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  1. Polyphemus -- I hear ya. I'm still losing. Saw my PCP yesterday to ask what I could do, and she said eat nuts, oils etc. I said I already do! I asked if I should concentrate on building muscle and she said I would then need to take in more calories. This part of the struggle is a head case, honestly, since we have spent so much time learning how to eat healthy. Grrrrrr.
  2. Hi Dr. Gupta, I am about 1 year out from gastric bypass, and have reached my goal weight for the past 4 months. Unfortunately I was also just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 1 (invasive ductal carcinoma) in my left breast. Because of the WLS, the size of my breast is barely a B cup with lots of loose skin. The breast surgeon has said that the area to be taken out (2 inches) would severely impact the look of my breast if I went with a lumpectomy, and so she recommends I investigate a double mastectomy (for symetrical reasons). I meet with a plastic surgeon in about a week, but my question is about whether I would have enough loose skin/fat on my tummy or butt to do any of the reconstruction without implants. I know I have the skin, but I believe the fat is crucial as well, and I'm not sure I have enough of that left. Have you ever encountered this situation before with WLS patients and breast reconstruction after mastectomy? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  3. Thank you for the prompt response. Appreciate it!
  4. This is an interesting topic because I don't think we see it on the boards much. At my one year surgiversary (just a few weeks ago), my bariatric doctor actually told me to gain 10 lbs -- that I was looking way too skinny (size 2-4) for my frame, even though my BMI is in normal range. Since I already eat healthy fats (avocado, nuts, sour cream, etc), she said to add back in pasta, whole grains and bread. !!! I never thought I would ever hear that. So this Christmas week, I've been a bit more diligent about eating those (even though my pouch doesn't really like them), and I still lost 2 lbs!!! grrrrrrr! I guess I will just continue to monitor and see how it goes.
  5. Hm maybe I'll try ground turkey and see if that works.
  6. Congratulations! you look awesome!
  7. Jolls, Can you use canned chicken breast for the crust as well? I've only seen recipes for ground chicken.
  8. I hit my 9 month surgiversary yesterday and I'm very thankful that not only did I meet my goal last week, but I surpassed it! Now I'm very worried about maintenance. I have my 9 mo appointment with my doc tomorrow, and I will ask her, but what happens if I keep losing? Will my body stop at a certain point? I'm so used to eating the healthy way, and I even already eat healthy full fats like nuts, avocado, etc., so 'adding those' into my diet has already been accomplished. Do I need to worry about this? Thanks for any advice, Victorria
  9. Thank you everyone! Just as @WendyH mentioned above, my doc said to just keep doing what I'm doing -- that my body will stop at some point. In fact she chastised me for slacking on the exercise area (the back to school and kids' soccer practices/games have thrown me off) and said that my body's metabolism WILL bottom out at some point and I will start gaining the weight back if I don't exercise to keep it off. That totally scared me. So I need to start small again (just as I was doing in the Spring) by doing at least 10 minutes a day--walking, biking, whatever. And increase it from there. A good reminder to keep my head in the game here. PS: And it was nice to see an extra pound gone on her scale!!
  10. Well, I certainly didn't expect this to happen so soon. I am 8 months out and only 2 LBS (!!!!) away from *my* goal of 130 lbs. I'm pretty amazed at this process, honestly, and a little fearful for the future. I know that I will probably weigh less than 130 lbs in the next few months, but I don't want to go too far. I'm 5'2" so presently I'm at the high range of the 'normal' BMI now. I have been 120lbs before and I was WAY too skinny and looked unhealthy. Even now people are saying "don't lose too much" and "you look great but don't lose anymore". I have my next NUT/doc appointment in another month and my topic of conversation will be about maintenance. Is it too soon to start thinking about that? Everything I've read has people adding back in 'good fats' to maintain, such as nuts, avocado, cheese, etc. But these are foods I already eat--I've never gone the low-fat route on this journey as I believe good fats are essential to a healthy body. My normal blood work proves this to be true FOR ME. YMMV. Some things I've noticed at the 8 month mark: My appetite has not returned yet. There are times when I 'crave' certain foods, but I've not experienced hunger like I used to. I do notice when I have low blood sugar and need to eat, however. Same jitters as before. I cannot tolerate chicken or turkey. At all. I've tried at various times and I still feel as if it gets stuck at top of my pouch. This saddens me greatly as I feel most of the food choices and recipes center around chicken. For substitutions, I eat shrimp (probably more than I should), ground beef, regular beef steak, white fish, tuna, and pork is ok. I'm still not getting more than 900 calories a day. I try and try to add more, but I just can't do it. This worries me. I absolutely love the Premier Protein shakes and usually use it as creamer in my coffee every morning. (My fav is the new Banana flavor and Chocolate of course.) This also means I've been able to cut the Splenda and Half & Half that used to be the staple. I think it's a better substitute. While I haven't added any breads, pastas or rice in my diet at all, I have tried a few things: wheat thins with tuna salad, for example. Rice noodles with veggies and cod. When I was in Amsterdam a few weeks ago for work, I tried 1/2 slice of their brown bread (brod) with salted butter. (Yes, it was delicious.) But again, I notice that my pouch fills up quickly so I still tend to focus my meals on the protein first. My body is entirely different than it was when I weighed this over 15 years ago. My butt sags, as does my arms and tummy. And I wear clothing very differently--which has been eye-opener. Before when I would look for the right pair of jeans to fit my booty, now I fit into every size 8 I try on, as there is no booty left to stuff in!! :-) Second-hand stores are my friends. Goodwill has been a lifesaver, as has which sells nice used clothing for very cheap. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom, would be very glad to hear them!!!
