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  1. Thanks so much for the info! My quickest half was 3:27 so cutting an hour off of that would be absolutely amazing. Great job!
  2. I'm 262 days away from being able to schedule my surgery date. It absolutely cannot come fast enough. 

    Since January 1st I've lost 13 pounds, now sitting at 257. From what I understand if I go below 250 I will be below 40 BMI and then insurance may not okay the surgery, which in my opinion, is ridiculous--but it is what it is. So I have 7 more pounds to lose and then maintain that weight until December. Shouldn't be a problem with my trip to New Orleans coming up (aka my last sandwich hurrah), thanksgiving, and me going back to school in the fall. I can balance any indulgences out with my new good habits. It's a weird place to be in because now I'm finally in a good spot with going to the gym 3x a week, walking daily, and eating right, but I have to slow down those good habits just to get my surgery approved. -sigh-

    I'm feeling really good though, very confident and hopeful about what is to come. I just need time to fly on by.


  3. Hey Caspian! I am pre-op and have done a few half marathons, but have the same issue (can't break 13min/mile). Do you run long distances now? I'm concerned about having enough carbs/energy post-op to fuel a half or full marathon. How has running been since surgery?
  4. I looked into it too, and it doesn't seem great for bariatric patients, like most people said. Also I read a ton of reviews and studies on Soylent--and I don't know if they have fixed this--but apparently there was a decent amount of people who were having severe gastrointestinal pain with it. I think enough so that they had to either reformulate it or plan on doing so. Red flag for me. I would stick with a whole-food diet as much as possible and supplement with whey protein isolate shakes that are low carb/low sugar if you like. That's just my two cents though, personally I'm wary of anything that doesn't appear in nature and that's what I try to stick to.
  5. Wow! That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. Our brains are so crazy amazing.
  6. Today I have an appointment in my surgeon's office with the dietician/nutritionist. This will be the first time I've seen anyone there since I had to go from being 1 month away from surgery to waiting another year. I'm 10 months out now, and even though typing that out seems so far, not too long ago it was 14 months and it is flying by. I'm still trying to stay strong, keep to my gym schedule, eat right, and hope December comes quickly. 

    1. DaniLiz


      Forgive me if I've already read this. Why are you having to wait 1 year?

    2. amandr


      You're fine! In April 2016 I started the process and my insurance required a 6-month monitor period, psych eval, and letter of support from my doctor. I finished those 6 months in October but I got a job offer I could not turn down, so I took the job and got new insurance. New insurance did not accept what I had previously done and their requirements are 12 months of phone appointments with a nurse only (MUCH less rigorous than my previous insurance). 

  7. Gosh there's already a lot of great advice on here I don't know what more I could add. I'm not too much older than you (29) and I started looking into surgery when I was about 27. Heck yeah I wish I had a good job and insurance at 24 where I could afford the time off, the copays, and all that jazz. I also thought at 24, even though I was 320 pounds, that WLS was only for people who were ultra morbidly obese, and to me, even though I was in the morbidly obese BMI category, didn't think I was overweight enough to qualify. So I wasted 3 years exercising my butt off and yeah I lost weight, but it all came back--like it always did for me and many others who try it without the WLS tool. Caveat to this, I am still pre-op so I cannot speak to post-op experience yet, but I am definitely in the mindset and setting myself up for success now. So no, you are not too young. But seriously, seriously do your research, talk to doctors (both medical and psychological), and get yourself armed with information. Be honest with yourself. Let me say that again, be honest with yourself. Will you be able to commit to a lifestyle change of seismic proportions? Are you prepared to possibly change your relationship dynamics with people you love the most? If you are, then yes. Do it girl. Change your life! . This is my favorite WLS youtuber and she has a great video about being young and wanting WLS:
  8. Well, I mean, does anyone like it when you hide things from them? I don't think it's a specifically female thing. In relationships I am a huge proponent of honesty--it's always better to lay it all out than let it fester and wonder what will happen. Just don't make it a big thing. Next time you talk about food, health, whatever, just bring it up. The more you worry about it and the longer you wait, the worse it will become. She looks like she's a sweet person, I can't imagine that would be a deal breaker for her. That being said, congratulations! You look so happy! Hope everything continues to go well for you.
  9. Congratulations! It does go by quickly, just keep up the good work and don't get too hard on yourself if you aren't perfect. Just keep on going and reach out if you need support.
  10. Had my second phone "nurse" appointment for my insurance requirement yesterday. It was a little bit of an annoyance since I'm to the point where I want this to be over. One of the questions that I had to answer was "Why do you want to lose weight." and I know what she was getting at--but before I could answer she gave me some jumping off answers like "improved self-esteem, self-worth..." and I just HAD to stop her in her tracks because I cannot stand when normal-weight people, especially health professionals assume that just because I am obese I don't have self esteem. It's the most insulting thing I've been through so far and I cannot wait for that assumption to go away once I have surgery. 

    1. Aussie H

      Aussie H

      It isn't just "normal weight" people that make that assumption...many people assume that to be the case. Given this was a phone appointment, might have been talking to a nurse who was also obese.

    2. amandr


      That's true! I shouldn't make assumptions either! That is not the first time I've encountered that sentiment though, and it's easily the most hurtful for me. 

  11. Thanks for all of the suggestions!
  12. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and you'll be better in no time!
  13. Hey TTers, I'm a pre-op VSG patient and I've been trying to prepare myself for life after surgery. One thing I have been really concerned about with WLS post-op nutrition in general is that most of it (at least in the beginning) is chock-full of processed proteins, artificial sweeteners, bars, shakes, etc. I am really trying to eat clean and stay on a whole food diet. It's been helping me kick my sugar addiction and bad food in general. I have a lot of reservations about going from eating junk food to eating junk health food full of ingredients I cannot pronounce. Thankfully my nutritionist in my surgeon's office does take a whole-food approach and once I can eat solid foods again she has great recommendations. However I was wondering if any of you had any tips or suggestions on how to follow a clean eating diet in the first few months when you're on liquid stage and soft foods. What's your go-to for liquid/soft proteins that doesn't come from a package?
  14. Hard to get a full-length picture, but I'm wearing my new American eagle sweater over a red tunic-shirt and some black leggings. It's 60 degrees in Virginia even though we're expecting snow in two days.
  15. Siggi's is also my favorite yogurt/skyr. It's super thick and seldom goes over 10g sugar. Also as mentioned it has a higher protein content than most others. I do not care for most yogurts because they are either really high in sugar or have artificial sweeteners that I hate the taste of. Their flavors are genuine and works for a whole-food, limited ingredient, diet. They are expensive though, about $1.50 each, but I think it's worth it.