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  1. I think baby Eli is waiting until all the germs are gone. Which is just good sense. A big kid vomiting is one thing, but a newborn vomiting would be awful. Hang in there!
  2. I think we were listing various options, not a day's worth of food. I listed way more than one day's worth! Just some of the variety I have had.
  3. Oops! I use Barimelts calcium, not EZ melts! Same company, but I guess they use different calcium in the different formulations. So sorry for spreading misinformation! The Barimelts is definitely calcium citrate (just went and double checked after reading this).
  4. Well, to start with you need to add some veggies! 75 percent protein, 25 % veggies is a good way to start. I like broiled peppers and onions (I buy the frozen bags of them then broil them), roasted brussel sprouts, and salad type veggies. Some meal ideas: Chicken breast with broiled peppers and onions, sprinkle of cheese, spoonful of light sour cream. Chicken (marinated in favorite marinade and cooked in the crock pot) with roasted brussel sprouts. Deli roast beef with melted cheese and some olives and tomatoes Salad with cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, some peanuts, some tuna, and dressing of choice. A nice steak grilled, served with veggie of choice. Pulled pork and some baked beans. Lettuce wraps with deli meat and cheese Scrambled eggs with some cheese and spinach and tomatoes You get the idea!
  5. Ack! I meant BARIMelts, NOT EZmelts! EZ melts calcium is carbonate and we need citrate. Their sister company, Barimelts, makes a citrate one. And they have a sample pack you can order for about $3
  6. If you take a bariatric multi you probably won't need extra iron, the bariatric ones have a ton of iron in them. But check the label to be sure. For calcium I like EZ Melts. they are the same company as Barimelts, but the EZ Melts are sold for half the price as the bariatric ones! Oh, and the Bariatric Advantage vitamin confusion is because they changed the name They still have some of the old ones, but they are the same. And then there is also the EA version. For some reason I only tolerate the EA version, the others make me want to puke.
  7. Try EZ melts. They are fairly inexpensive on Amazon. I've used their calcium and it is less chalky than the celebrate or bariatric advantage ones. Or Bariatric advantage makes a chewy one that is like toffee.
  8. http://bariatrictimes.com/clinical-considerations-and-recommendations-for-pregnancy-after-bariatric-surgery/ The author appears to be both a nurse practitioner who works in a Bariatric practice but also a certified nurse midwife, from what I'm reading of her credentials. My only caveat is that this is from 2011. I did email her last night to ask if there are any updates since then, I'll let you know if she gets back to me with anything.
  9. So, I think we are going to start trying in May. I'll be just shy of a year out then (surgery was June) and although not quite to my goal weight I'm no longer obese, and in all reality I'm turning 40 in a few weeks so waiting longer isn't a great option. In the meantime, I'm switching to a prenatal vitamin, and trying to figure out what is okay to take. To complicate matters it turns out I have a mutation in the MTHFR gene, so my body doesn't utilize synthetic B12 and Folic Acid like it should. I only have one bad copy so I can process some but not as well as I should. So, I'm looking at vitamins that have the bioavailable form of those vitamins (methylated ones), are safe for pregnancy, have enough of what I need as a sleeve gastrectomy patient, and don't require me to take a zillion capsules a day because I hate swallowing pills and because trying to time that around the calcium I take is hard. One brand was EIGHT capsules a day!!!! Right now I have one made by Thorne, and it is 3 capsules a day. I take them at breakfast, lunch, dinner, but because they have iron in them I'm left to try to squeeze in my calcium at odd times of day. I'm thinking I'll switch to the Honest Company One a Day, and add in extra iron and a sublingual B12 (I like the chewable from Bariatric Advantage). Then I could take the prenatal, B12,and iron at breakfast, and calcium at lunch and dinner. Product-175-chart_image-dde021e0-9580-4b59-b5d1-2d2240e11963.jpg Do you think this has enough stuff in it for a bariatric patient? I eat well, veggies and meat mostly, and my labs have been great so far (but that was while taking a bariatric vitamin with high levels of everything. )
  10. So exciting! I'm hoping to get my IUD out the first week of May, if not sooner. My husband is starting a new job with much better insurance, and the minute that kicks in this thing is OUT! (not sure if insurance will kick in April 15th or May 1st)
  11. Yup. I have bigger shoulders and bigger ribcage and bigger hips..but that isn't what got me to a BMI of 41. As I'm losing weight (and now no longer obese!!!!!) I'm discovering I have an hourglass figure. Who knew? So yes, I won't look like twiggy, but I'd be happy to settle for a pin up girl look, or Marilyn Monroe!
  12. Thanks! I guess I worry that losing slower means I'm less likely to hit my goal weight. In the past two months I've lost only 3 lbs a month! But, I seem to be losing a bit more this week, so maybe it was just a lull?
  13. Would he consider talking to his doctor about low sex drive? Some men have low testosterone and a supplement would help. Or certain things like high blood pressure, diabetes, or certain medications (statins, blood pressure meds, anti depressants) can have this as a side effect. Doctors take this pretty seriously and would help him, if he can bring himself to ask.
  14. Yup. i think this is why I gained so much weight after each child. None of them were good sleepers and I'd eat just for energy to stay awake. I also even now make my worst food choices after 10 or 11pm. If I would just go to be earlier I'd save a bunch of calories I'm sure.
  15. I think sometimes that "I don't feel full anymore" issue is more of an "I'm eating slider foods so of course I don't get full" issue. And then there are some people who have a stoma that has stretched and the food really is going though more quickly. But I have a feeling it's more often the first thing. Just a guess.