  11. Today was my 6 month post-op doctor's visit. It was the first time I had seen Dr. Hamad since my ER visit in February. I have had regular check-ins with Nurse Judy, but I was anxious to hear what Dr. Hamad would say. I'm pleased to report that I am down 76 lbs from my heaviest! My BMI is 26.9 and my doctor says I'm doing great! When I asked her what she had in mind for my goal weight, she said they encourage us to be lower than a 25 BMI to be considered healthy. I asked her if my goal weight of 130 lbs was realistic (I'm 5'2"), and she said of course it is. But that my body would start to slow down losing weight as I get closer to its ultimate place. I asked her how do I 'maintain' once I'm there, and she said "well, it's just a matter of calories in and calories out at that point". Your tool does wonders but your new lifestyle is really the goal. She wanted to know what my exercise consisted of, what I was eating, if I was getting in my protein and water. I told her that chicken and I had a horrible relationship because every time I eat it, it gets stuck and I have to throw up. She sympathized but said I may never be able to eat chicken in the way I had before. That makes me sad since it is such a staple protein. AND I asked her if my hair loss will ever stop, and she assured me it would. "You won't go bald, I promise. And if you hadn't told me, I never would have noticed." That makes me feel better, but I really wish I could stop pulling handfuls of hair out of my brush every morning. All in all, feeling great and moving great (even with a bad arthritic knee). I will keep repeating it ad nauseum: best decision I ever made.
  12. It's been almost 13 weeks since my RNY on 12/11/2015, and I had my 3 month check-up with my doctor's office/NUT on Tuesday. I weighed in at 173, which is 50 lbs down from my highest weight. AND I was finally allowed to eat SALAD, and I've taken advantage of that. I had no idea how much I missed the crispiness of romaine lettuce. Sigh. It is the littlest things. The one thing that confused me was the summary that was given to me says I should be intaking about 1100-1400 calories a day. !?!?!? I'm barely making 800. I just cannot eat that much. I have no idea how I'm supposed to be low-fat, low-carb, high-protein when I have to hit that. I'm just too full after 2 oz of chicken, 1 oz of romaine and some cheese. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I don't use protein shake supplements as I'm able to get in 50-60g of protein per day through meals. If I do have a shake, it's a meal replacement because I'm running around and not wanting to stop somewhere. All in all, feeling the best I've felt in a LONG TIME. I'm getting enough sleep, the vitamins I'm taking seem to be giving me good energy and I have a pretty sunny outlook.
  13. I can eat chicken if it's in stew or soup, but the chicken straight from the grill is a no-go. I hope in a few years it is different. I agree with you about goal weight. I have a number in my head (130) and only 17 more pounds to get there. I have been less than that in my life but then I start getting the "are you alright" comments so I know that means I'm too skinny. I am honestly grateful that this tool works as long as you follow the rules.
  14. Annie, I'm right there with ya. I'm almost 4 months out (next week) and I've hit another stall. Gaaaaah! Getting the same amount of calories as you and exercising. It's so frustrating. Part of me thinks is this where I'll end up?? Even though I've lost 55 lbs, I still want to lose more. I don't want to settle on wearing Larges if I can get down to a Medium.
