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  1. Surgery moved up!

    @Lauraw96 What Trish said is largely true. I brought my Kindle reader with me and did get to use it a fair amount, but between snoozing and walking, there really isn't a ton of time that you have to kill.
  2. I'm a few days ahead of you. Just do what you can, when you can. Like Cinwa said, even just some extra laps around your house, up and down the hall, etc. It will come, but we're healing right now. The point is to just not get lazy and do nothing. I know how you fell though. I am tired every day. Yesterday was my first day back to work. It is mostly a desk job but I do visit some other sites nearby. I went home in the early afternoon and was spent!
  3. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    @Gretta The thumb drive you gave me with the workout music is a-maaaaazing :-) Excellent mix. You could DJ in your spare time probably....
  4. Stressed!

    Agreed, some of the things @Cynrey listed sound very much like issues caused by the band, especially the esophageal perforation. @Cynrey: If you've not done good research on the hospital and your surgeon, start doing so, now. I think anyone would have hesitation after witnessing what you have. Cases like this certainly are the minority though. In the end, look at the list of reasons why you need and want this procedure. There's nothing wrong with reevaluating your decision and see where it lands you.
  5. I had part of a scrambled egg. Easy, heavily peppered. It was tasty.
  6. Almost there....

    Congrats, I'm so happy for you!! I didn't care about not being able to participate in this Thanksgiving's eating, either. It's such a small thing compared to the lifetime ahead!
  7. Vent

    I agree with Zen_Steph above. And even if you (and the insurance company) ARE wrong about something, at least you'll be denied, provided a reason why, and can then fix the issue. Like Stephtay said, they in the surgery business. Get a hold of as many people as you can and just really ring some bells.
  8. Post Surgery Plateau

    HI, what @BurgundyBoy said above is correct, at this stage and so early out, carbs are just as important to watch. The bananas and potatoes possibly sound like a bit much right now, sugar and carb wise. Did your team give you a specific manual or diet plan that you were supposed to follow? A stall at the 2-4 week mark is typical though.
  9. Mclaren heath advantage

    Mine was also denied. But, I knew that I qualified in every way, according to their list of requirements. I called them the next day, and had the reversal the day after that. I truly think that often times, insurance companies deny EVERYthing initially.
  10. Met my first TT celebrity today!

    @Gretta, thanks so much for meeting us! It was really great to meet you and your hubby. AND thank you for bringing me the Cough Buddy pillow/ moose, it was truly on my list of things that I needed. It has been so helpful! Also I'll just tell you all that this lady is COOL-- she also brought me a USB thumb drive filled with workout music, including 80's and disco! I love 80's music :-) It was a nice time all around!
  11. You definitely want to stay ahead on your pain meds. Don't wait until the pain is a 7 etc., instead you want the pain meds as soon as you notice the pain is increasing.
  12. Need thoughts and prayers!

    Got the catheter out today, all is well :-)
  13. Day 1!

    I definitely have a huge appreciation for them now. I was practically pain-free the whole time. Dr Ellner (my surgeon) said that her own mother had to have surgery some months back, and Dr Ellner called her mom's surgeon and asked him if he used them. He said not a lot. Dr Ellner asked him to please use them on her mom, and she would pay out of her own pocket for any charges related to them not covered by her mom's insurance. I can see why now.
  14. Day 1!

    No remorse at all :-)
  15. Day 1!

    I find that weird as well. You need protein to heal. Those people who told you that were whacked. Of course it was the anesthesia. Some part of you (like my bladder) was still asleep which caused the vertigo, for sure. But no doubt where it came from.