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  1. Wow amazing transformation. You come along way. So happy for you. Happy surgiversary. Can't wait to see what we look like in another year.
  2. Thank you Julie
  3. Thank you
  4. Thank you
  5. Thank you hun
  6. Thank you Tammy
  7. Thank you Res, yes I was so scared that I almost decided not to have surgery. It's people like you on this forum that help us along. Thank you all so much. And thanks for the compliment. Skinny Mimi. Love it.
  8. So true. Thank you so much.
  9. Hi Murk. You need to take some before and after Pics. The scale can be evil at times. So seeing before and after pic helps. 70lbs, is good. We wouldn't have been able to lose that much if we didn't have surgery that's foresure. I struggle daily girl. I can eat trust me. But then I snap out of that binge eating and say I come to far to go back now. One day at time is all that we can do. I'm so glad to hear from you. Keep up the awesome job girl. We got this.
  10. Oh yes, gonna still follow the plan and let it lead me to where I feel comfortable. Thank you
  11. Happy belated one year surgiversary, My sleeve sister. Well we did it, we made it through one year. We still have Lil ways to go, but we done so amazing and looking fabulous. We both had a few bumps along the road. But we made through. Not only are you my friend but my sister. Hopefully one of these years we can finally meet. Love you my friend. Glad I have you on this Journey. Here to another year of friendship and to our Goals. :wub:

    1. ShrinkingViolet2


      Thank you, sweetie! We will

      indeed meet. You feel like a sister to me. Thank you and congratulations to you too! Love you bunches.



  12. Happy belated one year surgiversary Jason. How are you doing? Do you have any before and after pic? I just updated mine on the Juler forum. Can't believe we made it to the year already. It's been a struggle but we made it. Can't wait to here from you. Congrats and Happy surgiversary. :D

    1. kzoojason76


      Thank you :)  I was just going to post here in the Julyer's forum!

      I'm doing great!!  I can't believe how fast this year has flown by.

  13. Thank you Jen, So very happy and comfortable. So many NSV this year that I couldn't have done without this surgery. So ever grateful to Dr.Callery and his team. They saved my life. Blessed!
  14. Thank you hun, That was the first thing I said was wow look at those collar bones. Crazy
  15. Thank you Cinwa, Got like 11lbs to go, before I hit my 3rd goal. Surgeon thinks maybe 20more lbs. But I think that's way to much. Only time will tell.