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  1. Hello everyone, I have not done an update since probably the week after my surgery and wanted to give an update. I started out my journey at 266 and as of today I weight 184. Although 190 was my initial goal, I am now shooting for 175. Although I recently started lifting weights, not sure where I will end up...but overall I am happy. There are still nights that I think about the changes I made to my body by having RNY and it keeps me up...I don't like what I did for a second, But I like who I have become. Eating has become easy, although many times I still prefer a protein shake over solids. I still on occasion, feel sick and have thrown up maybe 3 times after eating some undesireable foods. My energy level has sky rocketed and my sleep apnea has gone away. I find myself waking up at 6 am without an alarm clock, so I just roll with it now...and that's my workout time. I take my vitamins religiously, and I have recently got a Perscription for 1 ml a week of b12 injections. I got it filled at cvs and inject myself once a week, I feel great! One thing I did not anticipate, are those that do not know what I did (I only told two people, my wife and my dad) asking or commenting that my diet is not healthy. Mind u I take in about 120-150 grams of protein, lift weights 4 days a week and do cardio 5-6. I even have the occasional sweets or my favorite, fudge icicle or 50/50 bars. My biggest weakness I had to give up because of dumping and that is ice cream...man I used to be able to put down a whole container in a night. Some people have mentioned my diet is extreme, others ask if I have cancer...but I know what is happening to my body is a result of what I had done... i hope everyone else on this journey is having a blessed time and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away! Take care
  2. Welcome, I was / still am in the same boat. I only told 2 people before the surgery and have yet to tell anyone else. I will say, that it is nice once you get past the first few months and you start feeling good about yourself
  3. Has anyone found a pre workout supplement that they like? I have been working out like crazy and am looking for a little extra something to push my workout to that next level
  4. Gas pain for me was really the only pain to contend with, do like others do and walk while in the hospital. I felt a lot better after walking. The nurses gave me pills for gas pain every 4 hours, which helped a ton!
  5. Believe me, I have been craving those too March 9 was my date, so tomorrow will be one week. I actually feel very good, outside the damn drain I have, I can drink all my water and a premier protein takes me a few minutes tops...
  6. It's getting better, tough when I have to cook for the kids and such...thanks for checking in
  7. Thanks everyone, it sure is tough sometimes
  8. Anything clear, no yogurt...this coupled with the pre op, is driving me nuts
  9. My doctor said I have to wait three weeks for puréed foods, but I have read and seen some YouTube video posts where people were on puréed foods within days...I'm dying for something else other than protein shakes
  10. I am 4 days post op and I have to say the evenings are the worst, head hunger and the "#%$ did I do?" Comes to mind. I eventually fall asleep, but this liquid thing is hard. It's amazing how my life circled around dinner and going out...I drank my first premier protein drink yesterday, which I was conflicted about. My post op instructions say clear liquids and protein, so I think I'm good...it's strange I can drink them pretty quick, but I get gassy...is this normal? Water takes me awhile...
  11. I'm out , just been a little rough 24 hours. I had a blood transfusion due to excessive bleeding, feeling like I am going to throw up...not to mention the gas pain. Trying to walk, but all I want to do is sleep. The first night was horrible for sleep
  12. Thank you everyone...still waiting...sitting here nervous sucks
  13. I'm on my way to the hospital...wish me luck :/
  14. Very cool, that u that replied. I read some articles that were saying otherwise, thank u