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  1. My program calls for 1500 mg per day. I use Celebrate soft chews. Each one is 500 mg and I don't mind the berry, caramel and chocolate flavor. They are expensive but I figure it isn't more than my taco bell habit used to be I traded up.
  2. Those sandles!! Adore! You look great!
  3. I took my first bike ride in 15 years! I love that I have a body now that will physically support what I mentally want to do.
  4. My doctor suggested it on my first visit with her. I had been to the ER and needed a primary care physician to treat high blood pressure. After crying to her about my anxiety, she gave me Xanax and a referral for a WLS surgeon. She has been wonderful through this process. It's amazing to have a doctor that isn't condescending when telling you that you need to lose weight.
  5. My high weight was also 426! Congratulations on your success thus far. It's a long road, but it feels so good to find your healthy self again.
  6. I barely lost 100 in a year. You are rocking this.
  7. Congratulations! Looking great.
  8. I had one during surgery. In and out while I was asleep. I wouldn't have given it a second thought but I also had some trouble getting the sensation to need to go after I woke up. The nurse finally asked me try to go after on one of my walking trips, I didn't realize how long it had been.
  9. I hope it helps! In the beginning, if I ate too fast or didn't chew thoroughly it would feel like I couldn't breathe. But you are probably still on full liquid. Good luck!
  10. What sweet relief for all of you. Wonderful news!
  11. When I first started researching surgery, I got really self centered and we went through a rough patch. Mainly because he was very scared of the changes required and rough enough we sought out couples counseling. It wasn't great help, but enough to get us talking constructively. Now, we are better than ever. He has been amazing support and realized he went so far to the negative outcomes he skipped over the positive impact to our life. I'm healthier than ever and we are enjoying life.
  12. NSV! I finally went bra shopping after the extra fabric was irritating my arms on my sports bra. I went down from 44DDD to 40DD. Things felt much better today!
  13. Did they send you home with a spirometer? To practice taking deep breaths and fully exhale to keep your lungs fully engaged. I only did mine at the hospital but everyone in the program gets one.
  14. Tried a new shirt. I bought leggings to go with it, but I wasn't quite ready for that and I had a skirt I thought I could layer in...It was a 4x. Whoops! I missed the window to wear that one.
  15. Thank you! If you figure out your next steps, let me know. I have a consult with a personal trainer tomorrow and then found a few more gyms with free sessions. I'd really like to find what feels right.