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  1. At this point, I can eat just about anything, except excess fat or sugar. The last food I added was steak and roast.
  2. Post gall bladder removal my bile duct got blocked and it didn't show up until they put a scope down.
  3. Congrats.
  4. I only know one person who had surgery, and she didn't follow her doctors instructions with the results you would expect from not following directions, but I have found lots of good information and resources here.
  5. I had two weeks of protein shakes pre-surgery. I lost a significant amount of weight before surgery which made the surgery easier for me and the surgeon.
  6. I'm so much happier since surgery, even though I have some sagging skin. In my opinion, smaller, healthier and saggy is much more attractive than fat and unhealthy.
  7. I would call the doctor. Maybe you would have more success with a different antinausea med. Also, I find broth, jello and protein shakes nauseating and did better when I was able to increase my diet.
  8. I eat very little fruit and a moderate amount of carbs. I never eat carbs of any kind unless I combine them with protein.
  9. Cool liquids caused me to have stomach spasms at first. Now it's no problem. Thirst makes me feel hungry.
  10. I self-paid, and I took out a loan through a loan company. I don't have any extra money, and I can't replace my car until the loan is paid off. BUT, I am so happy I had the surgery, I would give up even more if I had to. It is a medical deduction (subject to applicable limits) for income tax purposes. So, I do have that for this year. My insurance coverage summary specified that the surgery was not covered, and both I and the surgeon's office called and confirmed that before my appointment. I looked into going out of the country for surgery, but opted not to because finding follow up care was difficult. I have greatly benefited from my follow up visits with the nutritionist and surgeon. I was also concerned with having complications so far from home. I know many people have it done outside the US and don't have problems, and others have complications in the US. So, there is no guarantee you won't have problems no matter where you have surgery. I recommend lots of research and discussion with appropriately knowledgeable people to make a decision you are comfortable with.
  11. I have always been cold, and it's only gotten worse since surgery.
  12. I use a good sugar scrub in the shower. It moisturizes and removes the dead skin. I like Simple Sugar.
  13. I allow myself to feel like I am more enlightened than everyone who is overeating.
  14. Congratulations.