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  1. Love this look. That top! That neckline! I never can get my call her or neckline to fall quite the way they do in the movies lol. Must be this style and brand of top?
  2. I love this pic of you! You never cease to surprise me! You are just gorgeous! And those boys! I love that we can zoom in a bit and see your hubby? In the window!
  3. Totally!! Thank you!
  4. I would like to say I'm feeling great today. It's almost 90 degrees outside today which is very warm for may in Oregon.... I was able to throw on a pair of Capri jeans and a tank and go! Never would have don't that before. It felt great, getting in and out of my car for appts and running errands, I was not overwhelmingly hot, sticky and irritated! I haven't felt that since my teens! August will be 2 years and I have not gained 1 pound nor lost 1 pound in almost 2 years!! That's amazing! I weigh myself maybe once every couple weeks because I do not Journal my food anymore and I eat pretty much what I want when I want now mind you, it is small portions, and I stop when I'm full but I do eat normal things I used to I just cut the sweets and carbs to a minimum.
  5. Miss you.....

    1. Res Ipsa

      Res Ipsa

      Sadly, he has not posted in a year.  I miss him too.  Hopefully he is doing well.  

  6. Thank you! Xoxo
  7. I've missed you :-) our birthday is coming up!
  8. *WARNING SENSITIVE PICTURE!! * Post op, 1 year later,( BEFORE PLASTIC SURGERIES (shows how much clothes hide) and all before and after surgery pictures. Not easy to post these guys but I feel is so important to share so I am.... As I said before, I lost 135 pounds back in 2005 and had a brachioplasty, breast lift with implants and tummy tuck. The only thing that held up was the tummy tuck, everything else had to be redone. Notice how effected the lift and implants were with second gain! The implants stayed high as the skin stretched and dropped again.... BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR WEIGH LOSS AND journaling no matter how long you have kept it off....
  9. Thank you, I did not know that.... For now they are really working on the shots for the clot and cumidin I'm still at 1.5 and they want me at 2 no higher than 3. So I text at the hemoglobin Center twice a week.....
  10. Thank you. Your post means a lot. I'm feeling pretty alone right now BUT I'm also feeling like I'm finally at the finish line. YES this anemia is lingering around YES it's a pain to give yourself shots, blood thinners and lab work weekly but in the end I feel It's all worth it, and that's all that matters right? Thank you for following this thread, giving your support and comments. It is what I need right now. More pics to come the "BAD" ones. I'm finally ready to post all before and after of both phase 1 and 2. Thank TT family
  11. Well, beauty is pain right guys?? I had developed a blood clot in my right calf and extreme anemia..... So now shots in the belly for 5 days and blood thinners for up to 6 months with weekly lab work! Good news is I have stopped bleeding, my back side looks nothing like the first pics.... Will add after photos soon.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Thank you!
  14. Graphic graphic graphic pictures!! Well guys I forgot to update you on phase 2 of my surgery. If you're new, phase 1 was a breast lift with new implants, extended past the normal scare line under the breast but more skin removal beyond the normal line, extending to the armpit area on the side of rib you know, all that skin that pushes up and out of your bra? Side boob? Then a full brachioplasty (bat wings) and last an inter thigh lift. Phase 2 was a posterior body lift (butt lift also tightening the hips and some Lipo sculpting on the lower buttocks to give more shape. If you have followed this thread you would know my first surgery was September 30th with a few complications, was not sent home with an antibiotic(not something my surgeon does if not necessary) so about day 6 I developed a bacterial infection in multiple areas on my incisions back of one arm, one inter thigh close to the knee area (he did not go down as far as we thought needed, my incision ends about 6 inches above the knee) and under my right breast which was the worse being about 5 inches long. As soon as he called in my antibiotic I started healing almost immediately it did not affect my scar lines whatsoever all the areas closed up perfectly and left a thin line as though I never had an infection to start with. Now, April 14th(last Friday was phase 2 which I also forgot to add he had to revise the right side breast underneath you could not see a wide scare from breaking of the incision opening from the bacterial infection but more so it was droopy and lost some of the Lift and tightness from the fact that the incision was pulled on when incision broke open. He also redid (on his own dime, the side boob bra hangover because I was not so pleased with the results I was left with. It almost made the bra hangover worse after surgery #1 so! Scare revisions were slightly tight but not really painful at all where I thought I might die! Was the posterior body lift, not so much the incision site itself which is basically a belt line from my hips all the way to the back to the other side of the hip or even the mass bruising from the " saddle bags" Lipo or butt Lipo, the Lipo is done not because I needed it or have cellulite but to breakup the soft tissue so they have more to pull up tight to get the absolute tightest results.... The pain came from having to lay flat on my back without much movement for 48hrs so my back bones vertebres felt like they were touching each other! It was horrible throbbing, inflammation pain! Its now been 4 full days and yes I would do it again in a heartbeat. It's that first few days where you don't see light at the end of the table, will I be like this forever? Will I have this back pain for the rest of my life? What did I do!? I added a pic of my drain to show why I was bleeding out of the incision site on the left, the reason that happened was my drain got a clot and so the blood therefore has to go somewhere so it started coming out of the incision and I did not notice until I realized the drain looked thicker and less blood inside so that's why I sent the picture of the drain for you to understand it's not normal to have that much blood coming out of the incision site itself. It will NOT cause extra scaring or complications it does happen and mostly to massive weight loss patients who have stretched their skin more than just normal aging. Last phone is a before pic of why I chose to get a back body lift. I used to have a nice tush and that was important to ME to get that back. all my nice denim and skirts I have a very flat bottom. It's not for everyone, I just want to share for those who it might be important to them!
  15. Coconut oil straight from the jar. Cold pressed is best not the cooking kind. I find it at Ross for under 5 dollars and it lasts me a year that's using it weekly on my hair too. Stopped my hair from falling out. Coconut oil is so good for so many things......