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  1. My program counted anything liquid at room temp towards the fluid goal so protein shakes definitely count. So does jello, Popsicles, etc
  2. Congratulations! And, fwiw, I hung onto my bridesmaid dress from my brother's wedding (from 15 years ago) for similar reasons. There's something magical about finally fitting into "normal" size clothes, so I say enjoy the victory and wear the jeans. From the pic, they look neutral enough that they can't be too out of date. Congrats again!
  3. Jen!!! You look incredible! And I agree with Cinwa, those are the best before & afters I've ever seen. Your attention to detail shows in the pics, but more than that, jeez what a transformation! What a difference six months makes. Congrats on your amazing progress!
  4. Congrats on (basically) reaching your goal! You look so happy and vibrant. What an awesome transformation.
  5. I found my trainer through word of mouth too. He doesn't talk to me about nutrition other than to occasionally remind me the more protein the better (and that's only if I bring it up). Come to think about it, he never comments on my food choices and we're constantly going out to eat and hanging out. I told him about my WLS the first time we met/hung out, so he knows and it comes up on occasion in our conversations, but again, definitely no advice or lectures about nutrition. Maybe having an auto-immune disease and a lot of food sensitivities makes him more aware of how varied our nutritional needs can be? I know I hit the jackpot in regards to finding a trainer. He's super knowledgeable & passionate about fitness, kind, good looking and a nerd (in his free time, he plays Dungeons & Dragons). He always takes my feedback seriously and is constantly adjusting our workouts to fit where I'm at and what my strengths/weaknesses are. He's literally one of my most favorite people ever and I doubt I'll ever switch to another trainer. That's probably not much help, but if you ever move to the central coast of California, I'm happy to share.
  6. Oh! And don't do just cardio. I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) twice a week plus hiking a couple times a week and Jiu Jitsu twice a week. The combo is way better than just straight cardio and if you're doing so strength training, it'll help reduce your muscle loss. Again, that's where a trainer can come in handy. They can create a program that'll fit where you're at now and help you move towards your goals. I know not everyone can afford a trainer, but if you can swing it, even for a little while, I think it would be well worth it.
  7. Ditto everything Stephtay said. While I definitely think you should join the gym and not worry about what other people think, I also realize that's way easier said than done. I'll be real- the majority of the time when I work out, it's just me & my personal trainer in the gym. And I like it that way. My Jiu Jitsu class is different, but it's a small group of guys and they're so excited that a girl (me) is in the class that I rarely feel self conscious. Obviously that's not realistic for most people, but I just say that so you know that I'm still self conscious about working out in front of other people. I feel like an uncoordinated idiot more often than not, but it's still so worth it. And remember, you don't necessarily have to be in a gym to work out. When I'm not with my boys in the gym, I'm out hiking. Do what you love because it makes it so much better. And, if you can, hire a hot (and knowledgeable) trainer because it's great motivation for those days when you don't want to work out. Superficial, yes, but my God, it really works (for me at least). Plus, if you have a trainer, it will help you get more comfortable using the equipment and just being in the gym in general. And congrats on the weight loss! Your doctor may not be impressed, but I am. Keep up the good work!
  8. Dude, there are so many times where I reply to things mentally and forget to click send, so no worries! Let me know if the Silagel works. I have the same concerns as you in regards to getting a breast lift & augmentation.
  9. Yeah, I would try cutting down carbs and seeing if you can kick your body into ketosis or at least jumpstart your weight loss again. The 7 lbs could be hormones, water weight, stress (which does raise cortisol levels, which in turn can hinder weight loss) or just your body trying to adjust to such a huge weight loss. Even if you just doing what you're doing, the stall will most likely break eventually. But if you don't want to wait, dropping your carbs really low could help you start losing again,
  10. Yes, you really are a beautiful writer. Please keep blogging.
  11. What are you eating? What does a typical day of eating look like for you?
  12. You don't have to take huge pills after surgery. I still take chewable multivitamins (specifically formulated for WLS patients) and they're good (I mean, as far as vitamins go). I think it's great to have concerns and address them, just don't let the fear of what it's very unlikely to happen scare you away from doing something that will, most likely, drastically improve your quality of life and health in countless ways.
  13. Welcome Jackie! I'll just say this- I had zero health problems before surgery. I was totally healthy other than being overweight and surgery was still the best thing I ever did. Even though I thought I was healthy before, I'm much healthier now. I promise you, no matter how healthy you think you are, that extra weight is taking a toll on your body. I never realized the amount of strain that extra weight put on my back, knees and feet. My quality of life is so much better. Now, I can easily sprint or climb a steep hill without getting winded. Things I didn't associate with my weight, like occasional migraines and mild depression are gone. I just got sick coincidentally. I had a cold then I got food poisoning. And it sucked. But no worse than pre-op. But no post-op complications for me. Just an amazing life that I wouldn't trade for anything.
  14. This just goes to show that different things work for different people. Some people weigh in daily (me), some people once a week (Tammy), some people once a month or less. Whatever helps keeps you on track and lessens you feeling discouraged. Don't let not seeing a change in the scale throw you off course Robin. If you keep doing what you're supposed to be doing, the scale will reflect it eventually.