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  1. What an inspiring story!! Congratulations on your 4 year surgiversary!! I can relate to so much of what you're saying about your actions and feelings pre op. Those feelings are/were so's hard to believe I ever had reservations about my WLS! I'm so happy that you've lost the weight, kept it off and are so happy Thank you for sharing...I'm inching closer to my goal everyday, but it's so motivating to hear stories like yours!!
  2. A picture...finally!! You look fantastic!! Great NSV's...that huge, going from 52-54 jackets to 44! That's got to feel so good! Love the smile
  3. I forgot to mention this NSV from a week ago. At my son's girlfriend's fathers retirement party, her father saw me, looked right at me and said, "I don't recognize you". He said it twice, lol. He actually didn't know who I was I told him it was probably because I had shaved my head and lost 100lbs since he saw me last. He smiled and said "That'll do it"! Granted, I haven't seen him in a year, but it was still really cool
  4. I've been feeling the "eat to live" motto too. It's weird how much of a change I've experienced in how I view food now. We probably all have. Don't get me wrong, I still have days where my mind goes directly to "omg I need pizza NOW!" when I'm under a lot of stress, but the difference is, I don't do it. It's like my mind has been rewired, and it feels so foreign! But in a great way But I still hope I don't lose my love of chicken...
  5. I haven't really experimented with a lot of different foods just yet. I'm 4 months post op as well. I was just sticking to a few basic, chicken, turkey, eggs, cheese, yogurt. But now the fish is out for a while, anyway. I haven't tried any fried foods. The smell of fried foods doesn't bother me at all. But I can't imagine trying to eat any. Just the thought of it makes my pouch feel heavy, lol.
  6. Ugh!! That is SO frustrating!! Is there any way your surgeon's office or primary care physician's office can call for you to try and get the appointment moved up? My surgeon's scheduler is great at fanagling (sp) quicker appointments from necessary doctors to get clearances. Just a thought...
  7. You've made some excellent points, @Jen581791. I haven't really thought of things like that. Hmm...something to ponder...
  8. HAHAHAHA I truly am, lmao...unless someone tries to get all up in my business. I'm an extremely private person in real life (when I'm not behind a keyboard in an awesome support group, lol), and I prefer to keep it that way. You guys probably know more about me than anyone else I know, besides my husband, of course. Between hearing "weightloss surgery is the easy way out" and "thyroid cancer is the good cancer", I've had about all I can take. So yes, I wouldn't hesitate to throw a good old fashioned throat punch if anyone dare utter those words to me again! HA!
  9. Lol 4oz looks like a lot on a medium sized plate too...I've double and triple weighed my food before just to be sure, because it looks like too much, lol. I don't eat much salad, because I love salad dressing and really can't do without. I am going to start trying raw veggies soon though. I miss my peppers and carrots I can imaging the big moves and making new friends is exhausting!! But how exciting to know people from all around the world!! Have a GREAT time at the party!!
  10. The only people I have told are my husband, 3 children and 2 close friends that live out of state. In my case, I've had coexisting health problems...which could explain a large weight loss should someone ask. I have been posting, intermittently, about my weight loss on Facebook, so in case I run into someone I know, it won't be a huge shock. But I've been modestly understating the amount of weight I've lost. I've told the friends that know... if someone should ask if I've had surgery, through Facebook, that I am going to lie about it. I got so much negative feedback when I was supposed to have WLS last year, I'm not going through that again. Lying is really hard for me, but in this case, it's nobody's business but mine and the people I choose to tell. It's NOT the easy way out, not by a long shot. And I swear if someone said that to me, they'd have a throat punch to look forward to!! So it really is a personal choice. I don't consider it lying...not completely, anyway...if you don't admit to having the surgery if someone asks. It's your body and your business. You are doing this to improve your health and life. Tell people when you're ready. Or not ❤️
  11. The only thing I can add to what everyone else has said...have you actually seen how much food 4 ounces looks like when you cut it all up on your plate? Lol...I always weigh my food, and never eat more than 4 ounces (I actually just started being able to eat 4oz at one sitting). But, unless it's just my new perspective on food, 4 ounces looks like a lot of food to me when you chop it up. I hope your stress over the situation doesn't supersede your enjoyment of the party. Relax and have fun!!! ❤️
  12. If there is one thing I DON'T want you to take away from my post, it's that I'm saying people have it harder than you!! We all have our trials in this journey, and in life. I'm not meaning, in any way, to minimize your frustration with the insurance company or your situation There will always be someone that has it harder, but that doesn't diminish our stress, frustration or anxiety over our own situation. I posted about my cancer not so much about the cancer, but the huge delay it made for my WLS. My surgeon discovered through pre op testing that I had a parathyroid tumor (non cancerous). He said it needed to come out prior to WLS because it causes a blood calcium problem that can cause osteoporosis and other health problems. It was only when they did surgery to remove the parathyroid that they diagnosed the cancer. After my second thyroid surgery, on April 6th last year, I then had to wait longer because I needed radioactive iodine treatment (standard for thyca). That was in August. By the time I was done, I couldn't imagine going through another through all of that stress, I had gained back all of the weight I lost pre op (46 pounds, ugh). When I was finally ready to climb back on the wagon this year, lol, in March, I did. Best decision I've ever made in my entire life!! Now I'm 105 pounds down since starting my pre op diet, and 71 pounds down since surgery Despite a couple of other bumps in the road, I feel better than I have in years So I guess what I'm trying to say, in my usual too long and too wordy version is is very frustrating and stressful having unexpected delays while going through this process. But that's why you come here and vent about it!! This group of wonderful people have been so very supportive and caring, and have always been my cheerleaders through all of my difficult times. We are all here for you too ❤️ My hope for you is that the insurance gives you the go ahead, since you've already gone through 11 months total of this, even though you've missed a month here and there. Keep us posted please!! I also hope that your friend is doing well with the heart trouble, as well as the thyroid cancer. A good portion of the time, thyroid cancer is diagnosed secondary to other health problems. I'm glad they found hers! Prayers being sent for you both!
  13. I love it!! I'm glad, for your sake, you were wearing underwear too! Lol So glad you and your daughter are able to spend time with your parents. Enjoy!!
  14. (((Hugs))) @Aussie H I can't think of a sadder thing to have happen...WLS or not. It was probably a good idea to wait under those circumstances. And like you said, you used the time to give yourself the chance at a much safer surgery, and to change to a healthier lifestyle. I can't say I'd be that strong...I'm quite sure I would fallen off the wagon and used that as an excuse to start binging again. You're such a strong person to not only have made it through such a difficult time, but come out on the other side in a better position to have the surgery. You're such a strong person...I truly admire your strength!!
  15. Stay strong my'll get there!! If this helps at all (it probably won't, but I'm going to tell you anyway, lol), I was due to have my surgery on March 1st of 2016...yep, last year...but I got derailed with a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. So I had to have that treated before they would do my bariatric surgery. I started this journey in November of 2015, and had WLS on May 17th, 2017. It was a long road getting here, but it was definitely worth the wait!! Don't let anything deter you...this is going to be one of the most important steps you can take to getting healthy and have a longer, happier life! Look at it as a speed bump in the road to WLS. One that may delay your surgery for a bit, but not stop it from happening!