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  1. I hear you, I'm pretty sporadic on here now too. I read much more than I post. Always fun to see the transformations after going through it myself.
  2. I only kept one pair of pants as a reminder of how far I've come. The rest went to family or goodwill. All I have now are clothes that fit. XS-S on the top and sz 4-6 on the bottom. Most things I've had for about a 12-18 months so they still look new and I'm thrilled with them! I can't imagine parting with clothes that still fit but I know the time will come. Such a foreign concept after all the years of having to go to the next size up!
  3. Protein protein protein. Think of eating only protein and vegetables. You will be stuffed.
  4. I eat anywhere from 6-8 small meals/snacks. Typical day: 1/3 c full fat yogurt w/blueberries and granola meat stick/fruit/nuts 1/2 sandwich or soup and crackers fruit and cheese/nuts 2-2.5 oz meat, fruit and veggie cheese and crackers 4/6 oz wine
  5. Great to see you back! How come no profile picture?
  6. 6 oz isn't bad. I eat 2-2.5 oz per meal. If you need more calories, add full fats and give yourself a bit more leeway on snacks.
  7. 1. It will change your life forever. (Hands down, best decision I've ever made) 2. You will feel normal! (It's wonderful to blend in and no whispering or gawking about how fat you are) 3. Eating is freedom. (I'm no longer a slave to food. It's also not embarrassing to eat in front of people and I love how my body controls my intake) 4. You will love to shop, move, try new things~everything is fun and easy. 5. You will receive attention-good attention! I still can't get used to the flattering comments and flirting. I thought I'd share 5 positives from where I'm currently at. As far as what others think, who cares! LOL. It's time to do what you want. I only told my closest family members. I didn't really need or want anyone else's opinion! Good luck to you!
  8. You look beautiful and I love your dress, so pretty and feminine! Best wishes for a long and happy marriage.
  9. You look awesome! Congrats!
  10. I had a pretty severe stricture but besides that it's been an awesome journey. I haven't regretted it for one minute. Best decision I ever made! Best of luck!
  11. That sounds good refreshing! I've been eating a lot of lettuce salads this summer and I found these Planters heat peanuts that I love and just 1-2 oz are very filling and satisfying.
  12. Out showing homes today! Coral top sz xs, capris sz 6
  13. Wow Tom! So inspiring.
  14. I haven't posted for awhile! My pink top (sz xs) matched my jewelry! Also, coach purse for Mother's Day and he also bought me one in black!
  15. Fantastic, you look wonderful!