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  1. I do agree. I want them to comply so badly but some just won't. The hardest 2 for me to watch were the 2 brothers. My heart ached for the guy taken to Texas and left there alone but also to have a pain killer addiction. The entire family is messed up. The show motivates me, even though I was never that large, I could have been and I never want to be there! I'm enjoying the update shows now
  2. Wanted to post an update. I had my body fat tested with one of those handheld devices. Knowing they aren't 100% accurate, I have had it done several times over the course of 2 years. My BF% keeps decreasing, but this last time blew me away. Since August of 2016 I have increased my lean body mass by 17lbs and decreased my body fat by 10.4lbs. I was so happy because I was told that I'm only 14lbs from the higher end of normal based on the lean body mass I have. If I had the plastic surgery I want I bet I'd be 7-10lbs lighter. I'll keep at it...I will get there.
  3. I love the show. Last week I got home from work late, just in time for the show. I decided to put my nightgown on, which I never do to watch TV. So there I sit, loafing on the couch as they show the subject of the show in the hospital wearing none other than the nightgown I was wearing!!! LOL I laughed my a$$ off. It isn't the first time I've seen these women wearing shirts or nightgowns that I have....we all shop at Woman Within! LOL
  4. Thanks everyone. I've been keeping track of what I'm eating, it's usually 1200 to 1300 calories a day. I get between 60 and 100 grams of protein daily. Most carbs come from fruit. I have 1 to 2 a day. I rarely have bread, should say almost never and I don't eat pasta. Racheal - thanks for your thoughts! I'll just have to figure this out. I know I can lose this...I've never had an easy time losing weight. I fight for every pound, unfortunately. Thanks again everyone!
  5. I was searching my posts. Found one from May 2016 stating I've been stuck. Here I am, March 23rd almost a year later...still stuck. I am not struggling with eating bad food. I actually eat very healthy, get my protein in and I exercise 5-6 days a week. When my mother died over Christmas '16 I had a jump of 5lbs and I can't get rid of it. My ticker here says 231, today I'm 241 I never even ate a christmas cookie over the holidays! It's quite discouraging. I decided to start tracking WW points. Nothing is helping. The only thing I do a lot of is lifting weights. I lift barbells doing bench press, deadlifts, squats...all that stuff. I have toned quite well, I've gotten very strong. I leg pressed 430lbs yesterday! A year ago it was 220. I don't want to stop lifting but I stopped losing weight as soon as I started lifting. I can't help but think the 2 are related. Anyone have any suggestions. I can't imagine cutting my calories under 1,000. I feel weak with the exercise I do, but upping them seem counter productive. It's not like I spend hours a day at the gym, usually 30 to 40 on cardio and when lifting about an hour/hour and a half. I've even thought of going back to a liquid diet (pre-op) to see if I can get some movement. I don't want to but I feel like I have to take drastic measures here. Thanks!
  6. Take care Wendy. You certainly do have a lot going on!
  7. I have forms of dumping and I have the sleeve. Anything sweet (icecream, sugary things-yes...I've tested the waters) I get sick on protein shakes. Tried the Premier this morning and was not feeling well by the time I got to work. Strange how everyone is different.
  8. I love you. LOL Truthfully, the longer this goes on the less respect I have for her. It takes me back to when I was 8 and she tried to suffocate me by putting a plastic bag over my head and holding it around my neck. I should have taken the hint then that she didn't like me being around!
  9. You're absolutely correct! My other sister and I thought the same. Just using it as an excuse to be mean.
  10. Thank you. When I call her out on her behavior she gets worse. The last day my mother was alive she continually sent text messages that were so bad, I would never talk to an enemy the way she talked to me. She even told me to "f" off! Then I get an apology text saying anger is part of the grieving process, that's why she was mean. I feel like I'm being abused. I get the crap beat out of me and then an apology but it continues to happen. I really need to figure out how to deal with her.
  11. My mother died last week. My 2 older sisters don't get along. Our family has fallen apart over the last few years because of the fight these 2 had. I get along with the sister closest to me (in age) and the other one gets ticked at me because I associate with the one she hates. I get long, accusing, nasty text messages from the oldest. She brings me down to a level of sadness I can't describe. I have asked her to stop with the bad behavior but it just provokes more. She never speaks to me when we are face to face, it's always by text message. I have tried to just have no contact. I figure if I ignore her she'll stop. I have this on my mind all the time. I don't know what to do. My mom's cell phone was offered to me to give to my son who doesn't have one....I got another nastygram tonight because she's ticked that it was given to me. I am beginning to feel like I need to seek counseling. <sigh>
  12. Congrats on your success so far! I can understand the challenge with being in college. My son is a junior and he does not cook for himself (lives in an apartment so he has a full kitchen!) so he doesn't eat the best. He's busy with classes and homework. My doc told me the other day that there are 3 things I should be eating. Protein, Veg and Fruit. Nothing else. So I tried to get my mind back to basics. But, when I was grocery shopping I found something you might like. Sargento Balanced Breaks. Now, you could make these yourself, but sometimes it's easier to have these as they are already done for you. It's a serving of sharp cheese, some almonds and some dried cranberries. Just the right size for us. I found them in the cheese section at Walmart. If you can boil some eggs, that would a good snack too. I'm trying to like Kale. I bought some, massaged it well and you can top it with chicken or tuna...any protein you like. Takes some chewing, but it's filling and it keeps for days! Just a few thoughts...good luck!!
  13. Thanks Amber. We have several varieties around here and the price is what scares me. I'll check to see if we have these 2.
  14. How much do you drink per day Amber? I would love to get my tummy under control! I'm a water, coffee and crystal light tea drinker only.
  15. Went for a followup the other day, my 1 year. My doctor said in his eyes, I'm a success taking into consideration where I started. I told him how I was struggling to make progress the last 3 months. He wasn't overly concerned considering the activity I do and that I had a month where I couldn't do anything because I had vein surgery on my leg. I need to tweak my diet and I'm sure I'll get the remaining 50 (personal goal) off. I won't get complacent after hearing his comment...I want to show him I can get to my goal!