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  1. Medicare is the easiest in this regard. I was required only to list the different diets I'd tried over the years. On my very first visit to the surgeon (after I did all the prereq's) I was scheduled for surgery. Even got lucky as she'd had a cancellation for the following Monday! I'm now 7 months post op, and just 9 months from starting the whole process and i've lost 100 lbs!
  2. Constipation can mimic stalls as well, I lost 5 lbs in a few hours after using a laxative.
  3. scales are evil. I waited 3 weeks for my post op to be weighed, and now I weight only every 2 weeks. But, when I weighed myself yesterday, I had gained. However, I had not had a bm in a week. TMI - ended up spilling everything yesterday, and I lost 5 lbs in waste, go figure. My point being: don't weigh yourself often, and for the love of (insert your god here), don't weigh yourself if you are constipated!
  4. thankfully, my tummy is not gurgling loudly anymore. I can feel it, but can't hear it..... however, I do have a bit of a hearing problem
  5. Great job!
  6. I get the same way with the gel capsules, and always have. Any other pill, I can swallow a handful, but not gel coated :/
  7. I had issues with syntrax as well.
  8. At just over 5 weeks, and currently still on "soft foods" for another 5 days, the only thing that gets stuck are gel capsules. (prescriptions).
  9. Thanks, Cinwa, it IS
  10. I finally have a job interview tomorrow, and went looking for my old work clothes. Unfortunately, I guess I decided I was never going to get into them again, and tossed them at some point :/ Kept my bras, yet threw away work clothes, go figure. I found some that at least don't bag out too much, but another week of losing and I'm screwed. But a happy screwed
  11. My sweet tooth has finally departed, but I kept sugar free Werthers around for the first months. If you go this route, watch it because there is still 2.8 grams of carbs in each little candy.