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  1. My workout was working through the closet tonight in a major fashion show. The girls were well on display now that so many things are too big! I also donate to a woman's shelter and occasionally will see the ladies wearing my clothes when I drop off additional items. This trip is 5 4x dresses and a lot of shirts!
  2. I don't have any numbness, but I do get a lot of random bruising on my legs post op. And still now 17 months out but all my blood work checks out. Surgical positioning is very interesting!
  3. Been in a long stall but still fit in a 14 pants and a 2x shirt from Maurice's! Stalling is better than gaining.
  4. Lose it! Was my app of choice, I never integrated it with a fitness tracker though.
  5. Hello and welcome! I went with the sleeve because my surgeon performed it laproscopically instead of open. I really liked the surgeon and didn't want the infection risk of a traditional open surgery. I also was uncomfortable with rerouting my intestines and felt better about leaving things in the original order and removing a portion of the stomach. It amuses me to see that choice written down, but that's how I felt. Right now, I am maintaining a 170+ pound loss, not at goal, but feel pretty good!
  6. I attended my cousins wedding right after I was cleared for regular food. I drank a shake between the ceremony and reception. Then I picked the chicken out of the pasta and ate a few very well chewed green beans. I ate what was comfortable then my husband ate some off my plate instead of seconds and I went to talk with my great aunt who had an extra seat at their table. No one said anything. I carried drink drops in my purse...was it a cranberry vodka? Nope! Maybe throw something in your purse that you can eat and be chatty!
  7. Sunday, 13/14 capris from Maurice's and a 2x top from Gordmans that seems too tight to wear without something over it, but I did bc it was warm! When will I stop thinking of my weight in the 300's? Today my husband asked what I weighed in after the long weekend and I said still 394, it was does my brain screw that up?
  8. I am going on 16 months out and am still losing. It's harder to hit 10 pounds per month, but it has never fallen off for me so I keep plugging away.
  9. Size 14 Bandolino capris! This size is blowing me away. 3X cardigan from Dressbarn.
  10. These legs! Gorgeous! Inspirational!
  11. I got my wedding set sized down from a 10.5 to a 9! I've always had chubby hands, so this is super exciting! I had been waiting until goal, but that is still 60 pounds away. If I need to do it again, I will, but I can wear my mom's rings now. For my wedding, her sapphire ring fit on my pinky.
  12. I took 12 business days. I also filled for FMLA, but that was the number of paid vacation days I had left and I liked the idea of getting paid to recover. But had the FMLA and short term disability just in case. My surgeon was pretty keen on 2 weeks as that is the normal first follow up appointment, he could sign the release form at the same time.
  13. I pack my vitamins the night before in a little container. Then just grab 2 premade protein shakes, a string cheese and a pre portioned bag of almonds. If I know I'm working late, I will throw in a Greek yogurt. I also portion protein powder the night before when I use it since I added fiber and sugar free pudding mix. I also need fast as I am not a morning person, I'm over a year out and struggling to transition to something other than a shake for lunch because it's so easy!
  14. 1X skirt on clearance for $7 and a 2X garage sale Jean jacket. Very comfy today.
  15. Sweet! Good for you!