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  1. The weather is turning warm in NM, so I'm wearing Peck&Peck rayon/lycra Bermuda shorts, size 12, large CDP& Co. black cami, and a white, ribbed Cable & Gauge knit cardi, large. Rocking post-surgery sunglasses, too.
  2. Dad's doing better and so am I. He no longer needs his walker, and his energy is being restored. My eye feels and looks better, but I'm still wearing sunglasses indoors while it heals. We were able to go to church as a family today. I feel so blessed. Thank you for your prayers! They're working. Hugs.❤
  3. Eye gland biopsy today. Hope to have answers in a week. Dad is doing well and gaining strength every day. Thankful for that and for access to good health care! Thank you all. I'm in minimal pain right now and staying positive. Hugs!❤ -Kim PS: I'd postponed biopsy because I thought eye was healing on its own. Nevertheless, I appreciate having an outstanding ophthalmologist/surgeon.
  4. Admitted to hospital on Friday. Eyelid was size of golf ball. Antibiotics greatly reduced swelling and I was released today, but going for outpatient biopsy of lacrimal gland tomorrow. Dad is doing well. Chemo went well today. Hugs to all.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad she has a caring son-in-law to help her through it!
  6. Thanks Cinwa! He's doing a little better. They gave him a chemo reprieve because he was dehydrated. He also has several blood clots in his legs. It's just an up and down type of thing. The past few days have been good days for him, however. His appetite has improved and he appears to have more energy. We are staying positive and adjusting to the new normal. Big hugs!❤️
  7. Hi TT fam. I just wanted to send a big thank-you to you for your support these past few weeks. Your kindness and expressions of care and concern have meant so much. We are still riding an emotional rollercoaster with my father's illness, but we have been blessed with great love and support. So we remain positive. I'm happy to report that I'm back in the losing game. As of today, I've lost 91 lbs., and I'm still so happy I made the decision for WLS. Staying in the fight is so worth it. From now on, I intend my posts to get back on track too. Mostly just keeping it about weight loss. You guys are awesome! You rock. Big hugs from New Mexico! -Kim❤️
  8. Walkin'.
  9. Yes, he's coming home tomorrow! Praise God! Thank you all for your kind thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement.❤️
  10. I do watch the show. DVR it. Thanks. I'll take your word for it. Yes, we're so grateful!
  11. You have no idea. I'm in awe. He cried and thanked the charge nurse for the staff's excellent care. He said he realizes God used them to save him and the work they do is outstanding. He said he was unafraid either way, but he was worried for his family and whether we'd be ok. He said he had to be strong for us. Do you know Dad told their pastor when he visited that he'd been praying for him? Their pastor recently lost several loved ones. We, his family, are rejoicing. In the future, however, I don't want him to worry about us. When it is his time, I want him to know we will be ok.
  12. You've got it! NG tube removed and he's eating (jello).
  13. Thank you!❤
  14. Surgeon came by and says it appears obstruction is gone or seriously diminished. They will remove the NG tube today and give him liquids by mouth. If he tolerates that well, they will begin him on foods soon. I have witnessed a miracle. Three days ago a doctor told us his prognosis was "very poor." Another surgeon basically told us the same thing. Only his oncologist held out hope. We had deacons and church members, friends and family near and far praying for him. We are convinced it was God's response to those prayers that saved him. Thank you all for your prayers!!! Praise God!!! I hope I always remember this when I hear a negative report. People, even medical "experts," are human, but GOD has the final say!❤❤❤
  15. Praise God! He "went!" We will have to wait to hear officially from the surgeon tomorrow, but it appears to us the blockage is gone!!! Thank you for your prayers!!!