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  1. today makes 5 months since surgery, still learning. I am so pleased with me energy level and can go all day and don't have to take naps. I weighted today and I was hoping I could be at 179 at 5 months and I did!! HW 262 DOS 246 I am very pleased, my weight loss has slowed down to about 10 to 12 lbs a month now. Still fight nausea some days but it is getting better. It is hard not to go and buy clothes, I am getting mine from thrift stores and Goodwill. I go through them so fast I don't have but a few pieces, no one every gives me any clothes.
  2. i didn't telk ANYONE but my husband. My family notice the weight loss but I have lost around 80 pounds and just this week my neighbors are starting to notice, it is wield ti think I had to lose that much.
  3. in a few days I will be 5 months post op and everyday is still s struggle. I never meet my protein requirements and getting that water in. I am up to around 70 oz. Of liquids a day but the eating is different, my hungry is coming back full force which i think is early. My surgeon told me in the beginning your hungry doesn't come back for a year or so, not true for me. Yes I am hungry but still a lot of what I eat makes me sick. I always start my day with yogurt, then a piece of turkey sausage, that usually goes down good but it's the rest of the day. Ex. Today was stewed chicken home made mashed potatoes with Fairlie protein milk and protein powder ( unflavored) and Brussel sprouts. I ate half a thigh one tablspoon potatoes and 3 Brussel sprouts. My stomach has hurt so bad I haven't ate anything else but I am hungry. Can't eat chill anymore it gives me awful gas, spaghetti ( protein noodles) with lots of meat sauce is not good anymore, lunch meats is a no go. But, overall I am happy I am changing so much, my clothes fit good , down from 22/24 to 14/16 and large shirts. Yeah, lost all my boobs but hubby is happy so that's all that matters. It seems like a long road of change and error and do's and don'ts , I am trying to embrace it with confidence
  4. That was smart
  5. hang in there!! It will get better. But unfortunately at its own time. I am almost 5 months post op and I am just now at a point I don't get nauseated at everything I eat. It has been real hard and depressing , I still don't meet my protein goals I don't eat much BUT I try, everyday I try. I am sooooooo much better now than in the beginning, you have to keep fighting and taking it one day at a time.
  6. Know how you feel, started wl was 262, day of surgery 246 now at 4 and half months out I weight 186 this morning. My youngest son is 32 and I weight 179 when he was born and it went up from there
  7. it took me a couple of months to get my strength back and not feel exhausted, plus I could eat in the beginning so that made me feel weak. I am almost 5 months out and I feel so much better
  8. Will the head hungry every go away? Also, does the craving every stop? I would think after 4 months of not eating junk food and almost a year of no soda I would be over wanting it
  9. i finally got some new underwear! I have gone from size 12 PANTIES to a 8, bra, 44d to 38c. Hated to loose a cup size but that's how it is.
  10. Thank you!!!
  11. i am one day early of 4 months but I have a lot to do tomorrow so I thought I would post early. I have been 190 for a few days I am really glad àbout that, I still fight nausea. I will be good for a few days and then it hits me everyday for a couple of weeks. I have head hunger every day!! All these kinds of food I want and crave but I don't eat them, I can't because I still don't eat enough now. On my best day I can get 55_65 grams of protein in around 700_800 calories, even though I want food I can't eat much in a day. Some days I am still very tired I read some peoples post and wish I could do better maybe one day I will. It is a never ending battle
  12. I can't stand premier shakes. After surgery I drank 3 cases, I don't drink any kind of shakes.
  13. You look fabulous great job
  14. I am trying to eat more but I am scared to, does that make sense? Almost 4 months post op and my Weight loss has slowed a lot. In the beginning I was so nauseated I couldn't eat much and a lot of times I am not hungry so I am trying to eat when I am not hungry and that seems dangerous, isn't it? I am around 36_ 50 grams of protein and about 500 to maybe 700 calories a day, so I am eating a snack before bedtime because I do wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. I feel like this is a journey i am on and I am never going to get the hang of it, just when I think I do I change. I could drink shakes in the beginning not anymore, still can't eat nuts, tired of beans and eggs. Just wish I could do better
  15. i wonder where am I going to be in a year? I have lost 56lbs since my WLS and 72 from my highest weight, I can tell a big difference, I just hope I loose enough but not to much. I think 140 would be good for me and I have a hard time eating and I do not meet my protein goal ever. Everyday I eat a cup of yogurt and before I know it it has been 3 ,4 hours since I ate. I don't think any of it is easy. It is always one way or the other