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  1. Desigual T-shirt size M (size M!? On me!?), black H&M shaping skinny jeans size 34, comfortable leather sandals from Pikolinos (made in Spain). I still need to do something with my hair...
  2. My Nut also prefers whole dairy. Skimmed ones don't keep their A, D and E vitamins. Also you don't get so many less calories by eating skimmed (about 1.5 grams less fat per 100 g of milk). Different thing are matured cheeses, in that case it's better to choose 17 g of fat per 100 g than 33 per 100g. A lot of difference in calories...
  3. Well, sometimes I've read not everyone dumps on sweet food, only a small percentage of patients does. I've always been curious about whether would I be one of them or not. Yesterday I had a visit with my NUT who cleared me to try rice, as every food I've tried till now has been ok for me. We talked about sushi. It's clear that sushi rice is sweetened with sugar (7%) and vinegar, so trying sushi dishes has some risk of dumping. Anyway she told me that as long as I dindn't eat more than three pieces it would be difficult to dump. So guess what. When I got out I went to a japanese take away gluten free place and bought a salmon-avocado-masago cali roll. Not much rice in it. One roll makes 8 pieces. I started eating them and when I reached 3 pieces I thought: "I'm not as satisfied as when I eat fish alone". So I ate a little more. Surprisingly I was able to eat the 8 pieces (I'm never able to eat such a volume of meat, I swear!). I arrived home feeling tachycardic and a little dizzy. I laid down on the sofa for half an hour and the sensation dissapeared. So two learned lessons about myself yesterday: - First of all: yes I dump. If a little of sweetened rice (mixed with fish and avocado!) can make me feel dizzy and tachycardic, it seems that I will dump if I eat things such as icecream or cookies. So: don't eat! - Second but not less important: protein first. It's easy to "override" the volume restriction imposed by our RNY if we eat softer foods. So: never ever eat first course first. Always "second course" first!
  4. You're my hope @Cheesehead! I pray that mine end up firmer than before, as it happened to you, XD XD... I've breastfed tree kids, two of them twins. Size 95F (36F in US I believe) pre-surgery, I'm already seeing my size go down and my girls sag (more). Anyone here can tell me there's hope and some people end up firmer than before?
  5. Beautiful! I must say that I love your hair as well!
  6. 6 months ago I started working on muy preop weight loss with my Nut. 46 lbs lost since then, of which 24 have been post-op. Feeling alive!
  7. Holly cow @Cinwa! I don't expect my shoe size to change, but if it happens, it will be welcome. At the moment I wear size 42 (men's size in Spain, women's usually aren't sold in that size; I believe this is 8.5 in US for men and 10 for women) but I can roughly remember a time in which I used size 41 (8/9.5) or even 40 when I was 15-16 years old (7/8.5). Can you imagine I go back to size 40 and I'm able to buy women's shoes again!??
  8. Really? Well so then omeprazol or lansoprazol daily to start with something... and if it's not enough, then your GP can change it. Sometimes you can use as well almagate or sodium alginate, it acts in a few minutes just as @Amber76bailey says.
  9. I live in Spain and here we have waiting list for everything. It's better to start the proccess and get into the waiting list than nothing. Sometimes the scopist reads the documents sent by your GP and decides to call you sooner if he thinks what you have is important enough. IMHO, and I work as a GP here, you need a scope, and if I was your GP I would send your documents with priority. Please don't give up, even if you have to wait in a waiting list, it's better that you start waiting ASAP.
  10. If emuliquen works but it's strong, you could try as well "aceite acalorico de Ordesa" always raw (example as a dressing). It's way softer than emuliquen but works the same way :).
  11. @jules_78 Aguanta! Writing from Spain too. In Spain we have a product which works similarly to Miralax, its name is Casen Lax. Just give it a try! Only remember to make sure you get your fluids in, any other way it won't work! Ánimo!!!
  12. @Stkaren have you been checked for any kind of long-term complications, such as strictures or anastomosys ulcers? That set of symptoms doesn't sound normal to me.
  13. It gets better! Are you taking omeprazol? Sometimes stomach acid and sometimes dehydration feel like constant hunger. Follow your given instructions, drink water! In a few days your new stomach will be less irritated and swollen, and you'll feel much better.
  14. At the moment I'm 18 kgs down from my original weigth, of which 9 are post-op. (~39 pounds, about 19 post-op)
  15. Thanks @tmcgee and @Cheesehead. That was the very question. I suppose if I feel tightness having only the meat, I cannot eat veggies or fruit afterwards. It feels tricky, because I can never know how much meat or fish I'm I be going to accept. Sometimes my pouch accepts 50 g of meat (1.7 oz), sometimes 80 g of prawn (2.8 oz) or 80 g very tender meatballs... So I'll take my fruits to a different hour of the day, for example at the "merienda" (mid-afternoon snack), I can have 50 g of reduced fat Maasdam cheese + some bites of fruit. Or maybe with breakfast (150 g of FAGE 0% + some fruit, 150 g of Skyr + some fruit?). Yesterday I made a somehow compulsive buying. I bought a Crockpot (not a very common thing in Spain)!! Although I bought it without much prior thinking, I believe it's going to be a good solution for meats and poultry at home. I have 3 daughters (3 years, 1 year and 1 year old) who don't want to eat meat if it's not really tender; my husband loves old-style-slow-cooking-grandma-recipes, and my pouch also loves tender and moist meats and chicken, so after all maybe it's a win-win. Tender meat + home made veggie sauce to dip. Yummy.