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  1. It may vary from doctor to doctor, but mine wouldn't even schedule surgery until the weight loss goal had been reached (in my case, 5% of my starting weight). I suppose if I had gained it all back between my final pre-surgical appointment and the surgical prep (a couple days before surgery when the hospital did all the intake info including weighing me), that would've been a big red flag for all involved that I wasn't ready. But all that aside, from your two posts, it seems like you're having some jitters or misgivings. It may be best to start a new thread and lay out exactly what you're struggling with. Pre-op nerves are totally normal, but whether you want reassurance or input, starting a new thread would be a good idea. And welcome to Thinner Times!
  2. (((Kim)))
  3. It's insane. I never dreamed that I'd be a size 2 and having my surgeon tell me that I'm perfect and don't need to lose any more weight was surreal (I had my 12 month check up on our surgiversary). I'm rooting for you and so excited to see your progress. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you when you hit your goal.
  4. I totally meant to message you yesterday since it was our surgiversary. Congrats on your progress, you're doing amazing!
  5. Good catch! It looks like there's a light version of ensure that's only 70 calories, so hopefully that's the one Kelly is using. That said, Kelly, if that is the version you're using, it looks to be pretty low on protein, so it may not be the best choice for post-op when it's a bit harder for most people to get their liquids in and you'll want the most "bang for your buck" per ounce. So just be sure to look at the labels and try to choose the higher protein option all things bring equal. But I'm really happy you found some protein shakes that you like! And yay for only be a few days out from your surgery date! So exciting!!!
  6. I didn't do protein shakes post-op at all. I could only stomach one brand (Slimfast high protein) pre-op and every single one I tried made me nauseous post-op (and still do). Since my plan allowed for soup and yogurt immediately post-op, I just spent a lot of time mixing unflavored protein into yogurt. It's kind of ironic that the only thing I've had issues with post-op (well, that and articifical sweetners, which I hated pre-op as well) is the one thing that practically everyone else depends on to hit their protein numbers. In my case, it hasn't made a noticeable difference. I hit my goal weight before my one year surgiversary, I never had issues with hair loss/thinning and my muscle tone is fine. Maybe I'm just lucky (I also don't have any extra or noticeably loose skin), but that's my experience.
  7. I split up with my husband and re-entered the dating scene post-op. The things you asked about haven't been that big of a deal for me personally, but I gained the bulk of my weight while married so I'm not in the position of having dating when I was at my heaviest. I've dated two guys post-op and neither reacted negatively to my surgery or weight loss. My current boyfriend knew me on a very casual, acquaintance level a couple years ago (so he remembered me being bigger and noticed I had lost a significant amount of weight) and I ended up telling him about my surgery on our first date. I've gone down a size or so in the couple months we've been dating and it hasn't been an issue at all (I'm currently under my goal weight and a size 2 so I'm not sure I could get much smaller). I don't really have any excess skin (other than deflated boobs, a slightly saggy butt and a bit of loose skin on my skin that isn't noticeable standing up) so that hasn't been an issue either. Honestly, it's been helpful for me to be honest about surgery because if you're spending a good bit of time with someone, they will notice how little you eat. And if they know about the surgery, then they know weight loss comes with the territory. Plus, the scars are obvious (tiny, but still clearly there) if someone sees my stomach so I'd rather them know about the surgery before it gets to the point where I have to explain the scars.
  8. Welcome! If you're too embarrassed to have someone else take the pics, what about using the timer feature on your phone? It may take a few tries, but if you prop up your phone on something, you should be able to get some full length before & after pics without involving anyone else. It really is a good idea to take them. Seeing the "before" is great encouragement when you can't see the difference in the mirror. Also, take measurements! That's another great way to track progress that is a bit more concrete than the scale can be.
  9. LosingLex, I think?
  10. Like Nimiety, it took a good amount of loss before people really noticed. I found once I lost about 80-90 pounds, people started to notice, but the comments and the shocked reactions really took off once I got to a "normal" size (about 160 lbs/ size 10-12). At that point, people get nosy, so if you want to keep your surgery private, you'll have to come up with a standard response.
  11. I think it really depends on the insurance company and your specific plan, but even within that it can still vary wildly. Mine was approved the same day the office submitted it and I got my surgery date the same day (a little under 3 weeks out from that day). But with the exact same insurance and same doctor, my MIL didn't get her surgery approved until a week before her surgery- about 2 weeks after the claim was submitted (the office had gone ahead and given her a surgery date before official insurance approval). So, it doesn't seem like there's a particular rhyme or reason sometimes.
  12. This comment totally resonates with me. My boyfriend is working on quitting smoking and it's interesting to see the parallels in his struggle with cigarettes and mine with food. It's not necessarily about not being "normal" so much as being with someone who can relate to having an unhealthy relationship with something that they used as a coping mechanism to some degree (whether it be food, cigarettes, alcohol, etc). I understand why, when he's stressed, the urge to smoke is stronger and he understands why, when I'm stressed my urge to eat unhealthy foods is stronger. Being with someone who has to battle against old habits and find new, healthier ways to deal with life's struggles is immensely helpful. My ex, while he has tons of issues, never really battled any kind of addiction, so it was hard for him to grasp some of the things I struggle with.
  13. Welcome!
  14. I can relate to some of what you wrote. I think what SweetP wrote is right on. It's odd to suddenly be seen as a sexual object and just treated so differently in general. In regards to the obscene messages, I think apps like Tinder & OKCupid seem to attract a lot of creepers. I follow an account on Instagram called "TinderNightmares" and the posts are all messages like you describe. For me, it's like watching a train wreck because it's so absurd that there are guys out there that think that's a way to get a woman, but that's because it's abstract. But on another level, it's disturbing because there are guys out there that think that's a way to get women and it's so disrespectful. So, obviously, I don't use those sites. In regards to what you posted regarding a shift in your desired attributes in a partner, it sounds like you're just processing all the mental & emotional changes that come with the drastic physical change. I can say, for myself, my standards went up with my weight loss. I stopped settling and tolerating things that I put up with when I was heavy (I also left my husband because as my perspective shifted, a lot of things that were foggy before became crystal clear to me). I really think part of the mental shift comes from the physiological change in gut bacteria, at least in my case. I'm a totally different person than I was pre-surgery. I'm calmer, but I'm also more no nonsense. I like different activities and my confidence has gone up. I think that often, we don't realize just how much this surgery causes to change. It's not a magic bullet and it doesn't make everything all better, but there is a definite shift in perspective and reality, at least in my case. I don't really have any answers, but I do understand some of what you're struggling with. I say, have the higher standards (and I'm not talking just about what you're physically looking for in a mate, but in life in general). When you're taking care of yourself and not settling for less than what you deserve, you'll attract the right person.
  15. Welcome Debbie!