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  1. Simple schedule breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vitamins usually started at 7am I set calendars to remind me
  2. That doesn't sound like a friend. Tell her straight up to knock it off, I've removed toxic people from my life and didn't look back. This is about you and your journey . A journey that benefits you, your husband and children too with a happy, healthy mom. Too many things to be grateful for without dealing with sourpuss people. Move on if she can't respect boundaries. And congratulations keep up the good work
  3. Great news. Congratulations.
  4. Absolutely!!!
  5. Wow. Still not at goal but getting there. Started exercising again so maybe that did it.
  6. Jolls, you are an inspiration to so many, and full of real life, knock you on the butt advice (thank you for no sugarcoated responses). You have this and you know it, move yourself out of the way as you have suggested so many times before. Stop, re-evaluate, regroup and move forward. Repeat until you get where you want to be. New year, new(er) you. You can do it....I believe that 100%. I haven't posted as much, and I can see that without the support here, some old habits have reappeared. *sigh*
  7. Happy for you. Congratulations, healing vibes to you
  8. Thank you all for the response...lots to consider. Yes happy to be healthy, happy to have lost, I guess I'm embarrassed because it is so noticeable to me. Not ready for plastics yet until I get to goal but saving money now a little at a time.
  9. Seriously.. I have a turkey neck now. Suggestion??? Can't wear turtlenecks everyday !
  10. I still can't tolerate salad and I actually miss it.
  11. Awesome keep up the good work.
  12. It's the lack of fat you are taking in. My skin was a mess until,I figured it out. I am allergic to seafood so no fish oil for me. Once I got the all clear I added some avocado and a bit of oil to my food . Almost instant improvement.
  13. It just hurts!! Not enough space for both. I tried it and it just hurt. I avoid it.
  14. Mmmmmm lots to think about. I'm trying to take the good with it, but I just want to scream!!!!! Thanks for,the feedback
  15. Ok I need to vent. I have spent the last year getting to know this new little tummy. I've lost weight and plowing toward maintenance . I'm so tired of people's jaws dropping or the loud embarrassing "OMG" look at on so forth. really? Why do people still think it's appropriate to make comments. No one would dared have told me how fat my butt was before but feel so free to embarrass me in he middle of a busy hallway. i can't be by myself. Sigh thankful for everyday, but I'm over it when does the madness stop?