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  1. No I did not have a revision. Still fighting the ulcers. Started seeing new GI doctor, he is doing a scope in less than 2 weeks. He's going to help me find a surgeon. I'm on Medicaid so that makes it much more difficult. I'm hoping for a revision this time. I'm not smoking or taking NSAIDS. I don't understand why this happened to me.
  2. Yes I have quit smoking, I'm going to my regular doctor this morning for help and a referral. Thank you for your support.
  3. Hello, I cant get rid of the ulcers, my stomach wont heal. And my surgeon discharged me from his practice a year ago. I was smoking due to some severe stress in my life and instead of offering support, he just sent me a certified letter. Didn't even call me. This was a year ago. I'm really suffering, down to 97 pounds and I'm scared. I'm in constant pain. Should I find another surgeon? Problem is I lost my job, I'm on Medicaid and I don't know a surgeon that will take it. I just have my primary doctor, who knows me very well. Any suggestions? I'm on Carafate, protonix, and take Tylenol but can still barely eat. My kids are very upset. I live in NJ if any of you know a surgeon.
  4. Thanks everyone. Yes Cinwa, I got Medicaid and it will cover the surgery and I have to go into the city to have it done, Dr said no one by me is qualified to do it. So I'm calling tomorrow to get an appointment.
  5. Found out have to have revision surgery and a new pouch in the city. needs to be done asap/ i cant eat and was in er again dehydrated
  6. Seeing gastro and bariatric surgeon tomorrow, just spent 24 hours in the er, vomiting everything cant keep medicine down. hoping for revision. wish me luck, cant eat and in a lot of pain.
  7. has anyone taken Carafate ?
  8. I ate some solid food today and did not get sick!
  9. thank you! the Carafate seems to be helping me eat at least.
  10. thank you Bellamomma!
  11. I wasn't smoking but then I got really stressed out and I picked it up again. just bought Nicorette lozenges to help me quit.
  12. Ok, I will call another surgeon that I was referred to and see if he could do a revision and make a new pouch. I hope that will be an option. I if anyone else out there has advice or experience with this please do comment. Thanks!
  13. my surgeon wants me to have the gastric bypass reversed because I have had too many complications. he's afraid of another perforation, which could be life or death, I am very upset. he said I will gain some weight back but nothing near the 150 I lost. I'm waiting to hear from my gastro. I want to know on 4 meds, will this ulcer ever heal, how long will it take, is there any hope, before I go booking major surgery. has anyone out there had a large ulcer or a reversal? can I have a sleeve after a reversal?
  14. my old dr said smoking, but this dr said smoking would aggravate an ulcer this size but not cause it, so he's really not sure. the surgeon he sending me to is a general surgeon and bariatric surgeon so maybe he can figure it out I hope
  15. Well it turns out not only do I have a stricture, but basically my whole pouch is one huge ulcer so could not do the dilation. I was put on Carafate and I have to see a surgeon. I should have the biopsies back tomorrow. Carafate is helping. Pudding, apple sauce and yogurt are staying down but sometimes I have to take Zofran. So the saga continues.....