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  1. Welcome to TT, Amber. I suggest you call your bariatric team and your regular doctor in the morning and get an appointment scheduled with one or both for your rapid heart beat. Have you taken your pulse rate when these occur and have you recorded the pulse? If not, start doing so. Record when, how long and what you were or weren't doing when it occurred. Don't worry about how much you have or haven't lost, it has only been 2 weeks. You will be losing weight with very little effort over the next year as long as you follow the plan. Take care and get into the doctor.
  2. You have several options: Call your bariatric group and see if they have a list of providers who either take insurance or use sliding scale for the fee. Call the insurance and see if you are covered for a bariatric psych eval and then ask for a list of approved providers. If your insurance does not cover a psych eval then I suggest you goggle something like this ... san diego sliding scale psychologist, make a list and ask if 1) they do a bariatric psych eval and 2) the fee based on sliding scale. Best of luck.
  3. 2 weeks of low carb goes well after the 3rd day and by that time you are 11 days from surgery. You can do this, just follow what your bariatric team has given you. That makes it simple and easy.
  4. I don't think of myself as a small person but as a normal person. Height/weight proportionate. I feel so much better at my 24-25 BMI that I don't care about the comments or the looks. I did this for my health and I have my health back and I'm loving it. I didn't focus on what I weighed other than using it to compute my BMI. I've been getting the "you're to skinny" comments lately and the "oh, you've lost half yourself". My response - I have a normal BMI and I'm healthy and I'm very happy. You did this surgery to get healthy - keep heading that way. Over time they either shut up or you get good at ignoring them.
  5. So glad to hear you have your surgery date. Congrats.
  6. Did your bariatric team give you a manual that covers what to eat after your surgery? That will have helpful information in it. Otherwise it's a sip now and a sip 5-10 minutes from now. A sip is 1-2 tablespoons - if you have a bottle of cough syrup, the little plastic cup that comes with it is an easy way to measure. Doesn't matter if it's water or broth.
  7. Have you tried the water at room temperature. I had problems with cold water for several months post op. Still don't like ice in mine but am doing better.
  8. My apologies - Potassium is K but it is not Vitamin K - deleted what I wrote in error (thank you SoggySao)
  9. Your BMI is 20.7 so you're still in the normal range. A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy. To correct the overeating - clean house - that means go through the cupboards, the refrigerator and freezer and get rid of junk food. You know what junk food is - high Carbos. Don't worry about your pouch just go back to healthy eating - HIGH Protein. Get your proteins and fluids in and your vitamins and minerals, a bit of fat and healthy carbs (fruit). We're here to support you - you did this and you can continue to do this.
  10. I notice that whenever I stall/slow down the next thing that happens is I need smaller clothes. So when people ask you can either tell them pounds lost or how many sizes you have dropped.
  11. The easiest way to see if your scale is accurate is buy 2 gallons of water. It should weigh over 16 pounds and under 17 pounds. Some scales have an adjustment underneath so you can + / - to improve accuracy. Costco and Wal-Mart usually carry WW scales for $20 average.
  12. I am going to the gym to walk (current 18 degrees out and 3 feet of snow and ice on the ground). I used tan in my 30's and now (62) am tanning again. Just enough to look healthy. I love it - 10 minutes of tanning every 5-7 days is like an infusion of summer. I have stretch marks from being fat, bat wings on my upper arms being older and losing weight and I don't care. Just bought a pair of jean shorts for this next summer since I'm at my goal weight.
  13. We traumatize our bodies by having surgery, have air pumped into our abdomen so the surgeon can see to do the surgery, have to deal with the after effects of anesthesia and then expect our bodies to drop a noticeable amount of weight. Back when I did NutriSystem I followed the program to the letter and didn't lose an ounce the first week (talk about being crushed), the second week I dropped 5#, thereafter I averaged about 2# a week. So I didn't even bother to weigh until I went for my two week post op check up at the bariatric office. I dropped 7# in that two weeks but after that the fat just fell off - 30# over the next 2 months and now 140# at just 10 days shy 1 year post op. It'll happen and it's wonderful.
  14. You just underwent major surgery, that and the anesthesia affect everyone differently. I had energy for two weeks and then got tired for a couple weeks. It lessened over time, feel good for a day, tired for day; feel good for two days, tired for a day, etc. Now I am almost one year post op and have lots of energy. Just make sure you are sipping (getting fluids in) and walking. I used to walk1,000 steps in a day (about 1.5 miles a week) now I walk 5,500 steps or more a day. It's winter so my target is lower, come spring 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. This week I walked 18 miles total. Went with my sis to Costco this morning and by the time we got home had over 5,500 steps in and still have the laundry to do (lots more steps). It gets better as time goes by, by 3 months post op you won't believe the difference in how you feel, how much energy you have and how much weight you have lost.
  15. Welcome to TT. I had problems with the regular protein drinks for a long time after surgery. I did find Atkins Lift protein drink (20 protein, 1 carb in 16 oz), it comes in Lemon, Orange and Berry. Things will improve, now I can drink proteins like Premier Protein (30 protein, 5 carb) and even Muscle Mile Pro (40 protein, 10 carb) for the days when I can't get all my protein needs met.