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  1. Thank you.. Yay on hubby being 11yr cancer free that is so awesome. Plus successful sleeve. Yay!!!
  2. Hey all today is my 5 month surgaversary. And I'm down 77lbs. Hw 284 Sw 264 Cw 207.2 Woo hoo. I am loving my sleeve. My first goal is to get to onderland by the end of Dec. Can't wait. Hope all the Julyers are doing good. Seem like everyone kind of disappeared. I will attach my before and after pic. First pic taken in June before surgery and the other taken tonight. Maybe these pic will help someone that still in the beginning stages. Hope to hear from you all soon.
  3. Locking good as always girlfriend as I told you yesterday you will get there.
  4. Thank you Res, Jason you are doing amazing on your Journey. Great job!. It's amazing yes when we look back at our pictures. It's like wow didnt realize how big I was until I see pictures. My Dr. Didnt tell me how much he wanted me to lose. But that's my first goal to is 199.9. Then 2nd goal 180.0. Then we will see what happens. I will be fine at 180. Our mind plays with us sometimes. Cause Even though I lost 70lbs I still see me fat. Until i see the pic or try on my old clothes that are way to big. Keep going Jason you got this!
  5. Hello all. Im late on my stats. And pic. Started working so been very busy. Havent tooken any pic but I will soon. Here are my stats. Hw- 284.0 Sw- 264.0 Cw- 213. 4 Total 70.6 lbs ⬇ Nsv went shopping in Jrs side and bought me a size 17 pants. And XL shirts in the women side. Can't believe how far I have come. Im feeling good and have more energy than ever. Thursday I will be doing my first 5k ever in my life. So excited about it. My older 3 children will be doing it with me. Love my new job keeps me busy and help's me to not be snacking all day. Getting all protien in and for the most part all fluids. Hope all the Julyers are doing good. We all get busy with work and life. It's hard to keep up with posting and all. Hope to see everyone transformation soon. Hope you guys enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends and loved ones. God bless!!#
  6. Do you exercise? Maybe up your carbs sometimes that helps. Can you give us exactly what you eat in a day. When I stall I will change things up a lil. Either from what Im eating or exercise.
  7. Love this. Sorry got no input Im only 3 1/2 months post op. But learned so much from all of you. I found myself going back to old habbits. Which for me was cookies, ice cream and chocolate. I had to kick it in the butt. Even though i wasn't eating alot of it. But it did slow down my weight. I call them my demons. Its like a drug. You have one taste of it and you want more and more. So I like what someone said on here. And said for your honeymoon stage stick to the plan and once you reached goal. Then you can have a treat in moderation. And only once in awhile. Thank you
  8. Welcome. It's normal to be nervous as the days are getting closer. I was nervous all the way to the operating table. Best decision I ever done. You will do fine. Keep us updated.
  9. Welcome me philly. You will do great. And this forum is aweosme.
  10. Hello all glad everyone is doing good. Sorry don't come on here often. But wanted to see everyone transformation and how you all are doing on there journey. Murk I heard meal prepping helps. I see lots of people prepping on sundays for the week. Maybe that will help you. I will update my stats nd pic on my 4month post op. Just wanted to check in on all of you. Hope all is good.
  11. Thank you Nut how are you doing?
  12. Thank you girlfriend so are you. Woo hoo
  13. Welocme and congrats.
  14. This is only a month to month pic. First pic last month the other last night.
  15. Oh yeah my only problem is my saggy arms. Ugh