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  1. my 2 cents..... whatever you decide your end goal is, try to go a few pounds under. Many people experience a slight bounce back from the low weight. Not much, five pounds or less but if your end goal doesn't give you some leeway those five pounds could drive you crazy. Can you tell I'm speaking from experience here????? LOL
  2. Dreaming of carbs, justifying eating carbs, consideration, looking, evaluating, making a choice EVERY SINGLE DAY.... I'm trying to get to "acceptance". Acceptance that this is the life I choose now. I chose the other way for fifty years. I'm choosing this way now but it IS a choice every day. Your blog sings the truth. Keep on writing.
  3. This one involves stairs. Visiting the hospital with the most athletic friend I have. Room to visit is on the fifth floor. Without THINKING or LOOKING AT ME, my friend heads to the stairs instead of the elevator and I follow. Up we go, four flights, talking the whole way. We get to the fifth floor. I'm not even out of breath. My friend stops, says... "oh... did you want to take the elevator? I just assume you take the stairs now." I answer "we can take it on the way down". Whoo Hooo... who knew I could keep up!!!!
  4. BTW... Congrats Tom on the ongoing success.
  5. Oh, my, do I now love the body Adiposity Index Calculator. By this standard I'm HEALTHY! Of course, BMI tells me I'm overweight. What am I am saying... I'm still grateful for "overweight" instead of MO! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Quick answer to your questions. Second thoughts??? By the time a MO person gets to the surgery stage, most have lost and gained, lost and gained, lost and gained. Haven't you? If you are considering surgery, isn't one of the factors is that you are lacking some essential tool to keep off the weight? Keep in mind, the surgery is just a tool... a powerful tool... but you will still will be doing all the work. Most successful WLS patients will tell you they couldn't have done this without the tool. I say I couldn't have done this without the tool. Exercising in the heat?? L.A. is not as hot as Sacramento but even here, especially right now, I go out VERY EARLY in the morning. My first summer post WLS, I joined a local aquatics center and took water aerobics. It's AMAZING how graceful one feels in the water.
  7. You're right... things are going to start changing quickly and steadily. Go to Target. They carry some relatively sanely priced garments which will do the job decently and you won't feel too bad when you have to step down a size before the first one is worn out. Welcome to the losers bench.
  8. At least some of THEM DID!!! Loved the comment BurgundyBoy. Only wish it was true. In my case, it's simply more AWARE and MINDFUL with the relationship to food. Everyday is battle of what the head wants and what the body needs. Kio - don't be misled or disheartened about what the "averages" are for WLS. This is one area over which you have some control. If I listened to the "averages", my weight loss journey would have stopped where many peoples' begin. Savor your honeymoon period, get as low as you as can. It's a good fight - it's very rewarding - but it's a good fight. good luck.
  9. Congrats! Hope you are doing the happy dance big time. I remember reaching this goal very well. It was very satisfying since I'd always weighed more than he did. Keep going... you're rocking it.
  10. That first month's weight loss is amazing for all of us but let's remember this is a marathon, not a sprint. I started at a much higher weight than yours and in my first year I lost an AVERAGE of 2.7 pounds a week but it took me 21 months to reach my current weight. That means I lost an AVERAGE of 1.9 pounds a week. It's doable. Just stay the course, follow the plan, and celebrate the small victory everyday.
  11. Wow Tom... still dropping four years out! Congrats on "normal". may we all have your journey!
  12. Just go re-read Stephtay's answer! Hang in there.
  13. Great update. Always inspirational to hear that someone went through some major life trials and managed to stay on track. Gives me hope so THANK YOU.
  14. You've successfully lost a good amount of weight. You KNOW what it will take to get to goal. You should examine when you went off your program and why you made that choice. (therapy?). But get back on your program and it will take you to the finish line. It will be harder, take longer, but it can be done.
  15. Its tough when there you don't receive detailed post op instructions. Examine this site. You will find that many resources about what you should be eating at each stage of the game. Many of the US patients are on a liquid diet for two weeks following surgery and then pureed food for another two weeks, followed by a SLOW introduction of denser food. At one week out your stomach is healing from the surgery. You need to treat it very delicately so it can heal completely. Your sausage and peanut butter meal was too heavy and dense for your stage of healing. You shouldn't be eating any more than 2 ozs at a time at this point of the game. That "catching" feeling could be acid which is common and active in VSG patients. Many take a daily antacid to combat it. You will have to do some homework to find a plan that will work for you... but once you find it, follow it to the letter. You'll have success and a long run on the losers bench.