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  1. Thanks, I'll have a look.
  2. I just reposted the hair oils recipe at someone else's request. Pls search my posts. It's in responses of Why the hair needs protein to re-grow For the nails I don't remember exactly, but what I do remember is: 2 tablespoons of almond oil 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (may need to be melted first) 1 tablespoon of argan oil 1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil 10 drops each of these essential oils: rosemary lemon lemongrass I added lemongrass purely for the fragrance' sake. You can experiment and add or substitute other oils. There is a lot of recommendations on Pinterest, but you need to determine where the edge of reason ends and the flight of fancy begins. Also, many of them recommend very expensive essential oil brands, but since this is an external application, there is no need for those. I bought Now Foods essential oils and they do just fine. If you find something that works well for you, please share.
  3. Here it is: 2 tablespoons of coconut oil 2 tablespoons of shea butter Put these in a heat-proof 0.2 liter jar and put the jar in a bowl with hot water. Gently stir till the content melts. Add to this: 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil 1 tablespoon of argan oil Mix very well. Allow to cool slightly. Add to this mixture: 12 drops each of these essential oils: lavender geranium rosemary. If your scalp is itchy, you may want to add a dropper-full of neem oil. In my opinion works much better than tea tree oil. This quantity should be enough for several applications, depending on hair length. Apply warm mixture to the roots of the hair, wrap the head in a towel and keep for an hour. Wash your hair as usual. You can basically use other oils that are good for you - almond, apricot, even olive if it does not produce a burning sensation - but I considered this mixture the best and it worked. If your hair is dry you may double the jojoba oil. The rule for essential oils is to add 2 drops per tablespoon of a basic oil. Hope that helps.
  4. I've recently had colporrhaphy and have a need to find a forum on the subject. This forum has been great for me in dealing with bariatric surgery. Now I need an equally great forum for colporrhaphy. Anyone? TIA
  5. My hair loss started 2 months after the surgery. In the next 6 months I lost more than half of my hair, and the end was nowhere in sight. I could see my scalp and I had 2 bald spots above the temples. I was very traumatised, especially because the "majic" biotin only made hair grow on my face - including my nose. I decided to do some research on Pinterest and saw that everyone recommended oils. What did I have to lose? After reading many recipes, I came up with my own oil mixture. I applied it once a week before washing my hair. After second application the hair loss was visibly less in the shower. After the third application it practically stopped and my hair started growing back. One year later I only was my hair twice a month. It is strong, shiny, curly and grows as fast as it did before the surgery. It remains clean for at least 2 weeks. I still remember the trauma, but I am so happy it's in the past! I recommended the mixture on the vertical sleeve forum and it helped some people.
  6. I am almost two years post-op and also have the same issues with my fingernails. I've posted several times on this forums that Biotin only made hair grow ON MY FACE and did nothing else. I don't think it is effective at all. After coming up with an oils mixture for my hair that helped to stop hair loss in just 3 weeks, I decided to make a mixture for my nails also, and it is helping. Though not as fast as with the hair, but there is a significant improvement. I do take Garden of Life vitamins, but because my blood iron is high, I consulted the company rep and was advised to take vitamins for men because they do not have any iron in them. So this is what I do. A month ago I also started taking Collagen types 1 and 3 supplement. Although it's recommended to take 6 caplets a day, I only take 2. My skin has improved, but I noticed that one has to wait the longest with the nails. I hope this helps.
  7. Sorry for being off the forum for so long! I've gone through some hard experiences and right now I am recovering from a major surgery. I can report that within 3 months of using my oil mixture my hair became much thicker and stronger. I started washing is less frequently. Now, one year later, my hair is so thick and curly as it has not been in the past 40 years! It has gone back to when I was 18! It grows much faster and remains clean for 2 weeks! Which means I only use the oils twice a month now. I just take Garden of Life vitamins and avoid Biotin like a plague! For the face and nails, I made different mixtures, although if this one works well for you, it's fine! I made oils mixture for the face on the basis on grapeseed oil because it's so light in texture. I've added a lot of other oils and more shea butter that in the hair mixture. I apply it twice a week before going to bed and let it absorb before actually lying down. It works well. My colleagues at work were so impressed, two of them even asked me to make oils for them - and one was anti-wrinkle! The other lady never used face cream before in her life, but she is enjoying mine!
