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  1. Coconut oil straight from the jar. Cold pressed is best not the cooking kind. I find it at Ross for under 5 dollars and it lasts me a year that's using it weekly on my hair too. Stopped my hair from falling out. Coconut oil is so good for so many things......
  2. I had the EXACT same response from my team..... They tried same acid meds you named and it did nothing so they said it wasn't acid..... My husband has struggled with acid reflex for years and he made me try his prescription, Lansoprazole generic name not the 15 milligrams you get over-the-counter but the 30 milligram strength twice a day.... Stopped it within 24hrs....
  3. It took me 3 different antacids before I found the right fit.... Lansoprazole not over the counter 15mg but prescription strength 30mg 2x day. Things really tuned around for me. Now that being said, I didn't have pain it was constant hunger. As others have said you need to be scoped or at least get in to your surgeon asap
  4. 283 5ft 7in 11 months to goal, 139 holding that weight for 1.5 years. Old size 22 pant 3x shirt size 2/4 s xs tops dresses no issues best decision I've ever made other than my 3 beautiful children.
  5. Oh boy..... The ol "you're not even that big" I got that ALOT. I guess 283 isn't that big?? What is? 284, 300, 500, 650?? Because that's where we were all heading to.
  6. You're very handsome!
  7. People are weird. My boss had not seen me for 1.5 years before I came back for the second time, a full 8 months of telling me she watches me on camera and still can't believe it's me, I'm so hot, I get better tips, why don't you eat at work, why don't you ever sample any of your baked goods(I'm a baker at a large coffeehouse) I just smile say thank you.... But a couple of weeks ago, her husband made a brownie that was three layers, brownie, peanut butter chocolate fudge, topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups he insisted I sample it he put it on a paper towel, I said thank you, turned around and started to work. He said no, I want to see you put it in your mouth it was a very small piece and I do eat treats very very occasionally so I popped it in my mouth said wow it's really good but did that really make you happy? He said yes it did we don't believe that you eat. What does it matter?? Lol I just laugh it off these days..... Right after surgery it pissed me off.
  8. Thank you so much for your kind words. Everything you have said makes a lot of sense and gives me a lot to think about..... Thank you again and congratulations on your TT!
  9. Oh thank you so much. I'm feeling funny these days..... Even working out. I seem to see something most tell me is not there. Large arms, big thighs etc.... Even after all the plastic surgery I don't know what's wrong with me, I guess ill never be happy.....
  10. Thank you Steph!
  11. The point of this photo is to show the only issue I had with the inter thigh lift is this collection of fluid..... No reason to why if happens and my surgeon says it WILL go away with time.... I have it drained once a week but it still makes me feel self-conscious. If you zoom in you can see right above the "bump" my leg kinda divots in or looks wavy?? I thinks its just an illusion because when he does drain it and it flattens the bump out you don't really see that did it. Hopefully one day soon it'll go away on its own and I'll have two identical looking legs lol. Well that's it folks that's as much as I'm willing to share at this time!
  12. Well guys its been 5 months and things are starting to really improve. I took (well the husband) pictures the morning of surgery but they are so graphic I'm trying to figure out a way to edit them in a way that I put stickers on certain body parts so I'm working on that and along with my after pictures which will probably just be in bikini to see the before and after difference. I'm just not feeling ready to post them but I guess that's what this thread is all about so I will be working on getting those uploaded soon. Part 2 of my surgery is scheduled for April 14th so just little over a month and that will be the post lateral butt lift which also deals with the outer thigh muscles and gives those muscles more tightening and stability which is a perk I did not realize that was part of this surgery. For people who are new to this, part one was breast lift with implants I had twelve-year-old implants that rippled and I had What's called the "double bubble" effect from regaining and losing weight,then a revision on my brachioplasty (bat wings back of the arms) and what I guess some would call side boob, basically another incision from under the breast to about halfway across the ribs just right under where your bra strap lies and final! a inner thigh lift which I explained in another thread that he had to not only tighten lifting upwards but also in, which left me with two incisions one that wraps around from the bikini line to about half way behind my buttocks then growing down to 6 inches above the knee which I was very pleased with, he originally thought he would have to go all the way to the knee or even past the knee It looks really good on that area, actually you cannot see any scares at all it's a very very fine line and I'm only again 5 months out so it's just getting better and better. The reason I plan these in 2 steps was having multiple surgeries on the front, he would not be able to turn me over and do anything on the back area. I pre paid for all of the surgeries up front and would come back anywhere from four to six months to do Part 2 so that is what I am getting prepared for now!
  13. Wow Jolls! Congratulations, you look amazing! Clothes on and off!
  14. Well I had similar surgery Sept 30th.... But I had 2 incisions because I had loose skin both vertical and horizontal my scar incisions were from the bikini area wraps all the way around to half of the buttocks the other incision went from the growing area straight down to about 6 inches above the knee. For me it was absolute hell... The recovery for me was a good three weeks even having intercourse starting at about 3 weeks was excruciating the skin between my inner thighs down to the point of the six inches above the knee felt as though it was going to rip it in half the only way I could comfortably have intercourse was lying on my side or stomach that lasted for two to three months now again my incisions sound a lot more invasive than what it sounds like you had also was not able to even sit on the toilet for about 2 weeks but I can tell you I would do it again in a heartbeat.