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  1. 6 month surgiversary!

    Hubby is the avid reader...he loves books. I wish I had my photos and decorations put back before I took the photos of the library, but we haven't gotten that far yet, lol. We love our house...hubby puts his whole heart into what he does, and it really does show. I'm very envious of his talents, but so thankful for them, and him ❤️ I love the hallway too. It probably won't be stained before thanksgiving, but I don't care at this point. We are so far behind with everything that the stain is bottom of the list right now. I have to go for my 6 month blood work tomorrow because my appointment is next week, my daughter has 2 appointments tomorrow that we have to be there for, thanksgiving on Thursday, more appts for my daughter on Friday, hubby has to make Harper's birthday cake on Friday also, then his party is on Saturday...deep breath!! I think I just may have a nervous breakdown this week.........
  2. 6 month surgiversary!

    Yesterday was my 6 month surgiversary I can't believe the time has passed so quickly! I have lost 97.8 pounds since surgery, and 132 pounds overall so far I thought I was starting a stall earlier in the week, but it turns out that I'm not...yet, anyway. I saw my new primary care doctor for the first time yesterday, and I think she is going to be a great fit. She was thrilled with the progress/results I've had so far with the bariatric process. She was extremely thorough, has a great bedside manner, and seemed overall to be the type of doctor I'm looking for. I know I've only seen her once, so it still remains to be seen. But I asked her if I was still morbidly obese, or just obese, even though I knew the answer. She said obese, and I asked her to mark that in my chart, lol. Nothing like a new patient being that excited about being obese! HA! Hopefully I'll have some time to spend here today, now that my hubby is finished with his mini remodel (thank GOD) and the clean up is finished. I've gotta get caught up on everything I've been missing during the week! Lol
  3. 6 month surgiversary! matter how much your PCP is against WLS, he still needs to TREAT you! Geez!! I'm glad, at least for now, that it's ok. It is outrageous that it's an issue. Your doctor sounds like the one I just left I feel for you, my friend. I really do. ❤️
  4. Don't know what to eat!

    It is scary!! My bariatric surgeon explained, during the seminar, about resetting the set point...and I know at that time I understood, and it made sense. But ask me to explain it to you now, and I don't remember a word he said! (Thyroid brain fog...) My core is so weak it's not funny, and the belly?!? Omg, forget about it! (Imagine that I said that in a New York City accent, lol) It's playing head games with me too. If it weren't for my belly, I would look like I didn't need to lose anymore weight...ugh. I hope your foot cooperates and you can get back to exercising soon!!
  5. 6 month surgiversary!

    Thank you, @Aussie H I'm really praying that this PCP is THE PCP. I have been through 4 in the past 6 years, and I'm getting to the point where I'm so fed up I can't deal with it anymore. When you're as overweight as I was, and you have a lot of LEGITIMATE health issues (I emphasize 'legitimate' because even though I had medically proven problems, they kept ignoring me), they tend to not believe you. If it hadn't been for my wonderful bariatric surgeon, I still wouldn't have had my thyroid cancer diagnosed...not the way my former PCP wanted to treat me. So I can totally see where you are coming from. It's pretty bad that you have to stay with a crappy doctor just to get pain meds that you need. And wow...your doc is so against WLS that he's fighting you on getting your labs?!? That's insane! That's one thing I don't have to worry about. My surgeon sees me every 3 months, and at that visit they give me a lab slip for the next visit. Can your surgeon order the tests for you directly? That would make your life a heck of a lot easier from the sounds of things. It IS hard when you can't trust your doctor. That's why I had to try yet again to find a decent one. My new doc is in the same area as my bariatric surgeon, general surgeon, cardiologist, urologist and ortho, and they are all fantastic. So I'm betting this doc will be a good one too. Fingers crossed! I hope you can find one that will give you the care you need and DESERVE as well ❤️ I think it makes all the difference in the world!
  6. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    Good luck tomorrow, @Cardamom77!! Can't wait to hear from you when you're feeling up to it!! Sending prayers ❤️
  7. leftover eggs...ew!!! Oh and @Gretta, btw, I had hubby take this picture for you thought you'd get a kick out of it!
  8. Don't know what to eat!

    I think I'd like to eventually end up around 1,000 calories a day. That is, if I can get that many in, lol. I haven't really played around a lot with my calories yet, simply because I'm taking full advantage of my honeymoon period. Who knows, I might be able to eat 1,000 calories a day right now and still lose. I have always been able to lose weight whether or not I'm exercising, so I'm not too sure about that theory either. I think exercise is great, but I've never needed it to lose. I would like to try and firm up though, if I ever get myself strong enough to do some real exercise. I think if the thing about the metabolic rate is true, I'm screwed...700 calories a day for life, I'm not too sure how I feel about that. Food for thought, lol
  9. Hey you...I hope everything is ok ❤️ You've been pretty quiet on here lately, and I just wanted to check in. Miss you!!