  8. Biotin made hair grow on my face, not head.
  9. Hi! Have you seen my post about oils for the hair? I've been using it for over a year, no biotin (biotin may make hair grow on your face). My hair is now stronger and thicker that in the past 30 years!
  10. Ooo, this is great news! I am so happy for you! I do use a similar concoction for face and body, but facial is based on grapeseed oil and body is based on almond oil. It works great for me. I am glad this one works for you! May be I should try this one on my face too! For your daughter, may be she should stick with just coconut oil for half an hour before washing, or what my daughter does, she sprays her hair with 1:10 solution of apple cider vinegar in water an hour before washing. But like I said, she is biracial and her hair is like typical African. My African daughter-in-law does the same. Children are different from us. She can experiment with other things till she finds what's good for her, and this, too can change with years!
  11. so, any updates? how is it going??
  12. I hope it helps both of you! I also have all my stuff from Now Foods!. Just to give an example, my youngest daughter also uses coconut oil, sometimes on its own and sometimes in my concoction. She is bi-racial and has very coarse and brittle hair. Or should I say had? She had split end, too, that we just could not get rid of. She's been using these oils for about a year, and she has no split ends, hear hair is much more manageable and soft. Moreover, we've never seen it growing so fast as since she started using it. But it really took time. It looks like with some type of hair it should be like a long-term thing.
  13. Thanks, Forward to Health, I think everyone can easily make these things. The "concoction" is not intended for washing the hair, but for a pre-wash hair mask, but you are right - you can add a few drops of essential oils to your shampoo or conditioner and it will be better than nothing. But the advantage of the pre-wash hair mask is that it sits on your hair for an hour and really soaks the elements into the hair. I do use Lemongrass oil, but for my body and nails concoction. Good luck, have fun.
  14. You can start with just coconut oil alone. You can get everything on Amazon, but carefully check reviews on shea butter. Some of them have many negative reviews. I get my own from and shea butter especially made my Now Foods. Hope this helps!
  15. I don't know if any one of these can be critical. I rather think they all work together. I used jojoba as a hot oil hair wrap many years ago. Jojoba is very nourishing for the hair. So is argan oil. I saw many recommending shea butter and decided to try it, and I added coconut oil because it's obviously good for everything - I use it for other things, too, and my daughter in law and daughter both use just it alone for their hair, and their hair grows fast and looks very healthy. I am not an expert on any of these things, but I read some very good and detailed explanations on the properties of the essential oils that I added. It was just a trial that worked out extremely well for me. Rosemary and and lavender essential oils are also good for the hair. You don't have to add geranium oil if you don't have it, but you may want to add tea tree oil, especially if you have dandruff or itchy scalp. I do in winter. So, this "concoction" has obviously restored growth and thickness of my hair and restored it to health. As I wrote, you can experiment with other oils, both base and essential. Some people use olive oil, but I prefer to keep it strictly in my frying pan. There are tons of materials on the net. If you have coconut and argan oil, that's a very good start. You can add almond oil to those, or just use the two of them in equal proportions and add 2 drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils for each tablespoon of base oil. I really liked shea butter and decided to use it for my skin, too. Some people call it "youth elixir", and it's used in organic cosmetic creams to provide UV protection. I discovered though that shea butter on its own is too strong to use and has to be "diluted" with other base oils. I use it on my face together with almond oil and wheat germ oil. I love almond oil for its viscosity that gives it very silky and smooth feeling when rubbed on the skin. Wheat germ is full of Vitamin E. I add grapeseed oil that is also a good source of Vitamin E and then some drops of the same Rosemary and lavender essential oils. Works fine for me.