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  1. Drinking with Meals

    I always order a water when out to eat. My husband usually drinks it for me ☺️ and it helps to keep the odd waiter looks to a minimum.
  2. My signal was not being able to catch my breath. I think I was eating too fast, but there was a pretty clear sign in the first few weeks that I had pushed to far bc I was only able to get shallow breaths. I now tend to sneeze when I have had just enough. It's amusing.
  3. Relationship Trouble?

    My husband and I also went to counseling before my surgery and immediately after. He had feelings about it he was having trouble expressing and it helped getting it on the table.
  4. Changes between niece and nephew

    It helped I got to sleep this time. Baby #2 came so fast, I wasn't able to get to the hospital in time. In the first photo, we'd been waiting with them 14 hours!
  5. Changes between niece and nephew

    This comparison really helped me see the changes. When my niece was born, it was about a month after my ER visit that kicked off the path to my sleeve.
  6. My program has Centrum Adult on the approved list, I take 2 per day one morning, one afternoon. It's easy to find in physical stores and cheaper than Bariatric options. I buy them at Sam's, 365 at a time!
  7. My niece was born May 2015 and my nephew last blessed for the changes I have made to be there for them!
  8. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I love this thread. Conference week gave me a few NSV's. There was a booth at the expo giving out thin long sleeved zip shirts, I took the survey and went to collect, the guy gave me a large...I let a friend borrow it bc I figured there was no way it would zip on me. I tried it on tonight and it fit, that is crazy. I still would have asked for a 2X! I had to reintroduce myself to previous connections, they had the very blank faces when we shook hands. There were some sponsored parties, all on upper floors downtown Nashville, up and down the flights of stairs and I danced in public. My 400+ pound self would have hid in a corner...
  9. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Had a work conference in Nashville, this was Thursday night headed to the Wild Horse Saloon. This trip is so much easier now, I can fly in the middle seat, sleep in an airport when flights get cancelled and walk miles and miles without sweating. Goal weight may still be 50 pounds away but I'm living now.
  10. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Is that what it's called? Thanks!
  11. What Are You Wearing Today?

    Stepped out of my comfort zone for a baby shower today. Maurice's size 2 tunic with leggings. I really didn't feel confident when I left the house but I sucked it in and wore this to the shower and a visitation.
  12. 3rd Surgiversary

    I really admire you. Congratulations on successfully maintaining your happy weight.
  13. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    A carnival ride with my niece! There was a spinning table to make the thing turn that did not touch my belly. This is all they why for me!
  14. Lack of long time members

    Being 18 months out it is easy to get complacent. I still lurk but don't post much. I'm no veteran yet and still have plenty to learn but don't have the daily questions I did when I was going through the process. It's tough when you might not necessarily be telling everyone, I went through phases where surgery was all I wanted to talk about and I needed the board so I didnt drive my husband crazy!
  15. Wow. Just wow. I want in on this plastics party!! Good for you!