncologists always do hysterectomies for cancer as open procedures. Also revisional WLS are normally performed as open surgeries. At the time mine was done even the bariatric surgeon expected to have to convert during surgery to an open procedure. He was shocked they managed to complete it laprascopically. As for your earlier comment regarding why dropping below 40 is such an achievement.... I believe it is the changing of the decade, so to speak. Any change in the first digit, regardless of what is being measured, is a huge achievement and a great mini goal. Whether it's hitting twoterville, or onderland. Whether it's dropping a BMI below 50, or 40, or 30 for that matter. I also keep track of my body fat %. At one stage mine was 50+. My body fat meter displays an error code only if body fat exceeds 50%, and initially after I bought it that's all I got, then one day it displayed 49.9.....a major milestone for me. Later it dropped below 40....another huge milestone. Currently it's 33.2%, so my next goal will be to drop to below 30%.
  8. I questioned my surgeon when I was scheduled to have one and was told it would be fine. I can tell you now that it wasn't fine at all. I started bleeding severely during the process...So much so I was ready to head to the ER. Hubby calmed me down and told me he'd keep an eye on me but wanted me to sleep. I did and was okay in the end. I won't do it again though. There are gentler ways to achieve the same result, some surgeon's are just too set in their ways to make the changes.
  9. He'll be stunned no doubt. I have to see mine every 4 weeks so he's seen the changes over time but was really proud of me last week given I'd dropped below 25. I'm hoping he changes his mind about WLS and actually starts to be more positive with his patients and refer them to bariatric surgeons when they ask....instead of refusing which I've come to learn he does a lot. The person that seemed really stunned when I had my yearly checkup was my gynaecologist. I saw him the same day I had my post-op two week appointment with my bariatric surgeon. He couldn't believe the change in me and spent much of the consultation checking out my scars trying to work out how the surgeon managed to complete my surgery laprascopically. I wonder if they had a chat over lunchl
  10. I retired about 4 years ago to care for my husband. Before that I worked in recruitment for much of my life, but I was trained as a teacher. I've also spent a number of years in electrical wholesale sourcing and purchasing gear for major mining companies. Since my husband's death about 12 months ago, I've given myself time to get my own health issues sorted before I decide on my next path.
  11. You are so close will get there. As for me I still have a night's sleep ahead of me before surgery tomorrow afternoon. Just took my night before shower with their special sponges. I've never had to do this procedure before. I have to do another tomorrow before heading to the hospital.
  12. Congratulations Trish. You deserve to feel proud of yourself. Just imagine how you'll feel when you drop under 35...then under 30....and finally under 25. As for when "morbidly" drops off the obese....this seems to vary depending on where you look. Some sources say over 40, others say over 35. It won't matter for much longer because you'll get below 35 before you know it as well.
  13. Thanks Trish, NerdyLady and cinwa. I made the long drive to Adelaide today. It's 7.30 at night here now and my admission is 2.30 tomorrow afternoon. I guess I'll just be happy when it's all over and I'm on my way to healing. @cinwa, they wouldn't be doing the surgery if my BMI was 30 or above. I take that as a warning not to let my weight climb up again. That risks fracturing not only the fusion site but also the heel where they are taking the bone graft from.
  14. Unlike my bypass surgery, when I was actually very calm, I'm definitely nervous with this one. Not so much for the surgery...I chose a brilliant surgeon from what I'm's the recovery that's brutal. Long and very painful I'm told. Plus I have to stay away from home for over two weeks this time. Hard to believe that in less than 48hrs it'll be over. Very glad I took the time though before the surgery.....I doubt my house has ever been this clean and organised before.
  15. As I promised myself, today was a huge cleanout for me. Two bags to charity, and two more huge bags, one to my sister, the other to a friend. I also have a heap of stuff to go in the bin. There were only a couple of special hoodies that should have gone but I couldn't quite part with them yet. I have no more bags of clothes in the wardrobe. I have kept all my old jeans...Just have this dream that one day I'll find the time to turn them into a denim won't happen, but for now I still consider it a possibility.