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  1. Hi Trish, are you not already drinking protein shakes to help bolster your protein count? Just curious....
  2. I'm with Gretta, I don't see this as a setback either. If you need this Dr. to refer you or whatever for bariatric surgery, then this is HIS (or her) interview, not yours. You'll want someone who is happy with the idea of your WLS pursuit and will be happy supporting you post-op. If it's not a good fit, then move on to someone else. It will be fine. Deep breath. :-)
  3. Is there any way you push for this with another doctor or provider? Find someone who will do it for you? I have a good friend, who has to routinely go in for iron IV infusions, every three or four months. She looks forward to it lol, it's her "mommy alone time" she says. Shows up with a coffee and good book and settles in for a couple hours or whatever... I very much hope this gets resolved for you soon!
  4. I was thinking about you yesterday because I wallowed on my own problems and upcoming "inconveniences" for about 10 seconds, when you popped into my mind. I want you to know that you are so strong. I'm sure life sucks at the moment and you have every right to feel cheated and resentful. I've not seen many people on this forum that have had to endure what you have had to. But don't lose sight of the fact that this will all be a distant memory at some point! And whine away!! You are among people here who well know what setbacks and frustrations feel like! I've yet to find another group of people quite like it. "The plan for your life far exceeds the circumstances of today". Hang in there!
  5. I felt the same way as you mentioned in your post. I've picked out a trainer in my area that has great word-of-mouth recommendations, and plan to use him for a few months, after surgery.
  6. Oooh I love reading recommendations, I'll check it out, thanks!
  7. Go ahead and tell me I'm wearing a tinfoil hat, I don't care. But I absolutely believe that there are things in the foods nowadays that not only makes them addictive, but also extra fattening. I think processed foods use chemicals and substances to make flavors and tastes that just aren't possible in nature. If you were to look at a diet from the 1800's, where all you had to work with was animal protein and vegetables and fruits straight from the fields, along with spices and seasonings, I bet that the food would definitely be tasty, but maybe in a lot of times bland by today's standards. I do believe that there is a sizable (no pun intended) part of the population that is more psychologically susceptible to the addictive affects of these intense flavors- Doritos, ultra-goey chunky ice creams, certain foods at restaurants that you'd never be able to quite reproduce at home. Anyways I digress... http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obesity-becomes-worldwide-epidemic-us-is-the-fattest/article/2629712
  8. Hey Trish :-) My liver has shrunk a little since my last ultrasound at the end of May, but not a lot. She said that was to be expected from a diabetic liver though. Normal livers will shrink a centimeter or two, mine was 5 mm. This was in spite of a more-liquid-than-not diet the last month. We made a plan though for moving on, and I'm going to start calling my PCP's office to try to get in to see him before Aug 9. Based on when that happens, I'll start full liquids. I'm sure I'll be on liquids only for at least 3 weeks, and while I'm not thrilled about it, I've no doubt I'll be ok. As of this morning I'm at 244, and have lost 31 lbs since I started the plan in Feb. It really has only been the last few pounds though that the weight loss has been noticeable, as far as how my clothes fit etc, and so that alone is now really bolstering my motivation-- that I can finally see some results. I'll let you all know when I get in to my PCP. My surgeon said "tell him not to make you wait for anything flowery, and to just write on a prescription pad 'cleared for surgery' and that will be fine" lol.
  9. Welcome, and congrats on your surgery! Now is the time to re-dedicate yourself to following the plan completely, and consistent weight loss will soon follow! :-) Consistently drinking something highly sugary like Coke is sure to slow or stop your weight loss. I sympathize with you a bit, I used to love Coke Zero. But I know it will sabotage my weight loss after surgery and I gave up all soda. Best wishes to you!
  10. Welcome! What surgery are you considering, or do you know yet?
  11. I think it's more that you lose the padding in that in that area, so you become more of a show-er. Turtle coming out of the shell...
  12. Julie, about how many times a day do you eat?
  13. Ok. I didn't know if an enlarged heart was something that was reversed in any way by weight loss. Congrats to you on your Miracle status. May we all be so lucky :-)
  14. Welcome! I second @Gretta's advice, think low-carb for now, since that way of eating is the most compatible to successfully keeping weight off post-surgery. If you need to get your 16 lbs off quickly, then for the time being, drop all liquids except water or flavored water etc., and get as much in as you can in a day. Like, at least 2 or 3 liters. I can easily drink over a gallon a day right now, 1L water bottle refilled. Keep your carbs under 30g a day, and you'll have to read the labels for everything. Use MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone to track your totals. No need to pay for premium, just turn the phone sideways and it will show you your totals for the day. Google for some guides to low-carb eating if you're not familiar with it. Keeping your intake around 30g or less and keeping yourself flushed with plenty of water will generally net you a 2-3 lb loss per week. Keep in mind though, eating low-carb to "lose" is a lot more restrictive than eating to "maintain". Some days you will just have to white-knuckle your way through it. And last, don't forget that your head and "head hunger" is usually the biggest issue with our overweight.
  15. Awesome story about your dedication to making a positive change! Will the weight loss help to improve the condition with your heart? Or is the condition permanent?