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  1. Yes, I have that iPhone thing enabled as well. I'm thinking about getting one for my husband though. He has to take Xarelto.
  2. It never occurred to me to get something like that. Maybe because it's extremely uncommon in Germany. Never saw a patient wearing something like that.
  3. I agree. You should see your surgeon again about this.
  4. Ah yes, if only we would know if we would live to an older age. I doubt that I will make it into my seventies and yet just in case I save a bit of money monthly for retirement in a little private insurance.
  5. Absolutely. I'm not at my personal goal weight yet (goal weights the surgeons give you seem to be always a bit mediocre if you ask me) and yet I'm afraid that I have gained when I step on the scales. I wonder if that will subsist with time but somehow I have the feeling it won't.
  6. 1) Try everything to never get fat in the first place! 2) If you get fat anyway get WLS sooner! 3) If you'll ever need revision - get it sooner!
  7. No size change (and why? my feet are still as long as they were ) Of course there is less fat on the feet as well. I pull the laces tighter but that's all.
  8. I'm only anxious about getting to goal weight because it means having to deal with plastics and all the hassles that comes with it (may I say "insurance"?).
  9. The issue of pre-op weight loss (or maybe we should call it pre-approval weight loss) is a tricky one. If you don't lose weight, insurance might deny you because they doubt your post-op compliance. If you lose too much weight, insurance might say that you don't need WLS surgery. It's basically a trap. Best strategy might be to lose just a little bit before you got approved. After that you can go full steam ahead if you like. However, as others said: it's best to talk to your team about this issue. You'll not be the only one with this problem.
  10. Well, there are certain things you have under your control, others partly under your control and some things are just bad luck. Bad things can happen even though you follow the guidelines to the letter. Patients can get pulmonary embolisms despite heparin shots, one can have bowel obstruction (ileus) a few years down the road because of internal scar tissue etc. - however, these complications aren't specific to WLS. Cholecystectomy or appendectomy etc. can cause the same problems. As far as vitamin deficiency and the like goes it's mostly in your own hands.
  11. Most likely it was early dumping. Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate as well.
  12. Oh, another user with MGB. I got mine in May 2016 after my lap band eroded and I'm happy with it so far. Best decision ever.
  13. Running really slow in the beginning is key. Take it easy. I didn't have any problems with the c25k program (did the c210k a few years ago and it was ok as well). You might also want to repeat single workouts or whole weeks.
  14. Indeed. Germany uses the metric system as well and that 7700 kcal sound even more intimidating. As I said, the math is kind of depressing. The reassurance part is that it's not possible to gain that 1 kg in a week when you clearly didn't eat a surplus of 1000 kcal every day of that week.
  15. Whenever you think "damn, this is so slow going" think about how many calories one must burn to lose a single pound of fat only. The math is kind of depressing in some way but reassuring in another way.