  15. Thanks Cinwa!
  16. So a friend from another group posted how she is making "choffee": basically grinding roasted cacao nibs and using a french press. If you like dark chocolate the taste is supposed to be amazing. I looked online and the nibs themselves are about 12g of fat for 1 oz. But you wouldn't necessarily be eating the nibs, you'd be pressing the essence of them. SO has anyone tried these? No caffeine (my doc would love that), no sugar, no dairy... Thoughts?
  17. I've been drinking some of those Lipton packets that you put in water that are iced tea/honey mix. Shhhh don't tell anyone. My NUT is really against caffeine big time, because they supposedly promote kidney stones (especially with all the protein intake). But my stomach has healed nicely and I've been able to tolerate more things so I may add this back in. I was never a big caffeine drinker anyway. I didn't like soda that much and my coffee intake was about 1 16-20 oz a day. Not a lot, in my opinion.
  18. Yep, I got the Greek - 12g of protein. Delicious.
  19. Wendy, I love cashews and totally forget to bring them to work with me as a snack. I've been hitting the low end of that calorie intake this week because I've been so upset about the stall. But I need to make sure I get them in. Thanks for the support.
  20. Funny that I found this thread tonight. I haven't found raspberry but tonight at Costco I was going to pick up my usual pack of Chobani and then I saw the 18-count Dannon Light and Fit with the flavors of peach, strawberry and blueberry. I was a bit surprised to see that they were both the same protein, but Dannon had fewer calories and WAY less carbs. I'm eating the strawberry now and it's delicious!!
  21. Just like a previous poster I too logged on today because I've been almost two weeks in a stall after losing steadily for the past 9 weeks. I am allllllmost at 40 lbs gone but cannot seem to get past that point. Wondering if different food choices or even an increase of calories might help? I usually get in between 600-800 calories a day. I make my protein goals, usually only with food, but sometimes do supplement with shakes when needed. And I drink enough water. Anything I can do or just wait it out?
  22. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you're better by now and that it was "just" a bug.
  23. I'm currently about 7 1/2 weeks out from gastric bypass, and I can say that I am finally feeling normal. I changed up my multi-vitamin (Eco Blast drink found at Costco), and my B12 (no more chewables, yuck) and my NUT wants me to get all my protein from food, not from supplements like shakes or powder. So I am doing ok in that department. What I wasn't prepared for was a combination of dehydration and allergies. I was only getting in about 48 oz of water a day, and even that was difficult. So one night about a week ago, nothing was sitting right--I was vomiting everything I tried to get down, including water. The next morning I thought it would be a good time to start over, try to get in a protein shake in the morning as a breakfast supplement, and then my tuna salad for lunch, cheese stick for snack, etc. I vomited all that up too and when I called my doctor's office, it was strongly encouraged that I get into the ER. I drove there and they started an IV right away and ordered a CT scan. CT scan looked clear but they admitted me overnight to make sure I could keep down clear foods. The doctor asked if my vomit had mucus in it, and I said yes it was always mucus-y, and she thought I should add Zyrtec to my daily regime as well. As soon as I took Zyrtec in the hospital everything started feeling better. I could keep food down. The doc said that often post-nasal drip cannot be processed well by pouches and so it sits there making it upset. Not a fun lesson to learn, but one I'm glad I caught early on.
  24. I haven't been on this forum much these past two weeks as I'm getting back to work after the surgery on Dec. 11 and the holidays. I hit my 4 wks out on Jan 8 and weighed myself that morning and found a 197 on the scale!! The first time I've seen the Onederland in over ten years. So that's a total of 26 lbs from my highest weight when starting this journey. I've been feeling alternately ok and weak. I get my protein in, and liquids, but I have absolutely no hunger so I have to push myself to eat my meals. I've found that a Premier Protein drink for breakfast is usually the easiest way for me to wake up. And I miss the taste of savory things so I made that delicious ricotta bake found on theworldaccordingtoeggface's blog and it was incredibly delicious. But the most I'm able to eat is about a 1/2 c of food and since I'm still in the pureed stage, that means lots of yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, hummus, etc. There is a pain in my right side, near a rib, and it's where the drain was. It hasn't gone away yet so the nurse recommended warm compresses/heating pad to help with the pain. I have my monthly follow-up appointment on Jan 11 so I'll have that checked out as well. Hope everyone's journey has been going great!
  25. Hi there, Just wanted to introduce myself -- I live in Pittsburgh and just got my surgery date for 12-11-2015 at Magee Women's hospital. Freaking out a little about the fact that it's getting closer and trying to do everything I can to get in the right mindset: eat more protein, chew foods slowly, drink water 30 min after eating.... I've elected to do RnY because of my GERD issues. Looking forward to learning from everyone here! Victorria