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  1. Still doing well--minor heartburn still lingers. No other complaints though!
  2. Awesome work! That's pretty badass, man.
  3. I'm not going to say you shouldn't---because it'll be great, but it won't be any better than using a bread pan. But you'll feel fancy!
  4. Niiice. Getting swol, brah!
  5. I use a family heirloom small cast-iron pan every morning for my eggs. I don't ever re-season it because I basically deep fry my eggs in butter so....yea, it stays seasoned just fine! I also have a large cast iron pan but I don't ever use it--if it slipped I'd shatter my glass stovetop. For cleaning I will hit it very quickly with hot water and, if needed, give it a quick scrub with this: If I don't immediately use it (and thus cover it with butter) I hit it with some cooking spray so it doesn't dry out. As long as you never use soap and it gets used regularly you shouldn't need to do a full re-season.
  6. Hey, Steph! Happy 2017!
  7. Yea, it's one of my favorites. I actually have three--a 2x my brother bought me a couple years ago, then a large and a medium I bought myself as replacements. Was wearing the medium in the picture.
  8. Thanks! Doing well--no complaints!
  9. Nice work, you look great!
  10. Not a lady, but my moods didn't really stabilize until I was close to goal and my weight loss slowed, then stopped. I wouldn't expect anything to get back to normal until things settle down. Not everything goes back to normal though...hormonal or psychological, I'm more aggressive than I used to be and that can make me an %!#%^(& sometimes.
  11. Happy Friday and happy New Year!
  12. You aren't the same person though--this *is* a big change. You aren't the same person you were on 9/10/2015 and a year from now you'll be a different you again. It's a big change--this is a positive one, though, so it's good! When you look in a mirror you're looking at a person no-one else sees anymore. We're often the last people to see ourselves change because we're in the middle of it. Once your weight stabilizes it usually helps your mood because of hormonal stuff getting sorted out. Losing weight is stressful on the body. Once things settle down you can have a great time getting to know yourself again. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised!
  13. Third snack update: It was tuna and pretzels. Mmm.
  14. Protein first, eat slow, don't graze between meals, don't drink before, during or after meals. Lots of people (me included) have done the five day pouch test when we need a reset--it works well!
  15. Welcome! Lots of beans. Eggs make things a lot easier but you can use protein powders instead. You'll probably need that kind of liquid supplement so you don't lose too much muscle mass as you shrink.