  10. Aww, I'm so sorry it was dissapointing, CJ I think we build things up in our heads so much sometimes, it's bound to be less than we expected. I think you may enjoy the refried beans more...more flavorful. Just remember to take it slow, and savor every bite!! ❤️
  11. The only thing I even do low fat is mayo, when I make chicken salad. But I don't use the light mayo to cut fat...I use it to cut calories, lol. It tastes the same to me, but hubby says he hates it. I like the fuel analogy too. It's amazing to me that I don't sit around thinking about my next meal all day like I used to. Sweet freedom from food obsession is right!!
  12. No, can’t say that I’ve tried the butter spray, but I’ll check it out the next time that I’m in the grocery store! Thanks for the suggestion, @Cheesehead!
  13. I’ve tried eating the toppings off of one slice of pizza...but it bothered my stomach, so I could only eat a few bites of what I’d taken Taco meat, on the other hand, with a little taco sauce is good...and no tummy troubles with that Oh, and keep some papaya enzymes handy...they have been a lifesaver to me!!
  14. I think my first soft food was Greek yogurt. Was only allowed to start off with 1 tsp at a time and work up to 2 tbsp by the end of the week. Whatever you eat, take it slooow! Was terrified to eat “real” food at first, but if you take it slow, you’ll be fine. You’ll probably get full pretty fast. Btw, as far as low/no fat cheese...for me it’s the full fat stuff. I’ve done very well with it, since it’s pretty much my only source of fat, other than the tiny amount in my yogurt. Although, tonight my dinner consisted of 2.5 ounces of sautéed shrimp, and used Earth balance organic spread to cook it. That’s more fat than normal for me to eat...waiting for the diahrrea to kick in, lol. If I liked refried beans, I’m sure I would have eaten that, so it might be a good place to start. Either way, good luck and enjoy!! Oh, when you’re ready to try eggs, and if you do scrambled, try adding a tbsp of shredded parm and some salt and pepper. Yum!!
  15. Hang in there folks

    Every time I see before and after pictures of you, it just amazes me!! You have done an insanely incredible job at losing and keeping that weight off!! Fantastic
  16. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    I only say my face looks too thin now, because I've always had a round face with a teeny bit of chunk in my cheeks, lol. It's slimmer now than it's been since I was in elementary school, I think. Don't get me wrong, I'll take it for sure...especially over what it looked like last year at this time! I swear, my therapist thinks I've become anorexic...each time she sees me she asks me if I'm losing weight too fast or am I eating enough. I know my face is to blame for that. I have to keep reminding her that she has never seen me under 300 pounds before this, and that I'm supposed to be losing fast, lol. Hubby and I were talking about handlebar mustaches just yesterday...and I'm not fond of them either But hey, it's his face, he can do as he pleases with the hair on it! Haha He grew his mustache when he was 14, and has never once shaved it off...
  17. 4 years post op, @Res Ipsa!! Go you!
  18. Omg!! How totally adorable are you, CJ?!? Lovin' the pic...I knew you were a cheerleader!
  19. The worst week of my life

    I'm so very sorry, @Cardamom77. My heart aches for you. You are in my prayers...not only to help you get through this most difficult time, but also to get you through surgery with flying colors. Your strength to continue on your WLS path during this time is astounding. Love and hugs ❤️ xo
  20. Sleeve Surgery Newbie

    Welcome, Laura!! Congrats on your pre op weight loss so far You can do 3 pounds in 10 days! Drop all the white carbs from your diet...only eat veggie carbs, maybe a little fruit if absolutely necessary. Nerves are completely normal, but try not to let it rule your life. Some people have complications, but they are usually post op nausea or some minor pain at the incision sites. I don't even know if you'd call those complications, lol. I didn't have a catheter with my surgery, but idk what your surgeon's protocol is. Even if you need one, try not to worry. They aren't bad. I've had them during several other surgeries. Hang in'll be there before you know it!!
  21. I love it too!!! Newbies can really use her positivity...heck, we all can, Cinwa!!
  22. @CJireh, you're such an awesome cheerleader!! I know your November Newbies gang appreciates it a whole lot ❤️ Keep it up, my friend!!
  23. Let's Talk Turkey

    Hahaha, we buy the cheap-ish plastic containers and keep them around for holidays, lol. None of my kids ever bring containers, so we are used to it!! This year, everything is going home with someone...except some turkey, the turnip, some baked beans (hubby's favorite, he cooks them with brown sugar and bacon...none for me of course, but he will eat those leftover) and a slice of pie for him as well. If I have any "desert", it will be my favorite strawberry cheesecake flavored light and fit Greek yogurt, lol. I'm addicted to the stuff, and usually eat 2 per day Plus I add chia seeds now for the fiber. This will be the first year I won't feel like a bloated, uncomfortable glutton after thanksgiving, and I'm so excited about that!! My dishes of shame, lol, are all of the leftover take out containers that used to be filled with Chinese delivery...I'm more than happy to see those go!
  24. Let's Talk Turkey

    As well as I think I'm doing, I think there have only been a couple of times I forgot to eat, lol. Today I skipped lunch because I wasn't hungry, and I was busy doing my pre holiday cleaning . I think I'd faint if I didn't eat anything until 9pm! I'm doing the same thing here this year...pack it up and take it home. The only leftovers I want to keep are turkey and turnip. We had a killer sale at our local Hannaford supermarket and bought 4 turkeys at $.39 a pound! We have about 84 pounds of turkey...lmao. Enough to last me a year! My hubby also makes killer soup so he will be happy. But he ALSO makes an amazing turkey pot pie...but none of that for me this year.
  25. 6 month surgiversary!

    Thank you, @Cheesehead!! I'm so close to onederland, I can taste it!! Pun intended, lol I haven't been walking since I had to stop when I was hospitalized. I've been doing what I can around the house though, doing the stairs as much as possibles. My knees are in such bad shape, and what I feared was going to happen has...I lost the weight and they aren't any better. My back isn't great, but it is doing better. So my weight loss has helped that a bit. I'm going to have my doc send me for an MRI on my knees to see just how bad they are. If PT is an option, I think I can handle trying it now. I'll get there eventually