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  1. I don't know for sure but I think it's about the iron inhibiting the calcium absorption which really only shows long term on bone scans.
  2. Use something like my fitness pal and enter every single bite and every single sip. Follow the rules exactly and see where you are with daily protein, carbs, calorie free liquids. Be completely honest about what's going into your body. You may be surprised at what you find. Maybe total calories are ok but carbs are too high and protein is low. Make corrections and move forward. It's not about beating yourself up it's about figuring out how to put the puzzle pieces together to make the best you!!
  3. I have seen several people on here and in my surgeon's group that have plateaued for a year and then lost more. Slow and steady is ok. You're doing amazingly well!! Keep it up and stay focused. You can do it!! Try changing what you eat and what time you eat it. If you're eating oranges change to berries. If it's eggs for breakfast switch to yogurt. Sometimes a little tweaking can give you a boost!! Above all don't get down on yourself!! You really are doing great!!!
  4. First off big hugs to you!! Second be kind to yourself!! By doing that you won't let this temporary situation become your norm so you won't go back down the rabbit hole!! You can do this!!! If you have a counselor call him or her and get in to talk about what's going on. Sometimes just touching base can help you see the little things you can do to correct habits and thoughts!! We are here to support!!
  5. Traveling or a change of schedule can be tough. Recognizing that you can adjust and do better is key so good for you!!!
  6. You're lovely!
  7. I have a bone spur on the back of my heel that looks like a hook and literally rubs the tendon on the back of my heel when I walk. Injections can give temporary relief but surgery is the only way to fix it. Prior to losing weight there were times when it was really bad and I could barely walk. I was told by my podiatrist to stop all impactful activity including walking for exercise. He said stationary bike only. Now that I am -130lbs I still have some issues with pain but I play tennis 3-4 days a week, do Pilates or some other group class at the gym 2-3 times a week, and even sometimes run road races. I still have the issue but it's not nearly as bothersome.
  8. Last week I attended a visitation, a funeral, and a burial all over several days with family and family friends that I see about once every year or two. Comments were made to me and about me constantly. Things were said to other people when we were in groups but said loud enough I heard. Some people spoke about me as if I was some kind of invisible person and couldn't hear what was being said. It was literally non stop. Some of what I heard was: "Well, you're STILL skinny." "We all need to eat what your sister is eating since she's so teenie." "It's just hard to believe she looks so good." "I still don't recognize her at all." "I would have thought she would try to put some weight on she's too skinny" "Exactly what size are those pants?" "I wish Susie would do something about her weight she's even bigger than you were" I ignored most of the comments for the most part but I managed to say thank you when I felt someone was being sincere. If I was uncomfortable or felt like someone was being nosy or judgemental I said things to change the subject back to how beautiful the day was, how nice the service was, have you seen uncle don I need to speak to him, etc. I would like to be able to say I handled the situation well the whole time; however, that is not the case. (Keep in mind that about three years ago when I was heavy I was with this group at another funeral and two different people at two different times thought I was my mother!!! Yes!! They thought I was the MOTHER of my sisters--one of who is older than me!!) On the fourth day I was standing in a group of about 12 people and one aunt decided she needed to bring up my weight yet again. She had made several comments publicly and privately and I had always changed the subject. During a conversation lull she said to me across the circle of people, "Well I know 'John' (dh) HAS GOT to be so proud of you now that you've lost all that weight." The look on my sisters' faces was priceless. They were waiting for the redheaded crazy lady response lol. Well they got it I guess. I paused and said "Well, we have a great marriage. As amazing and astonishing as it is to believe John was as proud of me as a big ol fat @*# as he is now because he actually values me as a person rather than a number on a scale." I thought about running away after I spoke my mind but decided that I wasn't the jerk in the situation so I had no reason to flee so then I just stood there and stared her down until one cousin just bust out laughing and it started everyone laughing. I'm already known to be really outspoken and a little nuts lol but understand too that in our extended family women do not swear (at least not in public), and we do not dress down our elders.
  9. I use this as well and it is so much better than other options I've tried. Every other one I tried pre op and post give me disgusting fish burps!
  10. I'm also 5'6" and my highest weight was 254. I first saw my surgeon at 237 and was 225 the day of surgery. In May I will be two years out from surgery and have weighed 124 for over a year. I was fat at 225 and now I'm not. I feel like some people are genuinely concerned, some are ignorant about what the surgery entails, and others think you will never be able to eat anything again. Then I believe there are people who are insecure and don't want you to be thinner or look better. Depending on the relationship people can be concerned you will leave them or not interact the same when you lose weight. I also think there are people who have ulterior motives for wanting you to stay fat. Whatever opinions others have yours is really the only one that matters. Do what's best for you. Do not have this surgery unless you're ready and know it's right for you.
  11. I nursed four children for about 2 years each. My girls were wonderful before nursing and weight gain and remained full and glorious after I stopped nursing. I guess I am bragging a little though I don't mean to but it's true. Since the age of 12 I have loved them....no longer the case. My hubby is very supportive of surgery or no surgery. He thinks if I want it I should just do it. For now my choice is to wait. VS is my friend until I get some kiddos out of college. In spite of what he says I haven't been able to get over feeling guilty about spending the money on myself.
  12. I personally think the 80% divorce thing is bs.
  13. We are here to support and encourage you! Maybe talking to a counselor would help with the "why do I eat this?" question. For me I have times when I say to myself "I cannot eat this problem away!" As for your adorable little boy he really doesn't need those crackers either. How about string cheese and fruit for a snack? Lunch can be a sandwich, a few veggies and dip, and for dessert berries or yogurt.
  14. This is so great and looks like a lot of fun!! You are seriously gorgeous!!!
  15. Today my teenie sister asked me to help her stay motivated about working out!!! What????