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  1. 63 degrees, yesterday it was 97 on my back deck in the shade, today is suppose to be hotter. since surgery the heat doesn't bother me much but the humidity still kills me.
  2. the best thing I think you can do is call your ins. company & have them send you the requirements in writing. I went through all the supposedly requirements with bcbs telling me there was no 6 month diet requirements, then when surgeon filed they told me about it & said they were sorry if they miss led me. now the back page of my insurance policy has a list of things not covered & weight loss surgery is 1 of them.
  3. need to discuss with your surgeon. I was going back to work In 2 weeks till he told me I would be out for 4 weeks. he told me then we can discuss when I would return to work. he told me the reason was I might lift or do something without thinking. he is the person that controls the paper work, most company's will not let you return with out release.
  4. I am glad to see men don't have many problems? haha
  5. I don't think this affects everyone the same. do you feel a change, I did but not as drastic as most. the heat doesn't bother me like it used to. used to be when it got above 85' I had a hard time, breathing was a large part of it. the cold I think bothers me more than it used to but not much more. that being said, I also live out in the country on an old farm so I am outside a lot & have an outside job which I think conditions me to the temperature changes & extremes.
  6. anyone eat/use pork rinds or low carb taco shells?
  7. I use something similar from wal mart also, but I will still miss a dose. usually 1 time a week. if I miss a dose I usually try to make it up. if I miss a dose at night I will take it the next morning, then take that morning dose at noon.
  8. daily routine, I split my vitamins up 1/2 in the morning, 3 hours later I take iron, then at night I take the other 1/2 of my vitamins. the question for those of you who do this when you miss or forget a dose do you take the missed dose when you find it or take the 1s you should be taking? do you try to make it up? I haven't heard of a short term time limit such as you have to get them in 24 hours. I will try to get them in the next day.
  9. mine was high before surgery( glimpremide, metformin & Lantus) so far it has just went to normal with no drugs. before surgery, the surgeon told me that I might want to keep Glucose tablets on hand, I have not needed them so far at over 1 year out.
  10. I had localized callouses(?) 1 on each ball of my feet. I had fitted inserts & still had problems before surgery. after gastric bypass I still wear the inserts part of the time (30 to 50%) & they are just about gone at 1 year out. if I am on my feet a lot the inserts still feel good.
  11. Thanks
  12. how do you cook your fish & what kind? I have an air fryer on the way, I thought it would be better & can make smaller batches easier
  13. if I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself & saved more money, but it was fun at the time!
  14. thanks
  15. usually do chocolate & do the banana cream & caramel for a change. don't like the vanilla & strawberry, usually love strawberry & vanilla but not in the premier shakes.