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  1. I am feeling much better today! I did go for a walk last night, but kept it at a walk…and a much slower pace. I do have exercise induced asthma, and had been doing allergy shots each week for nearly 2 years…but had to stop in February when I lost my job. I’m thinking that perhaps that might have something to do with it all as well. Electrolytes could have something to do with it as well. Since I lost my insurance, a jaunt to the PCP isn’t as easy as it was in February, and no, I don’t qualify for Obamacare. The loss of my job and insurance wasn’t a qualifying enough event. I’ve tried private coverage and at $1500 per month, I just can’t afford it. I am VIGILANT on my vitamins and iron. I don't miss a day of my bariatric vitamins. I wondered about the electrolytes the other day when I realized I was sweating more than might try gatorade (ick) when walking. I've not had any sugary drinks since my I think it was what? G2? I have an appointment at my neurologist next week, which I will keep. It is cash-pay and I’m prepared for that. I do plan on talking to her about it, and seeing what she has to say about it. I think I will maybe stop the running in the meantime.
  2. This morning I woke up with a problem. I’ve not had this issue before, and wondering if any of you others – a little further out, like myself – have had this issue after an evening of running. I jogged 5.5 miles, I’ve hydrated well (80 oz), I’ve gotten my protein in, and I’ve made sure to get enough calories in (I’m hitting around 1,000 – 1,200 because I don’t want to lose too much). I woke up this morning so dizzy that I literally had to lay back down for a while. We are quite warm here, and very humid; I did sweat quite a bit more last night, which I know is expelled hydration, so I made sure to have a protein shake last night before bed to ensure I had extra hydration (and I needed it to finish off my protein count). I woke this morning just SO THIRSTY! I'm not sure if I was dizzy because I was dehydrated somehow, or if I was thirsty because I was so idea. Anyone have experience with this? My first time in 20 months.
  3. Thanks, y'all! Greer - I always think of you when it gets down to shoes! haha! Although after a day on the water, and some wine (I don't normally drink), I was in some cute little sandals instead. I thought it much safer than the amazing heels I had. My sister STRUGGLED to get that weight back off. She kept it up there for a year. She was 2 years out when she gained it back, and it hung around for a year. She did the reset and it was H A R D. Getting back on the exercise swing was H A R D for her. When my daughter gets into a stall, or if I gain a couple of pounds back, I pounce on that stuff like it's a tick! GET OFF ME NOW! LOL I found the dress at a resale shop and it was a Medium. I remember reading through the 'What are you wearing today' thread thinking - I will never be in a medium. Well...I put it on, zipped it up and it was amazing. And thank GAWD it was lined, because I am always freezing now! In summer, my weakness is fruit. It was last summer as well. Watermelon, apples, and strawberries. Thankfully, high water. It's as incredible to me today, as it was the day after my surgery, how instantly your tastes change. It's no longer chocolate (except once a month). Now it's fruit (even in winter when I really can't get much except apples). I go to dog shows, and I cart along lunch meat, cheese, yogurt, and grapes. Others bring chocolate, cookies, chips and whatnot...I always find myself reaching for my healthy stuff. Incredible.
  4. My daughter's lowest weight was 130 lbs down from her highest weight. She is 2 years out, and has settled about 70 lbs down from her day of surgery weight. Still super proud of her! I felt comfortable enough to go to the beach in a 2 piece, but I still see myself as big. I'm not sure when that catches up to us. Clickn had once told me that I had set my goal weight too high when I had it at 150...and she was right. But I try not to focus on the scale, and look at only how my clothes fit now. For instance, I'm running/walking with a friend whose is down a running partner this week and next. I've had to up my calorie intake this week because in just 4 days, I'm down 5 lbs. While that isn't bad..I don't want to continue that over the next 2 weeks because my work clothes need to fit. Going from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours at a much harder pace has definitely played a role in that. My migraine maintenance med (Topamax) processes in my kidney's, so I've been very diligent at making sure I get enough water...and my leg cramps will tell me when I haven't. We generally don't get enough water in add that into the mix, and the past few months have just been me concentrating on making sure I'm focusing on making sure my wee pouch is getting everything it needs to function appropriately. No more weird gallbladder sludge - which ended up being a phantom pain from the migraine meds and disappeared as quickly as it appeared.
