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  1. Respect to you for your perseverance! Great work.
  2. Spend some time and read through some of the posts in this forum. You will see that the Band is not well regarded! It has a very high rate of complications and ultimately, can be fairly ineffective. I highly recommend you do the research. No procedure is without its own issues,
  3. You really should write a post with details of your surgery experience. Title it "My Mexico surgery experience" or something, so that people searching for Mexico info will find it. I myself was researching it hard, for a little while I was pretty sure that was the only route available to me. Info from someone like you about your experience, no doubt would have helped me a lot :-)
  4. One of the biggest benefits of gastric bypass is that it normalizes blood sugar. "Almost instantly" for the majority of patients. Most leave the hospital with instructions to not take their diabetes meds any more because they don't need them. It's one of the main reasons that I am having the procedure.
  5. Have you mentioned this to your surgeon?
  6. I had a Dr once that prescribed phentermine for me.You can only take it for 3 or 4 months before you have to quit and have some time before starting again. Let me tell you though, while I was on it, I just simply didn't think about food. Ever. I had to remember to eat. It was SO awesome to not think about food or eating!! It was without a doubt one of the best times of my life.
  7. You should change your stats in your profile-- your surgery type is set to sleeve :-)
  8. Which operation did you have- sleeve, or RNY?
  9. Type 1 or type 2 diabetes?
  10. Most of the water "flavor enhancers' use sucralose. I've successfully eliminated all my carbonated drinks now, and get in 3-4 Camelbak 1L Eddy bottles a day. I do go easy on the enhancers, but that's what keeps me drinking so well.
  11. Also maybe she is approaching from the viewpoint of, since you'll likely be off all diabetes meds shortly after surgery anyways, what's the point now of making dietary changes that would require you to have to adjust meds. Like, maybe she knows once you drop those carbs your blood sugar will drop as well, and meds will need adjusting. So maybe she's thinking, why deal with that. That's the only thing I can come up with. One thing you'll learn on this forum, people get some whacked advice from all over the medical spectrum :-) Good luck my friend.
  12. Wow, I don't want to sound harsh, I am rather judgmental by nature an am trying to work on that :-) But you should find a new NUT lol. A low-carb diet is the preferred diet for T2 diabetics. No faster, better way to get control of your sugars than low-carb. So for this NUT to tell you to ADD carbs (sugar/glucose!!) to your diabetes (sugar/glucose problem!) makes no sense whatsoever. Most Type 2 diabetics can "cure" their diabetes, simply by adopting a consistent low-carb/high protein diet with exercise. Try limiting your carbs to 40 for a few days and see what happens. Then a few more, until you're losing satisfactorily. If you are on meds though, you will probably get to the point where you have to decrease your diabetes meds, because your diabetes will respond so well. My two cents anyways.
  13. I honestly had never considered that this would be the case, lol. I've spent so many years on now avoiding sugar and using substitutes. But I think you're right.
  14. Did they tell you how much you have to lose? I'm right there with you, I'm in month 3 of my 6 mo program. "Lean meats and veggies only.' I have been fairly successful at sticking to the requirements, but am only down about 8 lbs. Like you, my blood sugars have been fantastic. The purpose of the 6-mo diet is to shrink your liver, if you didn't know. I wan't given a set number of pounds to lose, she just wants my liver as shrunken as I can get it by surgery day. I would think it would be difficult to lose too much while still taking in carbs. I did the Atkins diet for the first time over twenty years ago, when no one had heard of him yet, and "low carb" was crazy talk. And many times since. I've learned that I simply don't lose very well, unless I'm consistently under 20 carbs a day. Some people have a higher tolerance though. I would say give it a little time and see what happens by the end of month 2 :-)
  15. Shop around for a different brand. Not all are the same, as far as how they're processed or extracted.