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  1. I have been prescribed this for Migraines...I haven't read the article, so I can't comment directly on what it says, but I will say that it does nothing for pain with me. Instead, I save it for my dog, as her vet prescribed the same med/same dose when her spondylosis acts up.
  2. That would be nice, but the pain is in the gallbladder area...are they able to see that with an endoscopy? (I'm honestly asking, I haven't even looked)
  3. Glad to see the updates!
  4. Alright - update on this! I had my HIDA scan today and I watched my GB glow the entire time....never really emptying. I was quite shocked when the surgeons office called and told me it was completely normal. It's a little frustrating to say the least. Next up would be an endoscopy...but what is that going to really show that the other stuff isn't?
  5. Ok, that's good to know, because that's where they are checking with the HIDA - the bile duct and then sludge in the GB.
  6. Does the bile duct not automatically go with the GB?
  7. My US showed nothing, but Surgeon knows I've got some symptoms that showed up suddenly - some intense acid reflux, nausea, pain in the upper right abdomen/back. I chewed out the charge nurse this morning, because they got the results last Thursday and I called last Thursday but they were 'too busy' checking in new potential patients in the seminar to call me back, and were, of course, closed on Friday. Granted, my cramps and nausea aren't life-threatening, nor something I will spend my $400 ER co-pay on, but still - she could have taken the time to call me back to let me know he wanted to schedule the HIDA scan this week. Now, they are booked - so we wait until the 10th. I do appreciate you sharing your friends story with me. The US did show a normal looking black object that looked like the typical GB's you see on Google GB images. LOL Did your friend get instant relief (aside from typical surgical pain)?
  8. I really didn't even know this was a thing, and it might not even be my thing, but the ultrasound showed no gallstones. I'm still having cramping and pain on the upper right portion of my abdomen; burning up the middle of my back and just an uncomfortable pouch. I've felt wonderful for the past 13 of my 14 mths post surgery! They fit me in on the 10th for the HIDA test... My question is - wouldn't the ultrasound have shown sludge?
  9. Met with my surgeon today. He is pretty confident that my issues are gallbladder related and that he feels sure it will need to come out. Blood work done today and I have an ultrasound done next Wednesday. If I feel worse, I'm to go to the ER, of course. If that doesn't show anything they will do an endoscopy, but fortunately he doesn't think it washould the grapes, or the migraine meds. I've read so many times about WLS and gallbladder removal being so common that it's not that big of a deal to me if they remove it. My mother, both my sisters and several friends have had it removed. I gave him my 2 upcoming dog shows and said pick wisely doc! LoL
  10. Exactly what Res says...I will also say that after my surgery, anything with milk was a massive no-go for me. I could do eggs and cheese....but my? Nope. Still to this day. It gets better. Work on the fluids for sure!
  11. Today I am wearing LAYERS! Layers upon layers of warm stuff! Mittens, scarves, socks (thick wool stuff), boots, leggings, undershirt, blouse, skirt, down jacket....Sweet Lord do I get cold now!
  12. GACK! I hate that you have to have another surgery, but I am so glad that he thinks that this will fix it. Every twinge I get, I always think of you with your hernia's. And OMGosh could that baby be ANY cuter!?! Will be thinking of you!
  13. Oy vei. Fortunately, it looks like it can be fixed relatively easy. I go in next Thursday to meet with the surgeon. I did call again today to see if I could get in earlier, but they haven't called me back yet. I didn't have any issues last night with the did burn some today but I took Zantac 150 mg, as I was out of Nexium and it did help.
  14. It just seems like a twisted bowel would have more painful symptoms and issues...I've not had any problems going to the bathroom, passing food, or anything like that. I have no pain when I eat....I know I have a reflux problem. I had bad reflux prior to surgery, which is why the VSG was a no-go. It's much improved, but still there post surgery.
  15. This is so inspirational. I'm so happy for you!