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  1. I wish I had the same confidence in myself. Can't help wondering if the heavens are trying to send me a message.....or if it just my 88 year old mother sticking pins in a voodoo doll hoping whatever happens will stop me having a surgery she really doesn't want me to have. Trying to convince myself that the heavens wanted this to happen or they wouldn't have sent the bariatric surgeon into my life in such an unexpected but timely fashion. Therefore it probably is just my mother, and having always been a defiant daughter this isn't the time to finally become compliant!!! Haha!!!
  2. I am feeling a lot better, but clearly not where I need to be yet. Mornings are the worst, and given my hospital checkin is at 7am I still have a fair way to go before any anesthecist would let me slip through for surgery. I know it's for my own good, but if delayed it would be the third time. I'm already second guessing my decision to have this revision, and I suspect another delay might just be the excuse I need to back right out.
  3. I found the same thing in Australia. Information is so limited. Maybe a lot of it has to do with being predominantly public (free) hospital systems. Surgeon's aren't having to compete for patient dollars so provide very little information along the way. Then again my experience might be at odds with other's experience as I've been fast-tracked and avoided all the usual pysch/dietician/nurse appointments. I've had my last pre-op appointment and no-one has even pulled a scale out yet, although I've been asked my weight a few times.
  4. I've coloured mine all along as well. Despite being in a hair loss situation myself at the moment, I coloured mine yesterday. It didn't feel as soft or look as shiny as it usually does after the treatment but I intend to give it some fortifying oil treatments for a while in the hope that it will pick up some of its usual lustre. I also saw a YouTube video from a bariatric surgeon (Dr Matthew Weiner?), where he suggests adding 10mg of biotin daily to your vitamin regimen to help stem hair loss. I have no idea if that will help or not but I purchased some and will give it a try after my surgery. No point adding it now because at my pre-op appointment the anesthecist told me to stop taking the vitamins I do until after surgery.
  5. Congratulations Trish. What a pleasant surprise that must have been, especially knowing the unfortunate delay you had along the way.
  6. Sweetstuff, I hear you on the family and friend judgements. Even though I have family and friends that are supportive of my revisional surgery, I've heard more negative judgements than positive, and that really resonates the closer to surgery I get. I had my initial surgery when I was 27, 31 years later when I told my mother I needed some abdominal surgery, she straight out jumped to the conclusion it was because of my previous surgery (well she was right even though I've given no detail), and issued a great big "I told you so!" Clearly she'd hung onto that in my presence for 31 years. She never supported my original decision to have WLS, and didn't support my sister's decision to have WLS a couple of years ago. She constantly makes disparaging remarks about my sister's surgery to me, and I have no doubt makes similar comments about mine behind my back. This despite the fact that she always had weight issues herself and has had multiple knee replacements as a result. My previous bestie has also made some very toxic comments to me, hence she is "previous bestie". WLS is a very devisive topic in society still. While I can understand why, I really wish people would keep their negative comments to themselves. Welcome to the forum! It is truly a great resource.
  7. Gastric bypass is supposed to be double the daily recommended allowance (due to malabsorption)while sleeve patients only need the normal daily recommended allowance. What you need though really depends on your individual needs. My vitamin list has many items that it then says is only if the surgeon says they're needed. Once you can swallow normal tablets there's no necessity to buy expensive bariatric vitamins, although most surgeons recommend the chewable bariatric multivitamins immediately after surgery and many actually sell them out of their clinics.
  8. I can't help myself when it comes to clothes shopping. While I was able to shop my closet up until now I have also purchased even more along the way. I feel better in clothes that fit. I just feel really daggy making do with baggy clothes. I need to be able to see myself in nice fitting clothes so I can see that my weightloss attempts are working. That said I only shop clearance stuff at the moment. Personally I can't envisage being a smaller size than I am now, because I'm as small as I ever have been in my adult life. So far shoes are the same length as always but I am a narrower foot.
  9. I'm in the same boat with a dietician I'm forced to use that has a cookie cutter approach to preop diet. While I can't just ditch her, I am doing what I know works for me and ignoring her instructions. Even more annoying to me is that her preop instructions are different to the surgeon's. I'm following the surgeon's instructions, which I told her about, and after surgery will be giving the surgeon the written instructions the dietician gave me. I also discussed this with the doctor and the anesthecist during my preop consultation so I could decide what the best plan was for me moving closer to surgery. They weren't particularly concerned as they could see I'd already lost a significant amount of weight pre-surgery.
  10. I'll be in the same boat, only in my case it's a navicular fracture that refuses to heal and associated arthritis in my foot. The surgeon is fully aware of the issue though as I've been to consults in a cast with crutches, and moonboot at times. He's the one that insisted the bypass be done before the required foot surgery. I took the initiative to have a cortisone shot a couple of weeks ago just so I'll hopefully manage the required walks in the hospital. It'll be back to the exercise bike though when I get home.
  11. Thanks. Taking loads of vitamin c, cold and flu tablets, antibiotics and some other tablets the doctor told me to take that supposedly loosen up the mucus. The water from swallowing all that is enough to flood the system. Also using a misting fan during the day when it's hot here, plus a humidifier (with Vicks) at night to keep the air moist. The downside is that being on the pre-op liquid diet the prescribed shakes are milk based so that acts to harden the fluid causing the problem. Plus the pre-op diet is ketogenic which acts to dehydrate the body, also the opposite of what is needed. That said I feel better today although that could just be the cold and flu tablets doing their job. Still have two weeks to go so hopefully I'll get past this.
  12. Gosh that's a short stay. I've been told I'll be in hospital for at least 5 days and will have to endure a barium swallow before being discharged. Mine is revisional surgery though with a much higher risk of leaks.
  13. Thanks. I've decided to spend tomorrow in bed, and am there now. It all of 7 pm here. I pulled out the vaporiser that we had for my son 20 years ago and just decided to throw everything at this. If surgery gets cancelled, then from my point of view it won't be from lack of trying to beat this infection. The tough part is that being on what really amounts to around a 700 calorie/day pre-op diet, I just don't have any energy in reserve to fight this. Whatever will be will be though and I'm a great believer that everything happens for a reason even if we never know what the reason might be.
  14. Turns out it wasn't the flu's bronchitis. With just over 2 weeks before surgery the doctor thinks I may get it sorted in time with antibiotics. Fortunately have already had my pre-op testing or else it would have been cancelled for sure. Only time will tell now whether I end up with yet another delay or whether it's 3rd time lucky.
  15. 3 weeks ago today I had a flu shot so I wouldn't be risking the flu come surgery day, but today it seems I have it full on. Congestion, runny nose and coughing up fluid from my lungs, thankfully still clear. I've never had this reaction before with flu jabs, but suspect this time my defences are probably low due to already being on my liquid pre-op diet. I have managed to schedule an appointment with my family doctor for tomorrow, but would value any input into what I might be able to do to prevent this moving further into my lungs. Anyone have any sure fire remedies to get past this. Any suggestions need to take into account that I am currently on my pre-op optifast regime so there isn't really a lot of room to move food wise. Very much hoping this is just a minor glitch and that my body will fight this off very quickly