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  1. I took my iPad, iPhone, Chargers, a book, tooth brush and toothpaste. Never touched the book. I wore the same loose fitting clothes to and from the surgical center as well as a hat so I didn't have yo brush my hair. Wore the gown, slippers and compression stockings they provided while there. Had a private room in a 6 room surgical center so noise was not a problem. I was there less than 24 hours, including preop tests, surgery and recovery, so I could have shown up with nothing and been fine.
  2. Mega-stall?

    The best thing I Found for me for regular BMs is insoluble fiber. Most of the fiber supplements out there are soluble fiber, which can actually make constipation worse. I add ground flax seed and apple pectin fiber to my Greek yogurt. Kashi Go Lean cereal cereal contains 12g insoluble fiber per serving. This cereal is actually pretty high in protein, too, so a 1/2 serving Kashi with 4oz milk would give you 6g insoluble fiber and 10g protein. Until I figured out the fiber thing, Milk of Magnesia always worked well. I'd take some at bedtime and always had results in the morning. Did this 2-3 times/week if I wasn't going on my own.
  3. Ditto to stephtay and Jabsie. I dropped 12 pounds below my goal weight and stabilized there about 10 months postop. Maintained easily for a couple years. The last 6 months have definitely proven more difficult. My weight wants to creep up if I'm not super diligent. I'm spending more time at the top of my range rather than the bottom. lately my carb intake and cravings have increased so my goal this week is to knock out the cravings and get back to the bottom of my range with a few days of liquid protein. So yes, I can still lose 3 1/2 years out, it just takes a little more work.
  4. Mega-stall?

    You could stay off the scale and you'd never know you were in a stall. I weighed myself so infrequently, (like 5 times in the first 4 months) I wasnt even aware of a stall unless it lasted a month. But even during my longest stall, I dropped a whole pant size, so no complaints here. If the numbers are going to stress you out, try counting NSVs to measure your progress instead. Those are the things I remember anyways....the day my rings fit (and then started falling off), the day I bought single digit size jeans, the day I quit taking pain meds for my knees and ankles, being able to cross my legs under a table, sitting in the doctors office with normal BP, etc.
  5. Ever have one of these days?

    I sure do!
  6. Questions?!

    Fortunately I had a very easy recovery. I told the anesthesiologist I always wake up from anesthesia very nauseous, so he said he'd take care of it. Whatever he did worked like charm! No nausea and also no pain..... never needed any narcotics. I went shopping the day after surgery and sightseeing with more shopping the day after that. Walked at least 2 miles both days. Travelled via plane day 3, drove myself five hours in a snowstorm day 4, plowed the driveway and fed the dogs and horses when I got home. Finally Rested day 5 (it was Christmas Day), got a haircut and did a little work from home day 6 and was back to work full time day 7. My only postop issues were fatigued abdominal muscles (like I'd done a thousand sit-ups), a bloated belly so II couldn't wear jeans or sleep on my tummy for two weeks and making sure I sipped protein shakes and other fluids every waking moment so I could meet goals. Good luck to you!
  7. I don't own a scale, so I've just got a couple weights from those first few months. I lost 22 pounds on my 16 day preop diet so that was a huge jump start, but probably contributed to my initial "slow" postop rate of loss. Day 11 - 0 pounds lost 6 weeks - 17 pounds lost 14 weeks - 25 pounds lost. So altogether, I had lost 47 pounds approximately 16 weeks after starting my preop liquid diet. IMHO, setting aggressive goals (like 60 pounds in 3 months) may be inviting disappointment and frustration. You should concentrate more on eating healthy, meeting protein and fluid goals, and most impirtant of all....learning new coping mechanisms, establishing new habits and creating a sustainable weight loss/maintenance lifestyle. The pounds will take care of themselves and rate of loss has zero impact on your long term success.
  8. You can mix it up as soon as you wake up and sip on it while you are in the shower, getting dressed, driving to work, etc.. I usually took 2-3 hours to drink my protein shakes during those first few months. Had one in the morning and one in the afternoon, sipping on them in between appointments. At 24-32oz and 20-40g protein each, they made it easy to hit both goals and anything I drank or ate in addition was just bonus. Used a variety of powders and torani syrups to invent new flavors. Rarely had the same kind twice in the same week.
  9. Drink on your way to work. But like others, I mostly had protein shakes for breakfast so the whole eating/drinking 30 minute thing wasn't an issue. I also work 10-12 hours with no breaks so a formal lunch is out of the question. I simply sipped protein shakes and fluids in between appointments, maybe squeezing in a piece of string cheese and eventually nuts, jerky and protein bars for daytime snacks. I never get an actual sit down, formal meal until the evening. Been dong it like this for over 3 years.
  10. I've been eating quest bars for years and only recently discovered the Oh Yeah One bars. They are a little on the sweet side for me, but when I am in the mood for something over the dge sweet, I really like the peanut butter pie, chocolate chip cookie dough and the seasonal pumpkin pie was really yummy!
  11. I went back to work after 7 days. I am a veterinary technician and work 10-12 hours/day on my feet, bending, lifting, squatting, kneeling, etc.. I had to limit my duties to accommodate my 20 pound lifting restriction for 3 weeks, and was pretty tired when I'd get home, but other than that I had no problems. Kept a good supply of protein shakes and other fluids at work to sip in between appointments since I was on liquids only for the first 18 days. I had wanted to take two weeks, but we got super busy and actually felt fine to go back to work (being a couch potato, binge watching Netflix for a whole week would have been fun, though ). I am also partners in the clinic, so no PTO, FMLA, etc for work = no pay and due to scheduling my surgery to correspond with the weekend and Christmas, I actually only missed 3 days of work.
  12. Quotes To Live By!

