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    I'm an IT guy, so gadgets and electronics to a certain extent. I play the piano. I'm raising 5 kids, ages 2 yo to 12 yo.
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  1. Go here and change it to something else- http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/settings/username/ Edit- I see you say you already tried. Maybe @cinwa can do it for you...
  2. For every time you've been temped to quit, throw in the towel, or just afraid to cross the line....
  3. @Res Ipsa has linked to, I think, the dietary outline from his program. It was quite good. Hopefully he does it here again...
  4. Karen (another member and sleever) said she didn't lose anything for the first 6 weeks! Of course she lost it all eventually...
  5. Which are....?
  6. You have a great smile!
  7. I got the flu a few months ago and developed pneumonia at the same time, and the antibiotics this time around really did a number on my gut. It was a really odd situation. Anyways, usually gas is something that is not digesting very well, and for me it was every single thing I ate. I started a probiotic (http://amazon.com/dp/B002S1U7RU ) and am now taking it twice a day. But far and away the most helpful thing was I started taking a digestive enzyme (http://amazon.com/dp/B0013OXKHC) before everything I eat, usually 3 or 4 capsules. The enzyme has eliminated about 90% of the "issue". It is amazing stuff. You should be able to find something very similar at your local health store. I hope it helps!
  8. What's the FB version?
  9. My wife said to check out Trim Healthy Mama' s nursing and breastfeeding FB group- https://www.facebook.com/groups/THMPregnantNursing/ THM is a very low-carb and healthy eating lifestyle, and many of the concepts easily apply to the post- WLS diet. Hope it helps!
  10. I like the lack of hair also!
  11. Yogurt freezes really well. Even if the grocery store won't stock it "normally" anymore, maybe they'd order you several flats, and you could have a couple months' supply in the freezer.
  12. DUDE. Incredible.
  13. Dude that is beyond awesome. You're an inspiration.
  14. To go the first unread in a topic, click on the dot or star immediately to the left of the topic name. It looks like a bullet on a bulleted list. It will be a star if you have posted in that thread.
  15. Wow that is extremely cool, so happy for you!