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  1. oh this was a fantastic read. good for you!!!! i was in a group text with my mom, brother and sis in law. my sis in law has previously said how offended she is by how everyone chases me around to ask me what size i am or how much i weigh or whatever. i mentioned in the text that I was out to eat with my sister. my brother replied, "what are you eating?" and my sis in law put on full snark and replied in all caps, 'YES, TELL US EVERYTHING YOU EAT". it was great.
  2. thanks to everyone. i cannot believe what a hard time i'm having. I found a career coach that i really loved and think she can truly help me but it's 2500 for her program and I don't have that at the moment. The limbo is very stressful to me. You all said things that struck me and are helpful- Tentative- newbies are welcome with me any time. Just bc you're new doesn't mean you don't have valuable input. Your empathy and thoughts are welcome. Res, thank you for sharing that you've not always followed the plan to the letter. It helps me to hear from those who have made missteps but have managed to get back on track. focusing on the future is great advice. Stephtay, thank you. I was feeling like I just messed up my one chance to stay thin and healthy. Your words helped me understand that we all mess up and need to focus on getting back on the horse again. The key here is I need to do other things to deal with my anxiety and depression besides eat. Eating inappropriately starts that pretty hate machine and it just spirals out of control for me, especially when sugar gets thrown in to the equation. It's like throwing fuel to the fire. Now I need to sugar detox on top of everything else. (PS, it started with one protein cookie. ended up being six in 4 days on top of just eating off plan completely) I'm not going anywhere. I'm not giving up. Thanks guys.
  3. I'm struggling, guys. I am. There. I said it. I am at a crossroads with my career/school decisions. I also foolishly tried to wean of my antidepressant. I decreased it by half over a week ago. Not a good idea, it seems. I feel the depression hitting me like a wall, especially since mine is much worse during PMS. I ordered some protein bars from GNC and they threw in a protein cookie. I ate it. I bought six more. I broke the seal. I lied to myself and said it's a protein cookie, it's ok. But just as I feared, I could not enjoy it in moderation. I eat the whole damn thing with the fury and desperation of an addict. I've been eating more often and larger quantities. I'm scared. I don't want to go back to being fat again. I tried the 5DPT and lost zero, and it didn't help me as much mentally this time. I know that what I'm going through career-wise is pulling me back into old habits, but i don't want to fall back. I have started my antidepressant back up to full strength as of last night. It will take a week or so to feel better, but in the meantime I need to recommit. Have you been through this? What helped you?
  4. Welcome to thinner times!
  5. other replies have said a lot of what I would, but i have to say that now i truly love the compliments. i will even say, "thanks, I FEEL great!". you will get there.
  6. Hi Jay. We are spirit animals. I have told a grand total of 5 people. I am just about 14 months post op. I don't plan on telling anyone else, and the truth is, the further out I get, the less of a thing it becomes. I've been at goal weight since October and close to goal since August. People are getting used to seeing me smaller. During active losing, you're going to get a lot of compliments and questions, some bonehead will ask you if you're sick, another dummy will say you're getting too thin. We are a nosy and curious people. Thankfully, we also lose interest pretty quickly. So you'll get all that feedback, but then once you're at goal for a while, it will calm down. people will get used to seeing the thinner you and will stop commenting and questioning. If you've decided to keep your WLS private, hang in there. Before you know it, no one will bat an eye anymore. ride it out, it'll pass. good luck!
  7. Trish! I've thought about you several times and hoped you were doing well. Welcome back! So happy to hear you are cancer free! Can't believe it's been a year already. time flies. that baby is delicious. love his name, too. he looks like a perfectly adorable reason to get your butt in gear. giterdone! xo
  8. Wow, beautiful pics, beautiful family. So very happy to see dad looking so strong! Xo
  9. WOW. you look AWESOME! congrats to you! i'm looking forward to post op plastics pics
  10. Aussie has the right idea about proactively educating yourself and seeking out the right support yourself. I had my surgery at a center of excellence where they do WLS in the thousands- i chose them because i knew my surgeon was experienced and would do a good job. Their pre-op and aftercare is lacking, in my opinion. I got 90% of my pre op education though this site and online research, including youtube videos. I read books as well. My post op support has largely been from TT. It makes all the difference to me. If i only relied on my surgeon's office, i may be up a creek without a paddle. Work this 6 month phase like you mean it!!!
  11. OMG a flat belly! so excellent. you must be beside yourself with a new hot bod! I'm so happy you were able to do this for yourself, and you discovered a health issue that can be prevented with treatment! win-win!!! keep healing! xo
  12. i was the same way immediately post op. it took me forever to get more than a few bites in of anything. people have asked me how i lost so fast and honestly i think that is a big part of it. everyone is different and some can tolerate heavier foods sooner than others. it's ok if you can't get much solid stuff in yet. make sure to stay hydrated and meet your protein goals the best you can. always try the solid first (a bite or two of chicken breast or whatever) and if that fills you, wait the 1/2 hour or 45 min and have a protein shake. it will get better, i promise!
  13. I didn't know you were getting this done! aw, congrats to you, i'm so jealous. you're a total inspiration. i'm so glad your clot was caught. that is very good news. are you on blood thinners for life? and congrats on the new fella! hope everything heals up really soon!
  14. welcome nocalove! it seems like forever and that the pre-op requirements can feel like a drag. I had to reschedule my surgery by a couple of months and i felt like i was going to burst from the wait. it will be here before you know it. plus the education is vital to your success. look around here, there's tons of info and things to learn. it's from this site that i learned my sleeve was not a magic fix and i'd have to work on maintaining my weight and keeping my food demons at bay for the rest of my life. that's huge. good luck!
  15. love a bright pink pant!