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  1. Go Wayne Go!!
  2. At our Super Bowl party, we had 3 beautiful veggie trays. I grazed them puppies all night long. I also paid for it with gassy tummy. Will I do it again? Yes. Veggie trays are my kryptonite and gas is a small price to pay.
  3. We are going to have to get you a show on TLC.
  4. I love her sweet face! You know how most women ooh and ahh over babies and their ovaries get all fluttery and full of hormones. That's how I am with puppies. I can't even deal with them. It's too much and I want them all.
  5. I am one of those people who when things are going a little too well, I'm expecting the hitch. It sounds like karma is kissing you on the forehead!! Post a pic of your new pup please!! My boxer is 9 and his face is an old man's face. Here's a pic of his sweet little puppy face:
  6. I miss seeing your gorgeous getups! You look divine. Everything about this is perfect.
  7. I was going to post my one month experience the other night but I was really tired, cold and decided to take a nice hot bath instead. Well, as I was drying off, I had an exquisitely tender area on part of my scar line just above my pubis. The next morning at work (Friday) I was going potty and as I pulled my girdle down- it was even more tender. I figured I was just irritating the newly healed scar line with my compression garments but decided to show my "private nurse"/coworker. She palpated it and said it was definitely fluid. She took a pic and I sent it to my surgeon's intern because my surgeon was out of the office for a week. About 10 minutes later my surgeon was calling me and telling me to get to his office now (4hr drive!). So on the road I went. I was surprised to see my surgeon there waiting for me. He took a scalpel and opened up a small area and immediately fluid came rushing out. My body decided to encapsulate two areas of the internal suture line. He snipped part of the suture line out- it is a running, spiral suture from hip to hip, cleaned and irrigated, prescribed some antibiotics and sent me on my way. Now I have to pack it with gauze and let it heal from inside out. It is directly above where my right side drain was located. That is the side that slipped off my binder and almost jerked my suture out. It feels so much better. The scar line is numb- I guess I didn't really recognize how much that area "hurt". I'm relieved we caught it early and I'm hoping for smooth sailing from here. Since Friday I have been blessed with not having to wear my girdle. It feels amazing to be free although I still have swelling. Besides my little problem area, all my other incisions are well healed and I started applying BioCorneum provided by my surgeon. I am looking forward to march 1st when I can start wearing a normal underwire bra!
  8. Hang in there <3 Sending a big healing hug your way.
  9. So my experience is that it wasn't the pain that I was expecting- discomfort yes, pain no. I did sleep in a different bed only because my bed is quite high off the ground and I couldn't imagine getting up in it. Also our recliner goes back a little too far and I had to remain bent at the waist. I used two wedges to keep me in an upright position. My surgeon didn't allow me to wear a compression garment until after drains came out. I went home in a binder. I did take two different sized bras (I had a lift only) and they picked the one I woke up in. You may want to take both. My hubby stayed with me for a week. The first couple times we transferred in and out of bed were tough but you'll get the hang. It was also nice to have him standby during showers. I used a small shower bench. It was a godsend. We purchased it when he had foot/ankle reconstruction a couple years ago. You will do fine! I'm excited to hear how it goes!!
  10. Sending love and hugs your way. I was 6 mos out when I lost my Dad. I'm sad that he didn't get to see me all the way through. He was such a great cheerleader.
  11. Beautiful Jodi. <3
  12. I cannot believe it's already been a year! You look amazing. Keep up the hard work!
  13. Thanks! I miss seeing your beautiful face on here. You so need your selfie mirror back.
  14. So pretty!!! And you know I love all the jewelry! Happy Valentines Day <3
  15. Med Maurice's top 10- Anne Klein trousers chocolate brown loafers