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  1. I haven't posted for awhile! My pink top (sz xs) matched my jewelry! Also, coach purse for Mother's Day and he also bought me one in black!
  2. Fantastic, you look wonderful!
  3. Same as Aussie
  4. I also had horrible heartburn and my surgeon said he did not recommend the sleeve...that I'd have a difficult time with heartburn. So I took his advise and went with RNY and am so glad I did. I haven't had heartburn since surgery. I would listen to your surgeons advice. Good luck!
  5. Adorable Lois!
  6. Yes, that's what I thought too! You look stunning.
  7. Hi Trish, from a felllow Minnesotan. Not sure where you live but there are 5-8 of us who get together every couple months. Usually at Roasted Pear in Burnsville. We will have to let you know you know the next time we get together. Lois (cheesehead) can also direct you to our private Facebook page.
  8. Hard to see but I'm wearing a black top with sheer ruffle on the bottom, sz xs, black shrug sz s and pants sz 6.
  9. So happy for you Steph! Seems that life just gets better everyday!
  10. Remarkable!
  11. Pretty, I love your blouse!
  12. I'm the same age and I definitely color my hair and did through my weight loss. I didn't see any difference as far as additional hair loss. It will help if you get a shorter hair style though. Plus it will appear thicker too. And more youthful!
  13. Super cute!
  14. It's healthier to use natural sugars. We eat such a small amount that substitutes aren't really needed.