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  1. I feel bad for everyone I see who is morbidly obese. Even if they seem happy. Because I know the reality. it is a lonely, sad existence. Nobody in their right mind said one day, "I want to be the fattest person in the room."
  2. Yesterday at work, I had a co-worker who is constantly dieting (and eating the least weight loss friendly foods imaginable) tell me, "Well, someone skinny like you probably never had to worry about their weight." I was trying to help him with food choices. He's about 300 pounds. I've lost more than he weighs over the past 2 years. I would have killed to "only" be 300 pounds at my heaviest. I had to chuckle and wish him well. He would never consider WLS, as I have suggested it in the past.
  3. Hello Losers! I am curious and just a little concerned. My weight loss has been rapid, to say the least. I have dropped over 310 pounds in almost exactly 2 years. My surgery was June 30, 2015. In the past month, since I reached the 180's, I began to eat more in an attempt to stabilize my weight. However, nothing has worked. I continue to drop weight. Realistically, I want to get down to 160 but am slightly concerned that I will not stop losing. Is it possible for this to happen? It seems if I eat more, I lose more. Now, I am extremely active and eat very healthy but I expect to maybe have an extra pound or two some days and it just never happens. Am I just being overly concerned? Let me know if any of you long term patients have experienced this. Thanks, Tom.
  4. Go get it!
  5. Motorcycle racing.HUGE upper body workout tossing a 400 pound bike around a track at 100+ mph. And riding my Harley...that thing is
  6. Next week is 2 years for me. I lost about 320 pounds, along with some muscle. However, the muscle loss was mostly in my first year while finding what worked for me, finding my balance.I have actually gained muscle in the past 9 months or so. You just need to find your balance. I have to stay on a very high protein diet because I am extremely active between riding and working out.
  7. Out of curiosity, why are you considering a revision? You're barely 4 months out.
  8. Just go with it..this is a marathon, not a sprint. I lost a lot weight in the last 22 months. 301 pounds. But, I hit a few stalls. I think men have it a bit easier than women, but there is no reason to get frustrated. you'll be fine!
  9. my doctor told me I would be dead in 2 years.
  10. Thanks everyone. I have really stuck with my plan and I am loving my new life. I can enjoy myself for the first time in a long time.
  11. Just a few pounds from my goal of 180. But I'll probably try for 170 next.
  12. The new bike. It's 4 weeks old today.
  13. Here you go. You can tell it's me by the tattoos. Lol. That's about all that looks the same.
  14. that's me in March, the tattooed guy
  15. Just dropped in to say hello. Life is good, hope all is well with you all. Moved back to NY last year, having fun, bought a new motorcycle, etc. down to 184 and a 34" waist. Down from 485 and a 72" waist. Seems like a lifetime ago! June 30 will be my 2 year surgiversarry. Never thought I'd be here..hahhah