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  1. need to discuss with your surgeon. I was going back to work In 2 weeks till he told me I would be out for 4 weeks. he told me then we can discuss when I would return to work. he told me the reason was I might lift or do something without thinking. he is the person that controls the paper work, most company's will not let you return with out release.
  2. I am glad to see men don't have many problems? haha
  3. I don't think this affects everyone the same. do you feel a change, I did but not as drastic as most. the heat doesn't bother me like it used to. used to be when it got above 85' I had a hard time, breathing was a large part of it. the cold I think bothers me more than it used to but not much more. that being said, I also live out in the country on an old farm so I am outside a lot & have an outside job which I think conditions me to the temperature changes & extremes.
  4. anyone eat/use pork rinds or low carb taco shells?
  5. I use something similar from wal mart also, but I will still miss a dose. usually 1 time a week. if I miss a dose I usually try to make it up. if I miss a dose at night I will take it the next morning, then take that morning dose at noon.
  6. daily routine, I split my vitamins up 1/2 in the morning, 3 hours later I take iron, then at night I take the other 1/2 of my vitamins. the question for those of you who do this when you miss or forget a dose do you take the missed dose when you find it or take the 1s you should be taking? do you try to make it up? I haven't heard of a short term time limit such as you have to get them in 24 hours. I will try to get them in the next day.
  7. mine was high before surgery( glimpremide, metformin & Lantus) so far it has just went to normal with no drugs. before surgery, the surgeon told me that I might want to keep Glucose tablets on hand, I have not needed them so far at over 1 year out.
  8. I had localized callouses(?) 1 on each ball of my feet. I had fitted inserts & still had problems before surgery. after gastric bypass I still wear the inserts part of the time (30 to 50%) & they are just about gone at 1 year out. if I am on my feet a lot the inserts still feel good.
  9. Thanks
  10. how do you cook your fish & what kind? I have an air fryer on the way, I thought it would be better & can make smaller batches easier
  11. if I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself & saved more money, but it was fun at the time!
  12. thanks
  13. usually do chocolate & do the banana cream & caramel for a change. don't like the vanilla & strawberry, usually love strawberry & vanilla but not in the premier shakes.
  14. I am seeing a primary care doctor, usually every 3 to 4 months. he is the doctor that orders my blood work. can you tell me what blood work he should be ordering? I am not seeing the surgeon that did my bypass due to insurance reasons. is there anything special he should order? other test? Thanks
  15. I have ordered them from wal mart. I order choc, banana cream & caramel, they will have them at your front door in less than a week.