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  1. Omg yes!!!!
  2. Let's Dance - David Bowie
  3. So I have very different ideas than the peeps who've responded above. I say eff your little clucking hens. Be the example that makes them change their viewpoints. If the successful WLS patients stay in the closet, it just reinforces that "I know someone who gained all their weight back" opinionated behavior. I've been open and honest about my surgery. I've inspired someone to have the sleeve as well. I really don't care how people feel about why I "allowed" myself to become obese and "sank so low as to need surgery". They can all take a flying - well you know... I also work in the medical field. In my system, we have "glass" that protects our information from nosy little coworkers. That doesn't stop someone who had a true need to be in your record from gossiping though. In that light, it just reinforces my stance on being open and honest.
  4. Look how rested you look. Gorgeous!
  5. Wow! You are killing this whole WLS thing!
  6. You left out a word. Yet. You have great insight and a great attitude, I have no doubt you will be able to post your onederland update soon!
  7. This mans voice...
  8. I was cleared to start swimming as soon as my wounds were healed. I highly recommend it!
  9. RIP Chris Cornell you amazingly handsome man. Today my song will be Seasons- Chris Cornell
  10. This baby has much less back now, but I dig your style!
  11. No. She was in person at my surgeons support group.
  12. "But I mixed it with milk so it had protein" she was horrifying and motivating all wrapped up in a crazy package. She was so mad at Dr J because he wouldn't give her a revision to the DS.
  13. Not a can. She is the good old fashioned Dream Whip from a box connoisseur.
  14. Tough love. You have to transition. DONT BECOME THE DREAM WHIP LADY!!!! In my surgeons group we have the lady who never transitioned because it was "too hard" and "too uncomfortable". And "no one told her that her stomach would be so tight". She did not have a stricture or anything physiologically wrong, she just didn't want to be uncomfortable. She chose to just eat dream whip because "protein shakes are gross". Needless to say she did not stay at her goal weight. Go figure!! This is a phase. Some people have no appetite years down the road (TMcgee), but it isn't sustainable long term to think you will never eat solid food again. Put on your big girl panties, make a schedule and eat food. This is just a little tiny baby blip in the big picture of the rest of your life.
  15. Just remember it's the what you're wearing thread, not how skinny are you thread.