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  1. Wore this to church on Mother's Day. Willie Smith capris, size 12, Twenty-one satin top, size large, and crocheted cardigan, size l. Hanging in there. Almost off steroids, yay. Maintained weight loss for the most part. Gained three lbs total. Getting back to normal.
  2. It took me a good two weeks to feel mostly back to normal. Your doc will be able to examine your healing, but if you're like me, it takes time.
  3. Hooray!
  4. I'm glad you're ok. How scary.
  5. I agree. You are right to explore this awesome tool. God bless your sister, also.
  6. I'm curious how old your sister is. I'd hate to think it's too late for her to turn things around. Good for you for taking back control of your life.
  7. Welcome back! It takes courage to get real with yourself and others.
  8. Oooh! Mama loves! Those silk pants are are to die for...
  9. So I'm feeling spunky today. I'm wearing Baccini snakeprint skinny jeans, size 12, a black cami, size large, and a Cato sweater/cardi, size xl. Crystal cage earrings and necklace.
  10. Found a great recipe for low carb chocolate zucchini cake. Thought I'd pass it on. It uses coconut flour and is sugar-free. 96 calories per serving. I topped it with sugar-free Tru-whip.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your hospitalization, Greer! You look great; I hope you get some medical answers soon. Try to get some rest. Enjoy Passover without all the fixings. God and family are what it's about anyway. Big hugs to you!
  12. So I went looking for a pair of light-colored capris for Easter...and I was able to fit a size 10! So excited. Haven't been a 10 since high school. I didn't purchase them because they were snug, but I couldn't believe I could get them on! Even though I'm on steroids, I'm still losing inches around my waist. The water weight seems to only be in my face, which I'm ok with. Yay! Happy Dance Time!
  13. Fantastic job! Congrats!
  14. Big difference! Congratulations!❤
  15. Good morning! Today I'm camo'ed out with school spirit. Camo softball team t-shirt, size L, and London Jean pants, size 12.