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  1. Happy turkey day!

    Just wanted to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. I’m very thankful for all of your help, support and friendship over the past year, and to let you all know I’d never have been able to get this far without you guys! Enjoy your day tomorrow, everyone!
  2. Surgery moved up!

    Congratulations!! That’s awesome!! You won’t need too much...comfy PJ’s or sweats, chapstick, some people bring a pillow for the drive home to hold against your stomach if you’re experiencing pain, maybe an iPod and some headphones. You’ll be too busy drinking and walking to do much else. Best wishes for a safe surgery, and we can’t wait to welcome you to the losers bench!
  3. 6 month surgiversary!

    I'm so happy to hear that your daughter's appointment went well, but I'm sorry to hear what you went through! I think it was most definitely caused by the addition of soft foods yesterday. But I'm not a good person to give advice on pooping, lol...I've been constipated since March...and the only time I've been able to go without he aid of stool softeners and/or miralax was when I had diverticulitis. I haven't even come close to wearing any compression garments yet...I wonder if that added to the issue? Just a guess on my part. I hope you're feeling better now!! And it's never TMI, lol...that's what we are here for!!
  4. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    That's a great plan, @cinwa! Good way to have some of the things you enjoy and be proactive about your weight at the same time
  5. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    That sounds delightful... My hubby makes a killer homemade turkey pot pie with our leftovers. I may have to ask him not to do it, just this once. I'm ashamed to admit how much of that I used to eat So I won't, lol
  6. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    Ohh, sounds interesting!! Please let me know how that turns out!!
  7. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    Oh boy, I wish I had words of wisdom... Since this is my first thanksgiving post WLS, I personally don't think I can try any of the carb-y stuff. Not to say that it's a bad thing, by any means, to have a small portion. But I'm not strong enough yet to take one bite and walk away. I love carbs too much. Much like @Jen581791 saying she was losing stuffing weight, for me it was pizza, potatoes and couscous, lol. My personal strategy is to figure out what I'm having ahead of time, which I already have, and not put anything else on my plate. I absolutely love turnip...and even though it's carb-ier than other veggies (veggie? Root? Idk, lol) I'm going to have some of that. I love it, but I can control my intake of it. That and turkey Now I can't say for sure that I won't "over butter" that turnip however...we all have our weaknesses!
  8. 6 month surgiversary!

    Omg...I LOVE Will and Grace!! Consider it done...I have officially bashed my face against your palm!! HAHAHAHA!!
  9. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Congratulations on a smooth surgery (how boring it would be without a little drama thrown in there, right?) I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well!! Welcome to the losers bench...buckle up, you're about to take the journey of a lifetime!!!
  10. 6 month surgiversary!

    I wish your daughter good luck, and I'm sending prayers to you both, my friend!! Please keep us updated on how she made out! I will settle down at some point and have that cup of tea in front of the fire.....
  11. 6 month surgiversary!

    Thank you, dear Jen ❤️ Always the voice of reason!! Stain is not getting done until after thanksgiving, lol. My family gives me the strength I need, to do what needs to be done, regardless of the situation, or the stress that comes along with it. I don't know how well I handle it from an onlookers point of view, lol, but even if it's messy, I get the job done with love ❤️ Im taking that deep breath, giving my grandson a HUGE hug and nana kisses, and I'm resetting my priority list today. I get overwhelmed very easily, and sometimes I need a good hard smack across the face to bring me back to reality!! Somehow, you managed to help me do that, but gently...and without the slap in the face Thank you!!
  12. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Thank you so much @bellamoma!! ❤️❤️❤️
  13. 6 month surgiversary!

    Hubby is the avid reader...he loves books. I wish I had my photos and decorations put back before I took the photos of the library, but we haven't gotten that far yet, lol. We love our house...hubby puts his whole heart into what he does, and it really does show. I'm very envious of his talents, but so thankful for them, and him ❤️ I love the hallway too. It probably won't be stained before thanksgiving, but I don't care at this point. We are so far behind with everything that the stain is bottom of the list right now. I have to go for my 6 month blood work tomorrow because my appointment is next week, my daughter has 2 appointments tomorrow that we have to be there for, thanksgiving on Thursday, more appts for my daughter on Friday, hubby has to make Harper's birthday cake on Friday also, then his party is on Saturday...deep breath!! I think I just may have a nervous breakdown this week.........
  14. 6 month surgiversary! matter how much your PCP is against WLS, he still needs to TREAT you! Geez!! I'm glad, at least for now, that it's ok. It is outrageous that it's an issue. Your doctor sounds like the one I just left I feel for you, my friend. I really do. ❤️
  15. Don't know what to eat!

    It is scary!! My bariatric surgeon explained, during the seminar, about resetting the set point...and I know at that time I understood, and it made sense. But ask me to explain it to you now, and I don't remember a word he said! (Thyroid brain fog...) My core is so weak it's not funny, and the belly?!? Omg, forget about it! (Imagine that I said that in a New York City accent, lol) It's playing head games with me too. If it weren't for my belly, I would look like I didn't need to lose anymore weight...ugh. I hope your foot cooperates and you can get back to exercising soon!!