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  1. I personally think the 80% divorce thing is bs.
  2. We are here to support and encourage you! Maybe talking to a counselor would help with the "why do I eat this?" question. For me I have times when I say to myself "I cannot eat this problem away!" As for your adorable little boy he really doesn't need those crackers either. How about string cheese and fruit for a snack? Lunch can be a sandwich, a few veggies and dip, and for dessert berries or yogurt.
  3. This is so great and looks like a lot of fun!! You are seriously gorgeous!!!
  4. Today my teenie sister asked me to help her stay motivated about working out!!! What????
  5. I hope all goes well! I'm another person who believes that the someone who is the right one will be all in with everything that is you!! Mine met me and loved me thin, then heavy and obese, and now thin again. We have a super relationship and it's all about being open and vulnerable when you don't think that's possible.
  6. You're gorgeous and put together as usual ...but I gotta say sweet little Eli totally steals this show!!!
  7. You look great!! IMO sometimes the size is what makes the simplest outfit exciting!!
  8. I think we need a love button!!!
  9. I seriously love everything about this post!!
  10. Tried on bridesmaid dresses today with my sisters. The lady who owned the shop was helping us. She kept saying we had to find something flattering for me because I'm so lean. I was super self conscious because of my small saggy chest but she was clueless that I had been heavy and just kept saying "you're fit and lean there's nothing to be self conscious about." I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. I'm fit and lean--what????
  11. I answered in the quoted section above.
  12. Beautiful!!
  13. Ugh no!! Excruciating.
  14. Regulation manual for work. Yuck
  15. Loved me some ON while losing!!! Literally ordered 2 pairs in two colors in different sizes each month after surgery!!! Looked great, felt great and spent very little!! Did the same with three colors of tshirts!!