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  1. Hello

    hello donna! wow, losing the regain is no easy feat. so happy you're here to join us and share your journey with us!
  2. Drinking with Meals

    @Jen581791 happy to help. it's strange to me that i'm now "further out", but i guess i am! in some ways i feel like a newbie and in others i feel like the big me was a lifetime ago. i am defintely still learning as I go, with the help of folks here who are even further out. I learned from others here that if it's not in your house, you can't eat it. we all have our achilles heel, i don't think there's any shame in recognizing that and removing the source of trouble. not only do my trigger foods have no real nutritional value, but some cause me to break other lifetime rules (like drinking while eating the pb pretzel nuggets). when i stand back and look at it, i see that it's that ugly cycle that can only lead to undoing the good the surgery has done for me. here's a pro tip for those who have not disclosed surgery to others- i always have a glass of water with a straw with my meal. sometimes i pretend to take a sip. then they don't start asking why you never drink with your meals.
  3. Day 1!

    ok i did NOT mean to "sad" react to your post. i am happy for you!
  4. Day 1!

    yay! i'm so happy to see you are safely post-op! sorry to hear you've had some bumps, it'll all be a fuzzy memory soon. buyer's remorse stinks but does pass. if it doesn't, be sure to reach out to your bariatric team. congrats and i'm so happy for you!
  5. Coming up on 6 months

    omg! wow! you are killing it! congrats and well done!
  6. Drinking with Meals

    the no drinking rule has become my normal. i have, on rare occasion, or if i'm just knowingly being naughty, had a sip of something after eating something salty. for example, pms rage peanut butter pretzel nuggets- i don't buy them anymore. but if i had a few of those, my mouth was so dry that i had to sip water. i don't eat them anymore so no more breaking that rule. it truly can become second nature with practice. if you had told me 2 years ago that i wouldn't eat sweets anymore and don't crave them anymore? i would have asked you how long you've been smoking crack. there was no way i would believe it. here i am, almost 2 years out- no sweets, no drinking with meals. you can do it. give yourself some time and take to heart the wise advice you've been given here! xo
  7. Hello

    To comfort you post tobacco quit weight gain, it is completely expected to gain 5-7 lb in the year following quitting. The reason? The damage done to your entire GI tract while smoking prevented you from absorbing all of your calories. As your GI tract heals, you start absorbing more calories. That, coupled with sometimes swapping snacks vs. a smoke can lead to bigger weight gain. I don't have a source to quote (yet) on this info, but i learned it when i was doing smoking cessation counseling as a nurse. TL;DR- good for you for kicking the smokes! you're going to be just fine. welcome!
  8. 12 hrs

    congrats michael! how are you doing?
  9. Bragging on my husband's ingenuity!!!

    that is the smartest thing i ever saw! you have a keeper there! what a sweetheart!!!!
  10. My sister died suddenly tonight

    what horrible news. I am SO sorry to hear of this. my sister and i are very close, i can't even imagine your pain. it is wonderful to know that she will live on in others through her generous donation. love and peace and comforting thoughts being sent your way. xoxo
  11. Hi y'all!

    hello and welcome! it's great to have you here!
  12. Weight loss and clothes.

    you can ask the tux place directly, but for sure you will weigh less than you weigh now. did you let the tux place know you will be losing a lot of weight before the wedding? brace yourself for an eye roll, they hear that all the time, but it's for real with you because of the surgery. you don't have to tell them about the surgery, but just be very firm that you will, for sure, weigh less in January!
  13. I threw them in the diaper pail.

    i totally and completely agree that there is a "physical loop", and in fact, there is plenty of research (which i am too lazy to find at the moment) that supports this. my sister brought over cannolis one day for my sons and i actually felt my brain light up when i saw them. i'm not even kidding. food is a tough drug that we need to survive.
  14. I threw them in the diaper pail.

    @Smashlee83, i believe it's helpful to talk about it all, even the most ugly stuff. it all ties together.....
  15. What Are You Wearing Today?

    OR we can all wear it on the same day and submit our pics! woohooo! hold on i still have to buy one!