    Re: Quote of the Day!
  13. A week and a half out stall

    If you are getting in all your water, protein and vitamins then you are dong fine. I weighed exactly the same on day 11 as I did on surgery day. Don't know if I stalled at 3 weeks or not because I Didn't step on a scale again until I was 6 weeks out. please don't use the scale to judge your progress and definitely don't let it control your mood or motivation. Feel free to toss it in the back of your closet. Hell, I lost over 100% of my excess weight and I don't even OWN a scale! Just stick with the program and keep track of NSVs....after all, they are the reasons we had surgery.
  14. Yes, based on your gallbladder surgery, my VSG was much easier. No postop pain or nausea. I was discharged about 16 hours postop and went shopping and sightseeing. Never needed pain meds and was back at work on the 7th day. However, I had my gallbladder and 14 stones removed almost 2 years after my VSG and that surgery was even easier. Discharged 2 hours after waking up, stopped at the grocery store on my way home and then went home and cleaned the house (the oxycodone they gave me right before they sent me home made me WIRED ) I was tired the next day but felt totally normal the following day. Never took any of the pain Meds they prescribed. Sorry your gallbladder surgery was so tough. Hopefully your VSG will be more like mine. (Course I am a girl )
  15. I had my VSG in Mexico. I talked to the anesthesiologist prior to surgery and let him know I'd had issues with extreme nausea when waking up from anesthesia in the past. I had surgery around 3pm, was back in my room (but still very sleepy) by 5pm and then re-awoke around 9pm. I emailed and Facetimed with family at that point, watched TV and walked the halls most of the night and luckily experienced no pain and no nausea. Discharged and went shopping at 9am the next morning. Never had to take any pain meds and was back at work on day 7 postop. In fact, I had such an easy recovery I got a copy of the anesthetic protocol they used so I can provide it to future anesthesiologists. My job is very active, requires a lot of lifting and I have horses to take care of, so prior to surgery I was actually quite fit, despite my size. I also used a spirometer pre and postop to help with my breathing and lung capacity. Postop I was as active as possible...walked 2 miles the day after surgery, traveled via plane and car days 3 and 4 and had chores to take care of the moment I got home. Don't know if any of this helped with the pain or not, but for whatever reason, I had no pain at all....just some fatigue in my abdominal muscles. hopefully you have just as easy of a recovery.