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  1. The best sweetner IMO is raw honey. I prefer sage honey but any honey (lavendar, fireweed, etc) is great and takes very little add flavor.
  2. Don't bother to weigh, your system is in shock and you are only 16 days out of surgery. Hopefully your bariatric team gave you a book or handouts about the various stages after surgery for what types of food (liquid, etc) and that there is information about vitamins, etc in that. Your stomach is very tender and healing - treat it kindly. Find a chewable vitamin that you like and use it for awhile. You can ask the bariatric staff about when to take biotin.
  3. CZJ, I have no stomach acid and therefore no hunger pain (so I chew thoroughly to aid digestion). Depending on the density of the food (ham is dense, jello is not) I can eat 2 to 4 ounces at a time. I know real fast if I am overeating because my nose starts to run. Hope this helps you.
  4. It's now Saturday evening and I hope you contacted your bariatric team and that your health is improving.
  5. So sorry for your loss. Have a hug and see how your emotions are a week from now.
  6. I had the Roux-En-Y bypass because I wanted to lose the most weight that I could and keep it off. I am almost 15 months post op and feel so much better (even when I'm tired I'm not exhausted). I take my vitamins, eat protein, drink water, watch my carbs and walk (and walk and walk) and it's all good. I had two ounces of ham and two slices of potato au gratin for Easter dinner today (that's 2 little slices of potato and a small bit of sauce). It tasted great. My bariatric team told me (at a year post op) that I had gone from a 10 year life expectancy with increasing health problems to a 20 year life expectancy and I have a greater chance of dying from an accident than from the many health problems associated with morbid obesity.
  7. Hope today was a better day for you. Have a hug.
  8. Nomoreyoyo, Like you I was at the 220 mark for a long time, then the weight crept up and up and up. It made my asthma worse, my back pain worse, etc.etc. I'd keep trying diet but was too exhausted to exercise. I just wish I had done this at least 10 years ago. It isn't a last resort but the first step toward a healthier and happier life.
  9. So sorry that you are going through this. Positive thoughts and pennies in the wishing well that your new job will pay better and you enjoy it more.
  10. Congratulations - I am so glad for you and you are an inspiration to all of us.
  11. My new response is "My BMI is still in the normal range" and if they wonder what BMI means I'll tell them google it.
  12. Welcome to TT, Amber. I suggest you call your bariatric team and your regular doctor in the morning and get an appointment scheduled with one or both for your rapid heart beat. Have you taken your pulse rate when these occur and have you recorded the pulse? If not, start doing so. Record when, how long and what you were or weren't doing when it occurred. Don't worry about how much you have or haven't lost, it has only been 2 weeks. You will be losing weight with very little effort over the next year as long as you follow the plan. Take care and get into the doctor.
  13. You have several options: Call your bariatric group and see if they have a list of providers who either take insurance or use sliding scale for the fee. Call the insurance and see if you are covered for a bariatric psych eval and then ask for a list of approved providers. If your insurance does not cover a psych eval then I suggest you goggle something like this ... san diego sliding scale psychologist, make a list and ask if 1) they do a bariatric psych eval and 2) the fee based on sliding scale. Best of luck.
  14. 2 weeks of low carb goes well after the 3rd day and by that time you are 11 days from surgery. You can do this, just follow what your bariatric team has given you. That makes it simple and easy.
  15. I don't think of myself as a small person but as a normal person. Height/weight proportionate. I feel so much better at my 24-25 BMI that I don't care about the comments or the looks. I did this for my health and I have my health back and I'm loving it. I didn't focus on what I weighed other than using it to compute my BMI. I've been getting the "you're to skinny" comments lately and the "oh, you've lost half yourself". My response - I have a normal BMI and I'm healthy and I'm very happy. You did this surgery to get healthy - keep heading that way. Over time they either shut up or you get good at ignoring them.