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  1. Tried on bridesmaid dresses today with my sisters. The lady who owned the shop was helping us. She kept saying we had to find something flattering for me because I'm so lean. I was super self conscious because of my small saggy chest but she was clueless that I had been heavy and just kept saying "you're fit and lean there's nothing to be self conscious about." I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. I'm fit and lean--what????
  2. I answered in the quoted section above.
  3. Beautiful!!
  4. Ugh no!! Excruciating.
  5. Regulation manual for work. Yuck
  6. Loved me some ON while losing!!! Literally ordered 2 pairs in two colors in different sizes each month after surgery!!! Looked great, felt great and spent very little!! Did the same with three colors of tshirts!!
  7. You are gorgeous!!!
  8. My sister is getting married!!! I can't believe it but I don't care what kind of dress she picks for bridesmaids!!! I don't like my saggy small chest but I can manage it!!! Two years ago I would have enthusiastically suggested (but been very sad) I sit out of the wedding party because I would have rather not been a direct part of the celebration than to deal with the humiliation of being by far the biggest person who would have felt super ugly in anything she would have wanted. I know that's all run together but it's hard to remember feeling like the super large person in the room and trying to pretend you don't care. I like not being obese.
  9. Thank you! I was definitely feeling it lol!!
  10. I chose a bariatric surgeon based on a recommendation from my ob/gyn who I have known and trusted for over 24 years. In fact he's a doctor who my husband who HATES doctors says would see on a regular basis if he could. We had 4 children with this doc. My WLS surgeon is incredible.
  11. Macy's has some really cute options right now!!
  12. Years ago I joined a running group that had different subgroups. Each subgroup did different intervals of running depending on your comfort level. You could move between groups if you chose to do it was a neat way to have easy and hard days mixed into your workouts. One group of brand new runners ran 15 seconds and walked 45 at the beginning. At the end of the six weeks that same group was still alternating between running and walking for a minute each. I personally don't think it's productive to kill yourself trying to do too much. Yes you want a challenge but it's better IMO to have balance and consistency. If the couch to 5k is too much dilute the intervals to where you feel comfortable and then work up from there. I have a buddy who has been very overweight her whole life who regularly runs half marathons, and does triathalons all over the country. She just competed her first marathon and plans to do more. She's almost 55. I personally don't think weight/size is an indicator of fitness.
  13. So glad to hear you're doing well!! Thanks for taking time to give an update.
  14. Date night going to see Marcus King Band Dark wash Lucky Brand skinny jeans size 0, Free People black lace top size s, black suede over the knee boots and a halter style black bralette from Aerie that I love.
  15. Saw another surgeon yesterday. He spent two hours reviewing procedures with me and suggested two separate operations based on my age even though I am very healthy and the risks of a longer surgery vs two is really about even. He believes I will be thrilled with a lift and small implant and then a regular tummy tuck even though I have lots of all around sagging. I am not really bothered by my sharpei butt I guess because I don't see it and I don't have to tuck it into my britches. I have one more surgeon I think I may talk to just to be sure. I still cannot believe I am seriously considering having plastic surgery.