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  1. You can take children's liquid Allegra, if you want, until you get to the point where you're comfortable with the pills. The liquid is dosed for adults as well. Go to their website first and get some coupons for it :-)
  2. Probably worrying for nothing. Frequent low-carb dieters, especially readers of Dr. Atkins' book (creator of the Atkins/ original low-carb diet) will note that as stated above, ketones simply indicate that your body is burning its fat reserves for energy, and not carbs. When you start a low carb diet, it takes around 3 days for your body to use up its stored supply of carb energy. At that point, it has to begin consuming fat for its energy needs. I bought some ketones test strips so that I would know for sure when I entered ketosis, and that my body was now burning fat and had used up all of its carb stores. Like Cinwa said, in any other case, it would normally be a cause for concern. In YOUR case, it means your pouch is working and that you are doing fabulous
  3. @Jen581791, something close?? -- http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/824138
  4. 45

    HA HA HA sometimes you surprise me :-)
  5. 45

    Thanks so much for this encouragement, I really needed to hear it. I am feeling so good to be 50 lbs down now. I helped my buddy move yesterday!! That hasn't happened in, well decades. It was hard work too! That thought does come about not needing the surgery, but I don't take it seriously any more, and vanish it pretty quickly. My one successful WLS role model that I know "in real life" got hers done while hubby was in the military and her finish time also was somewhere around 14 months. So I definitely salute your fortitude and have no room for whining myself :-).
  6. Did someone specifically tell you to eat that much?
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    I think the date already is. I had a little shrinking left to go to make her happy, and she told me to start reading her "one month before surgery" materials. She said she'd get back with me to schedule a date and that call hasn't come yet. But my insurance approval letter said the approval was good as of Oct 9. I called the insurance company and asked them what was up with this date, and they said that's the date the surgeon's office specified. The surgeon's routine is pre-surgery labs ets on Monday and surgery on Tues. I'm pretty sure it will be Oct 10.
  8. 8 Months, wow! Even more so hero status with me now!
  9. IT guy for a great company! 17 years now. I am the IT-everything for about 60 people, and the company is extremely diverse. We are heavily involved in aviation- one division is a 5-star FBO/private terminal, another handles most of the fueling on our airport for the major airlines. We are logistics experts for anything having to do with the deep cold, and we have dedicated facilities that get used every year, by every major name in the aviation and automobile industries, for cold-weather testing. Companies bring their planes, cars, prototype planes and cars, tires, brake fluid, engines, on and on, to test them in the cold temps of our region. We routinely get to -40F or colder every Jan and Feb. I provide expert-level IT support to our users, manage a small server building, and take care of the various warm- and cold-weather projects that come and go. I truly am blessed with a job that I love going to every day.
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    I'm doing well. Still slowly losing. 231 yesterday. I did talk to the insurance company a few days ago and asked them about switching surgeons- how much drama would be involved etc. Since I had already met my insurance requirements and the insurance co had already signed off on the surgery etc., I assumed (hoped??) that I could just waltz into another surgeon's office with my folder full of documents and be scheduled right away :-). But not that easy, they said. And anyways, at this point it's hardly worth the effort when I'm realistically only a month or so out from surgery anyways. One other person on this forum has used my surgeon and when I was researching surgeons, I contacted the user to ask for her feedback, but never heard anything from her. If I had it to do over, I would definitely pick a different surgeon. This one is just super obsessed with having *everything* in absolutely perfect form before surgery- low weight, perfect liver size etc. I saw a guy post on her FB group the other day that he had lost 111 lbs in preparation for surgery!!! That blows my mind. But I'm also expecting a pretty easy recovery thanks to my much-diminished form. And once you get into the groove, being on liquids isn't so bad. It's not even the "not eating" part that makes it annoying, it's the disruption to normal life where eating and other people are concerned- I don't hang out at the family table during meal times. I don't go to business-related meals etc right now. That kind of stuff. But this too shall pass. Another month I think. I'm done rambling...
  11. Ha ha thanks for the compliment :-) but it's been liquids for about 6 weeks now, probably 6 more to go. I was on lean meats and veggies since Feb, liquids since mid July or so. If it had been 6 months I'd be skinny as a board like @tmcgee!
  12. Give me a few months....
  13. You should be able to get a hard-copy, real, printed on paper booklet from your HR department or your insurance company, listing your benefits. In that booklet it will say whether bariatric surgery is covered and also what the requirements are from the insurance company to get it. Whatever that booklet says is pretty much gospel. The 6-month supervised diet sounds MUCH more common to me than the 5 years of history. Let us know what happens!
  14. I learned from @Stephtay "what you eat today, you will crave tomorrow" and oh man is it true! Some things the last many months I've just had to insist that my family not even bring into the house! Halo Top is one. It is so good!
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    Thanks Steph! Well, I readily admit to being a rebellious adult once or twice the last many weeks. Glad you're back from vacation. Thanks so much Lois! Ha ha Thanks Trish. Maybe not so much "focus", as much as trying very hard not to appear whiny to my surgeon with complaints of "I can't do it!" etc. You've been doing fantastic, too! Thanks Jen :-) I'm sure I'll have sage advice for someone else that's in my shoes some day!