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  1. In my second week and the weights has stopped coming off grrrrrr is this normal?
  2. I had my band done 8 days ago just feeling better now happy to chat to u
  3. Hi I had my band 28 th July I will be u friend;-)
  4. Feeling bit better today took my son to the play centre my partner drove.had a coffee which was great just been having milk n water I get full easy which is good.bit sore still bending hurts taking it easy.love to hear from other people and how your going? So far so good.
  5. The op went really well I was pretty calm by the time I got on the table they gave me something to help me relax and that's all I remember. Woke up in recovery in a bit of pain they gave me something for it straight away stayed over night home now and feeling pretty good. Haven't been hungry really which is good.
  6. Waiting to be called in for my op feeling better about it now I'm really doing this woo hoo.
  7. That's so much guys
  8. I have my op today I haven't slept and it's 3 am it's silly as I don't feel worried
  9. Thanks. Scary though. Have u got a band?
  10. My op is tomorrow freaking out and can't sleep. Up for a buddy
  11. I'm sure everyone feels like this d day tomorrow not sure what to expect liquid diet ahhhhhhh. Don't think I will sleep tonight.