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  1. I also shopped my closet for a while, sometimes waiting too long to try the next size down and it ending up too big. I waited over 100 pounds on dress pants since they had an elastic waist. My job went from business casual to casual so I just bought new jeans since I didn't really have enough anything that fit in the casual pants department. My feet are more narrow now so I've donated some shoes that the heels slip off. I do need to get my wedding set sized but I'm waiting until closer to goal. I totally understand not knowing what to buy, I was at Maurice's and the lady working told me I needed to look on the other side for jeans. The smallest plus was too big!
  2. Tried something new today....I haven't done the leggings and dress combo much so I gave it a shot. Walmart 2x dress and leggings.
  3. FMLA is unpaid protection for your job. I filed in order to be legally covered so in case my vacation pay ran out and I wasn't able to go back to work, I had the time off legally. I took vacation pay concurrent with the FMLA leave. If that would have ran out and I wasn't back to work, I would have claimed for short term disability so I wasn't without pay. I hope that helps. Your HR should walk you through all your options.
  4. I applied for FMLA just in case I needed to extend the leave. I didn't take short term disability though, I used vacation time. I figured if I couldn't go back to work I would use that pay at that time. Thankfully, all went according to plan and I went back after two weeks.
  5. Wore a shirt today that I remembered I had taken a monthly picture in from one month post op last year. I can honestly say I do see the difference.
  6. New blazer for a client visit at work today. I got a lot of compliments
  7. I wore a size 13/14 jeans!!! Thank you Maurice's 20% lycra! I didn't get a picture before changing into comfy clothes but that was very exciting. I haven't been this size since 6th grade. I don't think it's a true size, but I'll take it.
  8. Thanks. I have never, ever worn skinny jeans!
  9. New outfit for a busy day. My mom and I shopped clearance at Maurice's. Size 15/16 boyfriend skinny jeans and a new top.
  10. Wonderful attitude during a pretty sucky situation. Wishing you all the best as you find what is best for you and your future!
  11. I kept it completely quiet at work. People say funny things sometimes, but mostly let it go. There is only one lady who regularly asks me if I'm feeling alright when she happens to see the size of my meal. I told them I was on a medically supervised diet. I think 6 people are now drinking protein shakes for breakfast
  12. My program calls for 1500 mg per day. I use Celebrate soft chews. Each one is 500 mg and I don't mind the berry, caramel and chocolate flavor. They are expensive but I figure it isn't more than my taco bell habit used to be I traded up.
  13. Those sandles!! Adore! You look great!
  14. I took my first bike ride in 15 years! I love that I have a body now that will physically support what I mentally want to do.
  15. My doctor suggested it on my first visit with her. I had been to the ER and needed a primary care physician to treat high blood pressure. After crying to her about my anxiety, she gave me Xanax and a referral for a WLS surgeon. She has been wonderful through this process. It's amazing to have a doctor that isn't condescending when telling you that you need to lose weight.