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  1. I don't know. I suppose community support and all that is just what some people need. I'm not one of those people. I don't want or need cheerleaders or someone to encourage me. I just don't. For me, it's not about being invisible. I get a fair amount of attention on a regular basis and that doesn't bother me. I just haven't found that a support group makes a positive difference for me. I think it's just like having a baby- some women want a big support team with their partner, a doula, a photographer and their 15 closest friends in the room with them. I preferred to be left alone and have no one talk to or touch me unless it was completely necessary. I reached goal without going to a single support group and, outside of this fantastic forum, rarely talked to anybody about my surgery on a regular basis. I say you do you. If you don't need or want to go to the support groups, then don't. And don't feel bad about it for a second. Different strokes for different folks.
  2. Welcome! Did your doctor or nutritionist give you a staged diet to follow? At this point, you don't need to worry about carbs so much as trying to hit your daily fluid goal and, once you're consistently achieving that, hitting your daily protein goal. But in regards to carbs, veggies & fruits contain carbs so that's why your doctor is telling you to be careful. You want to minimize your carb intake in general (you'll see the phrase "eat your protein first" over and over in these boards), but you really want to minimize the simple carbs in particular (which includes many fruits and some veggies). I'm guessing that your doctor would recommend that you choose fruits & veggies that have a lower glycemic index (you can google for a chart), but you should ask him/her or your nutritionist for clarification or more specific guidelines. And, yes, questioning your decision to have surgery, feeling totally overwhelmed or confused and feelings all kinds of emotions is totally normal. I hope your recovery is going ok overall.
  3. Welcome! I hope your recovery is going well.
  4. This. 100%
  5. I think it depends on a number of factors. Your insurance requirements, if you're going through insurance or self-pay, your doctors pre-surgery requirements, how busy your doctor is, etc. My insurance didn't require a PCP referral and it didn't make a difference in my case. My surgeon didn't care about that unless it was an insurance requirement. Once I had completed all the pre-reqs and insurance approved me, I had my date (about 3 months from my initial consultation).
  6. You're doing amazing! Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll hit your goal weight before you know it.
  7. Gas-X meltaway strips helped me a ton with post-op gas/air (which is painful!). I love my Camelbak Eddy and will sing it's praises to the end of time (it's has a bite valve straw which made a huge difference in getting in my fluids post-op). Unjury unflavored protein powder was another huge help for me (I couldn't tolerate other protein shakes so I would mix the unflavored powder into yogurt to help boost my protein intake). Oh! And order the Celebrate vitamin sample. It's a good way to try different flavors post-op without spending a ton. Also, I'm sure you've seen the advice about not buying too much of anything because your tastes will change post-op. It's true! I took that advice and still wound up having to have my (now ex) husband consume many of my rejects. A lot also depends on your surgeon's diet. I was allowed smooth yogurt and strained soups from the first week post-op so I ate a lot of that (well, not a lot, but those were my main foods). Sugar free Popsicles are good too, if you can handle artificial sweeteners and the cold doesn't bother your pouch. Oh, I'm so excited for you. The great thing about the process going so fast is that you don't have a ton of time to get into your own head and start second-guessing yourself.
  8. My day of surgery weight was about 10 pounds more than you and, over the first three months, I lost 35 pounds. And I hit my goal weight (110 pound down from my day of surgery weight) before a year post op. But, like Zyia said, everyone is different. Don't try to get too caught up in the pace that others lose at. We all have our own journey. I hope you're healing well.
  9. That's awesome! Mine was less than 3 months and that felt fast. You must feel like everything is going in fast forward. Do you have any specific questions or concerns?
  10. My insurance doesn't cover protein supplements or vitamins either. Furthermore, protein supplements aren't really a necessity past the first few months post-op and even that is debatable in my mind (I never used protein shakes post-op and only briefly used protein powder). Once healed, it's totally possible to hit daily protein goals without supplementing so it would be an uphill battle to try to claim it as a necessary medical expense. But, if someone out there can get their insurance to cover it, more power to them.
  11. Oh sweetie! I'm nearly 13 months post-op and I still have trouble getting 64 oz of water in each day. 100 oz isn't happening for me. Give yourself grace. You're still healing and, frankly, my personal experience is that the first month or so post-op is particularly hard. When I was where you're at (and, in all honesty, at least for the first few months, if not the first six months), every time I ate, I would be in discomfort. Right after I ate, I would be uncomfortable because my pouch was full (and I had only taken a few bites!), then once the food starting digesting, I would be uncomfortable from the digestion process. I remember saying, "Jeez, I wonder if people lose weight from this because eating is such a miserable experience, they just stop." Plus, I was exhausted. Like dead tired for the first two months or so. I know it's slow going now, but it will get better. Promise. All the hard stuff you're dealing with and feeling right now won't be there forever.
  12. That's amazing! Congrats on making such incredible progress.
  13. Welcome! Your day of surgery weight is pretty close to what mine was. I would say, at this point, don't even worry about calories, just focus on trying to reach your daily fluid and protein numbers. Even though I know the slow start is discouraging, really just try to keep your eye on the long term. And, fwiw, I wouldn't drop my calories lower if I were you. I wasn't even counting calories at two weeks out (actually, I don't even count them now, but that's just me). Once you're consistently hitting your protein & fluid goals, then you can turn your attention to calories if need be. For now, just give it time and let your body heal before you start trying to tweak things too much. That's just my thoughts, for what they're worth.
  14. Congratulations!
  15. If it makes you feel any better, I've been on this board for a bit over a year now and that's the first troll I've seen (not counting the random bots that like to post in the middle of the night). In regards to your comments about the stigma of WLS, I'm pretty private about my surgery, but when I have told people, I've gotten nothing but support (I tend to spill the beans to other people struggling with their weight because I don't want to mislead them about why my weight came off so fast and easily). People don't comment nearly as much as I expected they would. For me, it's more common for them to not recognize me at first, then they start gushing compliments and, as they're verbally vomiting, they ask how I did it. So it's pretty easy to give a short answer, thank them for the compliments and move on from the topic. It's not that huge of a deal. I think my mom & best friend answer more questions about my weight loss than I do. By the way, since I didn't see your intro thread, please let me say welcome now. I hope you get lots of positivity and support from this board and that random jerk will be an irrelevant blip in the past soon.