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  1. Welcome! ugh the liquid phase sucks, pure and simple. excuse my french but i'm right, right? it's so hard. after a few days you'll feel better. some say the first 3 days are the worst, some say the first week. It will get less terrible with time. Sometimes you have to take it a minute at a time! Try distracting yourself by reading, going for a walk, perusing thinner times, watching youtube videos about weight loss surgery (there are several people whose channels have documented their experience with WLS). My support group is an hour away on a good day- this is my only support group and it's a great one. Hope you stick around and ask any questions you have!
  2. It's not easy to "just stop" just like having WLS isn't the easy way out. It's so much more complicated than that. Please reach out for help. You can absolutely get to your goal without purging. I wish I could fly a banner about Depo-Provera. I have worked in women's health for many years and always counseled women that if they are prone to weight gain, look for another method of birth control. Too many women gain massive amounts of weight on that stuff, even though the drug company swears up and down that most women gain a max of 6lb. Not true. With depo, if you're prone to weight gain, don't do it. If you're prone to being skinny, don't- it won't help you put on weight. That's just how it is. Please reach out, there is a better way to get to your goal, I promise.
  3. I'm so happy to hear you've been approved!!!!!! You're that much closer to living the life you wanted! hooray!
  4. hi and welcome!
  5. yaay! good for you!!!!
  6. kt, i'm so sorry to hear you're still having issues, esp to the point that you're on TPN. That just plain sucks. I don't have any info about revision, i just wanted to say I hope you get answers soon and you start feeling better. hugs to you. xo
  7. yum! i'll have to try this, thanks so much for the recipe!
  8. also i'm just seeing this jabsie post. I think you posted it before but it still amazes me how much of a transformation you've undergone. good lord. you look fantastic and fit and i LOVE that smize you have going on in your after pic. good for you, i'm inspired!!!
  9. dude i used to have a j-lo level butt that is GONE. I have historically always been able to build muscle, maybe even a little too easily, but I haven't tried to start building any muscle back up yet. I really need to. I am truly shocked by my loss of gluteal muscle. I'm grateful to still have good biceps (under oh so much skin) and my quads are sort of ok. my hamstrings and glutes are a mess. I feel your pain. Be proud of what you're doing. It's awesome, and I'd bet my hat that it will start to pay off in the future.
  10. Hello and warm welcome to you! It gets better!
  11. WOW! Fantastic! Congrats, you must be so proud. Love that sass in the second pic!!!
  12. LOVE seeing posts from vets further out. Thank you for posting and congratulations on your long term success! It inspires me! Xo
  13. Wow!!! Awesome job! I. An definitely see it in your face. Keep up the good work!
  14. athena, wuuuut? I can't believe my pic inspired you. that is so sweet! i'm so glad you did post. it's so nice to put a face with a name.
  15. Athena I'm so happy to see a pic of your lovely face now! i was also told no rice or pasta, forever. I forgot about that. I do occasionally have rice or pasta, but not daily. Also was told toast only, no untoasted bread, because it soaks up liquid in your sleeve and expands? Gosh I forgot about all these little things. Generally speaking, I don't eat carby things very often, but do occasionally have rice or a single ravioli or something like that. I'm ok with that. Michael, I CANNOT with a surgeon saying no solid food till goal. I hope the patient simply misunderstood. That is setting a person up for failure. I won't even qualify my statements with an IMHO or "sorry". Nope. That's totally inappropriate advice and I hope that person gets a second opinion. Man. That's nuts.