  5. Yep, another for MyFitnessPal
  6. Hi! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, but I thought I would give everyone a brief update. The divorce has been final since February, and we’ve all gone our separate ways. The ex has done well with his sleeve, and the kiddo has done well with hers. I’m so thrilled with my bypass that I cannot sing the praises enough. I’m 19 months out, and still try to treat it as well as I did the first month out. Yes, I can fit more in it now than I could then, but I still work on keeping my portions small, and making sure I don’t drink with my meals (other than a sip if something is too spicy/hot). Milk and ice cream are still a no-no, and pecan pie is now just a dream in the sky, even one or two bites. The migraine maintenance med that I’m on has taken me down from 4-5 migraines a week, to maybe 2-3 a month, and while it gives me some memory fog, and word blindness, the benefits far outweigh the rest, IMO. Daily I still get 70-90 ounces of water in, and I have yet to have a soda. I don’t even want one. I have just recently had some wine, and a very small shot of tequila to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. It didn’t sit real well going in, or out. I still cannot throw up, so I’m very careful what goes in. I still struggle, 19 months out, to get all of my protein in, but it’s a focus for me daily. If I have bread – it means I can’t get my protein it’s always a balancing act. When I first got the surgery, I remember saying that I wanted to just get down to a healthy size 10-12. I never dreamed I would be the size I am now, and I work hard to make sure I get enough calories in each day so that I don’t get too skinny or scrawny looking. I absolutely love how I look, and am giddy with clothes shopping now. I do wish that I could tighten up my arms, and my legs, but that just comes with it, I suppose. I’m still thrilled with every bit of it. I’ve met others outside of the forum who have questioned having the surgery and I tell them – this is not the easy way out. It’s hard. I watched my sister stretch her pouch out, do the reset, and shrink that puppy back down, dropping down the 70 lb regain….with lots of frustration and tears. Amid all of this, I lost my job that I absolutely loved, and have floated around in temp positions since. I’m doing well and I know I will eventually find a permanent spot. In the meantime, I work every day, I walk every day, and have started adding running in with those walks. Thanks to everyone on TT for always keeping all of us on track! This is me on the right in the red dress, and me below with my daughter (I'm on the right)
  7. I have been prescribed this for Migraines...I haven't read the article, so I can't comment directly on what it says, but I will say that it does nothing for pain with me. Instead, I save it for my dog, as her vet prescribed the same med/same dose when her spondylosis acts up.
  8. That would be nice, but the pain is in the gallbladder area...are they able to see that with an endoscopy? (I'm honestly asking, I haven't even looked)
  9. Glad to see the updates!
  10. Alright - update on this! I had my HIDA scan today and I watched my GB glow the entire time....never really emptying. I was quite shocked when the surgeons office called and told me it was completely normal. It's a little frustrating to say the least. Next up would be an endoscopy...but what is that going to really show that the other stuff isn't?
  11. Ok, that's good to know, because that's where they are checking with the HIDA - the bile duct and then sludge in the GB.
  12. Does the bile duct not automatically go with the GB?
  13. My US showed nothing, but Surgeon knows I've got some symptoms that showed up suddenly - some intense acid reflux, nausea, pain in the upper right abdomen/back. I chewed out the charge nurse this morning, because they got the results last Thursday and I called last Thursday but they were 'too busy' checking in new potential patients in the seminar to call me back, and were, of course, closed on Friday. Granted, my cramps and nausea aren't life-threatening, nor something I will spend my $400 ER co-pay on, but still - she could have taken the time to call me back to let me know he wanted to schedule the HIDA scan this week. Now, they are booked - so we wait until the 10th. I do appreciate you sharing your friends story with me. The US did show a normal looking black object that looked like the typical GB's you see on Google GB images. LOL Did your friend get instant relief (aside from typical surgical pain)?
  14. I really didn't even know this was a thing, and it might not even be my thing, but the ultrasound showed no gallstones. I'm still having cramping and pain on the upper right portion of my abdomen; burning up the middle of my back and just an uncomfortable pouch. I've felt wonderful for the past 13 of my 14 mths post surgery! They fit me in on the 10th for the HIDA test... My question is - wouldn't the ultrasound have shown sludge?
  15. Met with my surgeon today. He is pretty confident that my issues are gallbladder related and that he feels sure it will need to come out. Blood work done today and I have an ultrasound done next Wednesday. If I feel worse, I'm to go to the ER, of course. If that doesn't show anything they will do an endoscopy, but fortunately he doesn't think it washould the grapes, or the migraine meds. I've read so many times about WLS and gallbladder removal being so common that it's not that big of a deal to me if they remove it. My mother, both my sisters and several friends have had it removed. I gave him my 2 upcoming dog shows and said pick wisely doc! LoL