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  1. Long time sleever here. Have gained most back. Lost my focus and with 4 kids, a father w dementia and the death of another, life has just been too "grown up" to focus on my own self. Pretty sure I would choose the sleeve if I was to do it all over again but I would put more emphasis on the rules of good habits and not just relying on my "tool" to do the work.
  2. Niki, You have a good head on your shoulders. Stay focused on your task and block out the noise. What "they" have to say, not walking in your shoes, is absolutely irrelevant.
  3. I knew it was over when my desire to lose was overshadowed by my desire for food.
  4. OMG, you are too much! Do you feel the love, Av??!!
  5. There's a TT cruise? Sorry I missed that. I need to check in more often. Most of my TT updates are what comes through Aviator's Log! The world does revolve around Av, after all. Have fun on the cruise~
  6. He had disappeared for a few months one time and sent folks in to a real tizzy! <3 to Aviator
  7. He's fine. Heard from him on FB. He just living hard as Av does sometimes. He is such a great life force that it is easy to miss him when he gets busy!
  8. Kim is absolutely right as are the others above. The surgery alone will not make you successful at losing weight. If you don't deal with the mental/emotional/addiction/head issues surrounding your weight, you will not be able to be successful long term. Your family's reaction is typical of those who don't know enough about weight loss surgery. Only you know if you have gone as far as you can on your own. Just remember, the surgery is a tool but it alone will not bring the weight loss you want. No matter what, you HAVE to make the behavior and food choice changes..Seek out a counselor or support program to help you on your way and good luck!
  9. Kim, you have been very successful, esp for a sleever. Good for you for staying tuned in to your journey and taking steps to rein it in when it felt you were going off track. I'm 5 years out this month. I think I would choose the sleeve if I had it to do over again but it is definitely too easy to undo over time, not having the benefit of rejecting certain food groups as bypassers do and not having benefit of bypassed absorption. I dont eat as much as I did pre op but I can certainly eat anything again. Biggest mistake was probably stepping away from regular support, which for me was via this forum, which helped me to stay mentally in the game.
  10. Its tough with the sleeve because you have to find that balance between putting the brakes on excessive weight loss without undoing the usefulness of your sleeve. Unlike with gastric bypass which, in addition to portion control, limits what you absorb and does not comfortably process all foods, the sleeve's value is in portion control. In order for you to put brakes on losing, you need to up your intake without stretching your sleeve.
  11. You are so far out from your WLS surgery that I really would not attribute it to that. Also, having had a sleeve, not a bypass, you shouldnt encounter dumping. You def want to run this by your primary care doc. It could be a number of non W/lS related issues. Good luck.
  12. You definitely want to make sure you are starting to get enough exercise. You are in what will be the fastest loss period post op so don't give up. Continue to make changes to get to keep the losing happening and to get to where you need to be. You have lost a great amount already. The surgery is your tool but it does not define your success; you do. Losing weight will continue as long as you continue to make good choices.
  13. So glad to hear it, Av, at least about your young folks. So sad to hear the driver of the other vehicle may not have made it. My mother was killed by a drunk trucker long, long ago-before texting and cell phones-but not before alcohol. We are reeling here about a news story you may have seen on CNN. A very large house here in Annapolis burned to the ground today-with 4 children, cousins, from our children's school-and their grandparents. The media is suggesting the whereabouts of the 4 children and the grandparents is not known. It is not known to the media. We know. Stunning tragedy. Reeling from it. Hard to imagine a fire burning so hot and so quickly that six people all perished. A little girl asked the Pope today why God lets children suffer. I have that same question. Anyhow, relieved to hear all should recover in your gang. Too frightening. xo
  14. Jrmoore, It is especially critical for us sleevers to start with the plan and stick with the plan. We don't get the added discomfort that some bypassers do with dumping or reacting to poor choices. Not that I am envious or wish that on anyone-its just the trade off to our less invasive surgery is how much more important it is for us to understand the surgery doesn't bring the change; it is our behavior towards food, exercise and choices that does. As Claire wrote-its gotta be RADICAL and its gotta be PERMANENT. Good luck to you and to all on this journey.