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  1. My skin removal surgery is booked! I am so excited and nervous! :mellow:

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    2. BlueEyedGirl


      I am just hoping that it isn't too painful. I know it will be sore but I just hope I can handle it!

    3. Clickin


      To be honest, I've been accused of being stoic. I tend to not use a lot of pain meds after procedures. I did have lipo with my tummy tuck and it appears all my pain was due to that. I for sure felt beat up and bruised. But, it wasn't anywhere near the pain I was expecting. uncomfortable yes. I hate sleeping on my back and here I am two months out and still can't sleep on my tummy. Not because it's painful. It's just weird and uncomfortable, I can't explain it any better than that. 

    4. BlueEyedGirl


      All I am having is a panniculectomy. I think I am expecting the worst as I always do. I know from what I have heard it's more a soreness than anything. I know in the end it will be well worth it! I just need to stop freaking out and go into this positive!

  2. I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays! ^_^

  3. No meds yet so far. They did a Genesight test first and I have to wait to get that back.
  4. I sure will! I will be very careful and let them know what I want and do not want. Hopefully it will be successful!
  5. I was on a SSRI before surgery as well and I went off it cold turkey and have been off for about 8 years. We are going through some very hard trauma talking from my past. It is causing me a lot of depression and panic. My regular Dr doesn't want me on anything and my therapist has me seeing someone tomorrow in his department to see if they can get me on something to help with my post traumatic stress disorder. I am scared of the effects as well but i can't keep living like this. I am hoping whatever they can find for me will help. I really do trust my therapist as he has been so great!
  6. Yes I am up by duluth. It would be nice to meet others from Mn!
  7. It's so tough because it can just hit me so hard out of no where. I used to be on meds years ago and got off of them due to weight gain and bad side effects. This whole change in my body is messing with me. I hope meds will help because I am sooooo sick of feeling like this.
  8. I am set up to see a specialist in the area where my therapist works as well. I go in on Nov 10th. I am hoping they can find something that can help me out.
  9. Thanks so much! I will keep doing my best.
  10. No I am not on anything right now. I have an appointment on Nov 10th to see someone about meds. It's been hell and I am to the point where i can't function.
  11. Thank you! It really is like a death. I have to keep telling myself I am the same person just healthier. I hope in time it will pass.
  12. Thanks so much! It means a lot to me. My mind is still trying to catch up with all of the changes. I am working hard to accept who I am and be happy. It sure can be rough! It's nice to have support!
  13. Depression is hell and I feel like I am slowly losing myself. :(

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    2. BlueEyedGirl


      Hi. I am hanging in there. Trying to be positive. Hope you are doing well and thanks for checking! :)

    3. bellamoma


      hanging in is good :) keep me posted, hugs to you! 

    4. BlueEyedGirl
  14. I am one year out from my surgery and my depression is so bad. I have always had depression but since surgery it's been hard to deal with. I am working with a therapist and he helps me out a lot but I just can't seem to get past it. I am happy with my weight loss but when I look in the mirror all I see is the same girl who used to weight 400 lbs. I have an appointment with a doctor to discuss meds but I am scared of weight gain. Will I ever love myself and will this ever get better?
  15. If you feel something is wrong get checked out. I had one symptom and I had a leak. Not trying to scare you but you don't have to get a bunch of symptoms to have a leak. Better safe than sorry.