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  1. I'm not even sure where TT is on FB but I do know that this forum has been what I needed to help me though the hard spots. Many thanks to TMcGee, Res Ipsa, Cinwa and everyone.
  2. I have two types of jeans: Levi Button fly 501 jeans (for chores, horseback riding, etc) and Levi 515 bootcut (the rest of the time)
  3. Hope you are feeling better. I also deal with sciatica. I have a Nikken back magnet which once I found it has helped me out. Have another hug and I hope that treatment significantly improves how you feel
  4. Carbs are my enemy. My team made it very clear to me to keep my carbs under 50. My latte stand will make my plain latte with me bringing the Premier Protein drink (4-5 carbs vs 12 carbs in milk of any kind). I use unsweetened almond milk when I have cereal and the ceral is very low carb and high protein (a bit costly but worth it and it lasts a long time at 20gm a bowl). The greek yogurt I buy is low carb and high protein. Cheez Its are rarely on my menu and 3-4 would be my max (I eat no more than two saltine crackers when I have them). Even my protein powders are low carb (Trader Joe carries Aria). I don't use sugar or stevia, etc at all. I use My Fitness Pal to track my eating as I need 70-90 grams of protein, 70-90 oz of fluid and LESS than 50 carbs a day. Hope its going better for you.
  5. My sis is a seamstress so I lucked out, she took in my favorite Tshirts so I got a bit more wear out of them. I bought 90-95% of my clothes at a variety of thrift stores in the area. I used to buy my jeans based on waist and length. Now I wear size 8's (oh happy dance). Tops vary, Walmart sizing is bigger than Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus even if they are all "medium". I got rid of all the old clothes - been there, done with that.
  6. I was 61 when I had my RNY bypass. I struggled for years to control my weight. I wanted the best weight loss which is RNY bypass. I've had heartburn issues off and on as well as H-pylori ulcers twice so that was another reason to have the RNY bypass. Taking extra vitamins and minerals is not that difficult (finding the right kind took a bit of time). My bariatric team told me that my life expectancy is now 20 years (up from 10 years) and most likely I will die from an accident or something like cancer rather than from morbid obesity, asthma attack, heart attack or complications from diabetes (as my A1c was getting higher). Last reason - I still have all my stomach and GI parts if needed.
  7. Apparently it's been awhile since I posted a picture and it's 90 here today. So I went with the au natural shoes (barefeet)
  8. In my program, bread was a NO at this point post op. I was eating applesauce, chewing cottage cheese, eating high protein yogurt, drinking protein shakes or sipping broth. Bread is not a soft food - it's doughy and that is a different texture and breaks down differently. It's not really a food for our new life as it is high carb and low protein. I am 16 months post op now and rarely have a slice of well toasted sourdough bread or English muffin. I don't miss bread and even if I did I know it's not what is good for me, so I don't.
  9. Having gone through the constipation problem I can offer two suggestions: Currently you might consider drinking mineral oil (about 1/4 cup). It is odorless and tasteless and basically it oils up your system. I used it in the early stages after remembering that my dad used it when he was in his '80's and ate and drank less (he never ate fruit and rarely salad). When I got to the point I could eat regular foods I did some research and found Barlean's Digestive Blend with shredded Quinoa, Pumpkin seed, Coconut, Chia and Flax. Two tablespoons in my sugar free jello or high protein yogurt is 4 carbs and 2 protein and lots of healthy fiber. It has helped and is very natural.
  10. This has almost the same protein to carb ratio that Atkins Lift protein drink had. The Atkins protein drink has recently been discontinued but it looks like I've found a replacement - thank you.
  11. I had a stricture about 1 month post op and had to be dilated twice. The doctor wanted to do it in stages to let things continue to heal and to not do any damage to the esophagus. I spent from the end of January (surgery) until mid June eating really small amounts and some of that time was full liquid diet. But all healed now and doing great.
  12. If you have a smart phone there is an free app called MyFitnessPal which will let you enter food data and show you how many calories, proteins, carbs and fat you are eating and allows you to increase or decrease those numbers. Doesn't matter if it's 2% Cottage Cheese (much more protein than grits) or a plain skinny latte or butter lettuce. It even has a bar code scanner to enter data more easily.
  13. Welcome to Thinner Times.
  14. Hopefully your bariatric team gave you a binder with an eating plan for not only the first two weeks of surgery but for several months.
  15. Welcome to Thinner Times. Have you taken your blood pressure when you feel lightheaded. Start with your bariatric team and if you're not getting help there then see your primary doctor.