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  1. Oh my! That's a long way to go for blood work!! No, Xarelto isn't recommended for people with heart valve problems. How often does he need blood work?
  2. I'm in a 46H right now...ugh...and yeah, it's pretty much a granny bra too, lol. They don't have a large assortment of "feminine" bras in my size. I think I'm gonna have to get a sports bra at some point too. My girls were already giving into gravity before my WLS, so I can only imagine the disaster I'm in for in the near future!!
  3. Sticking to a schedule really helps me. I don't eat much either...chicken, turkey, eggs, cheese, fish, chicken or egg salad, etc... I can eat up to 3 ounces of those foods. I tried a burger last night for the first time (no roll or condiments), and I could only tolerate 1.5 ounces because it's so much more dense than poultry.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that your liver hasn't gotten as small as expected But I'm glad you're moving forward!! I have no doubt the liquid diet will cause more liver shrinkage in 3 weeks than your entire diet has, up to this point. It's going to suck, but you WILL be ok! My liver was pretty enlarged as well (I'm also a diabetic, but I've had fatty liver for about 20 years, ugh) and dropping 22 pounds in 4 weeks shrunk it pretty quickly. Then I dropped another 12 pounds in the following 4 weeks prior to surgery. There seems to be something about losing the weight quickly that shrinks it more than during a slower loss. A 31 pounds loss is great though, congrats!! I hadn't noticed any real difference after a 34 pound loss pre op, but then again, I was a lot heavier starting weight than you were. I'm glad you're starting to see some results...that really does give you motivation!! And I like your doctor's attitude...nothing flowery!! Lol
  5. Oh trust's a great thing!!! I will definitely let you know when the time comes, lol. I'm gonna hold off for a bit, because I paid $50 for this bra, and the cups still fit, so I'll deal with it being loose for a bit I bought my current bra before I even started my pre op diet, and it was way too tight. Then as I lost some weight, it fit just about perfect, and now it's loose. I lost 2" in the band size too, so happy dance time!!! None of my old bras will work unfortunately, so I'm down to one for now (hand washing and hanging it every night, ugh, lol) oh and my back and shoulders...definitely thanking me!! It's so nice to take the bra off, and not have deep craters in my shoulders and still look like I'm wearing it!! Hahaha!!!
  6. @Jen581791...just thought you'd like to measured myself for the first time yesterday. I've lost 6" from my bust!! Aahhh!!!!! I guess your guide is going to be necessary a lot sooner than I thought, lmao Thanks for putting all of that hard work and research into this for us!!!
  7. @Michael_A, how did you make out at your appointment?
  8. ((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ There's a virtual hug as well!!!
  9. Amen to that!! ❤️
  10. @BurgundyBoy, I'm so sorry about your dad and what he went through with Warfarin
  11. It's good to know that Xarelto is better than Warfarin. I haven't had time to research it fully being busy with my boy, so it's nice to hear. I am definitely bruising a lot grandson is going through this bouncing phase, and when I hold him on my lap and he starts bouncing, the next day my upper thighs are covered in bruises. And as silly as it sounds, I sliced my finger while I was peeling hard boiled eggs (I actually do it a lot, ugh) and it bled for almost 20 minutes. And it was a tiny cut. I was just terrified to start taking a blood thinner full time, because my body is weird with every medication I'm on...I usually get many of the side effects and usually have to be on a lower dose than most people because of it. So of course, a blood thinner is worrisome for a lot of people for obvious reasons, but I don't like anything that messes with my blood or heart. I guess it's better than a blood clot/stroke.
  12. @AK8483, I didn't feel any hunger at all for the first couple of weeks, but on the third week I felt some hunger. Once I started solids, it went away again, but now I occasionally feel hungry if I'm late eating. I try to stick to a pretty strict schedule. I eat breakfast, then 4 1/2 hours later I have lunch. 5 hours later I have dinner. Then if I need it I have a snack in the evening. My job is full time stay at home grandmother and I deal with agoraphobia, so I don't get out of the house much. I have to admit, when I'm out, I don't really get hungry, even if I go off my schedule. It's when I'm home and have more time to think about food that it happens most. But one thing is constant...if I don't get enough water in early enough in the day, I'm definitely more hungry than if I'm fully hydrated. And I do deal with a lot of head hunger, but at least now I can tell the difference
  13. Low carb, higher protein, portion control, and lots of water...I'm mirroring what everyone else has said above. I ate 3 low carb meals a day (usually 20-30g carbs or less...mostly Atkins meals) and every evening I ate a cucumber for a snack. I lost 34 pounds in 7 weeks. If you eat a lot of carbs now, you will go through carb withdrawal. Mine only lasted about a week, and a lot of white knuckling it. Once you're past that, you shouldn't crave carbs much anymore. Give up any sodas (even diet) now! Liquid calories and carbonation are no no's after surgery.
  14. I'm hoping by now you're starting your recovery process!! Sending prayers and good vibes, and we can't wait to hear how things went. Saving you a spot on the losers bench!!
  15. Thank you, Jabsie I can't rely on my doctors always telling me everything, so I like to ask others that take the same meds, or have similar situations, for advice. I appreciate your help!