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  1. Pretty before and after! Keep up the good fight.
  2. Boo for not being able to say t!ts. We can talk about all levels of bowel function and whatnot but mammaries are off limits! More P.C.- de-stress your breasts? Hakuna your ta-tas?
  3. Is this where the phrase "calm your %$@#" applies? of course they are going to be different. There is less tissue and your normal lumps and bumps will be much more visible. Hang in there sweetie, I've got my fingers, toes and boobs crossed for you!
  4. I was never a big Linkin Park fan, it's just not my genre. I did like the Numb/Encore mash up they did with Jay Z. However, I did love Shadow of the Day and so that is my song for today.
  5. I think they all take after their beautiful mama! Especially far left!!
  6. I will check it out.
  7. Yes. TT and breast lift(no implants) in Jan. I've been very good at wearing my girdles. It goes from underboob to knee. However, each time I pull them down to go pee, poof, I swell a little. At night when I sleep, the fluid goes to my back and drains out through my butt/back thigh lymph system. When I wake up in the morning I have a flat, tight tummy. At night when I go to bed I have a crumpled up front butt lol. PS assures me it's normal and some people just take longer to reconnect. Working in healthcare and experiencing worst case scenarios doesn't help. We've had tons of home health patients with permanent lymphedema following c-sections and mastectomies. But July swelling is definitely better than June and lots better than May!!! Here's something interesting. In June I took a 10-day vacay and went to Mojave and then a cruise to Mexico with my youngest son. I did not wear anything compressive. I did not hardly swell at all. Even with 116 degree weather! When I got home, my hubby who hadn't seen me in 10 days said wow-you're swelling is gone. But being back home and in my desk job sitting all day, the swelling is back again. So, me thinks my sitting all day has a lot to do with it. The great news is my boss is getting me a varidesk where I can stand and work. It will be interesting to see what happens! **Back to you though, you are a stinking TROOPER to have these surgeries so close together!!! Though I'm not in love with my arms and especially my thighs, I'm not jumping back up on that table anytime soon!!!
  8. I still have swelling. Especially mid afternoon, I simply puff up. It's stressful. I am trying to be patient... it's not easy. Apparently my scars are quick to heal but my lymphatic system doesn't want to reconnect itself.
  9. Howdy stranger! Hope all has been well.
  10. Omg. Soooooo gross! I hope you had Listerine on hand.
  11. I'm co-signing this whole post. My issue was portions not ice cream and diet sodas.
  12. You're killing this! You look great.
  13. I'm almost frightened to think what these Ultimo TMI postings can be...
  14. Do it! Eat right and run girl, run!