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  1. I am still a size 11, but my shoes are no longer tight across the top anymore.
  2. Checking in at around 7.5 months. Down about 50lbs since surgery and 63.5 from my heaviest, and I try to stay around 1200 calories. I am somewhat disappointed with my results but I'm hoping with warmer weather coming soon that I can get outside more. I feel so much better with the weight off, but I wish my doctor had used a smaller bougie because I don't have the restriction I thought I would. Perhaps menopause is the culprit in causing slow weight loss. We'll see where the increased activity gets me once it gets warmer out, but in Wisconsin that could be May. My weight loss went as follows M1 -18 M2 -6 M3 -6 M4 -6 M5 -2.5 M6 -3 M7 -3 I am hoping I will be one of those who loses for 18 months rather than 12, that would get me where I'd like to be.
  3. Congrats to you! Hoping to get there myself someday. Way to go!
  4. Here's to a perfect surgery and a new you! Best wishes!
  5. Looking good, I bet you are feeling great!
  6. I have lost my appetite for sure. If I get busy doing things, I can completely forget to eat! But I do suffer from wanting to eat out of boredom. Foods still taste good, so just because you don't have an appetite doesn't mean you don't want to eat. But no appetite sure helps. I think if I had been strictly liquids like you are, it would have been really HARD due to the hunger sensations. But tough it out, it will jump start your weightloss and it doesn't last long. Cream of wheat and yogurt will really help I think, once you are able to eat that. Let us know how you are doing as time goes on!
  7. Are you on liquids only right now or are you allowed purees? I was allowed purees on day 3 and I noticed that certain purees helped stop the hunger sensation better than others. Notably chili, cottage cheese or refried beans. If you are on liquids only, I can totally see why you are starving and that will improve with purees! Hang in there!
  8. Well, I assume your top-of-the-line doctor never had surgery? I have. I'm almost 6 months out. I had the same hunger after surgery. REAL, stomach-growling, genuine hunger. Like you, I was disappointed! But guess what? It only lasted 2-4 weeks (I can't remember how long anymore) My personal theory is that maybe it takes awhile for ghrelin to work its way out of our systems. Or perhaps that's when the inflammation subsided. I was afraid to ask anyone, because every thread (elsewhere) I read said "Oh, it's head hunger." Well, it wasn't. I can tell the difference between those now. I've read about a lot of people having the same issue early out. Let me just reassure you that it goes away. If you are allowed purees at this stage, chili was a life saver. I just want to reassure you that what you are experiencing is normal and it will go away! The first two weeks were a pain but it's temporary. You are on your way to better health, you got this! It will subside!
  9. Wow, Jason you look amazing!! You give me the courage to post mine soon! You must be so happy with the results! I bet you can chase those boys of yours around much better now too! Way to go!
  10. So I thought I'd check in and post my update. I am still the slowest loser of the July 2016 group I guess, but I'm feeling great and am much more active. I am down 41 lbs since July 11th. I lost 17 the first month, then 8,5,5 and 2. I've lost 4 so far in December. I have NEVER lost weight in December before. Ever. Yay! I won't lie, I did indulge this month. But it is now the day after Christmas and that's it. My husband is taking all the junk to work with him, none of it will be staying here. And I didn't go crazy like past years. Instead of gorging on sweets, I mostly stayed with the protein treats like cheese and sausage or the denser sweets that I couldn't eat much of, like cheesecake. So I enjoyed myself but I was mindful of the choices. I am picky now since I have less room. No wasting room on junk I really didn't like to begin with. My doctor said he expects me to lose 80-90 lbs post surgery and it seems at 5.5 months I'm on pace to do that. He used a 40 bougie on me which means I can eat more than some, and I lose at a slower pace. But I feel in the long run it was a safer option with less complication risk for me. Yes, I wish I would lose as fast as the rest of you have but I still would do this surgery in a heartbeat, given the results I have so far.
  11. Breakfast for me is usually cottage cheese during the week. Greek yogurt is another option. On the weekends its an egg and bacon or I like the Power cakes by Kodiak Cakes. I'll make a bunch, freeze them and use them during the week as an alternative to cottage cheese sometimes. For lunch I like chili or dinner leftovers or (if I'm feeling lazy) I buy high protein frozen meals like Atkins or anything 20+ grams in protein. Sometimes I'll buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco and divide it up and freeze into lunch size portions. Different sauces and toppings added to it can give you a lot of variety. (Salsa, tomato sauce and cheese, swiss and a ham slice, ranch seasoning, BBQ sauce)
  12. You look amazing!! I bet you feel soooooo much better too!
  13. Absolutely fantastic!
  14. I always enjoy reading your posts, congrats on finally reaching your goal! So great to hear!
  15. Amazing loss in 3 months! I don't think it will stop here, this is not where you'll "live" it's just the beginning!