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  1. Also keep in mind when you are trying to find something that will work in soft foods (I loved split pea soup!), the 2oz I was able to get in is nowhere close to the serving size so my carb counts were fine. Believe me, I straight HATE fish, but man did I force myself to not gag when I ate those starfish tuna pouches. The soft food phase is just a blip on the radar. You probably aren't ready for the low carb alternatives to bread and crackers yet, but I eat a lot of butter lettuce wraps and use cukes and small sweet peppers for my crackers.
  2. I'm 3yrs out so things are a lot different for me. However, i shop the perimeter of the store. Fresh veggies and fruits, meats, dairy products. I never wander the crackers/cookie/beverage aisles. You are so early out and it seems like you are not giving yourself the chance to relax and let your surgery do it's job for you. I really hope you find your groove soon.
  3. It's good to hear your are doing well! I can't wait to hear your progress!
  4. Looks great! Believe me the puckering will start releasing. I still have bruising along my line especially on my right hip. The scar is very soft now but still pretty purple. I'm just religiously massaging it. It looks great and you belly button looks great too!
  5. Awww!!! Yes he is handsome!
  6. Gorgeous girl with a gorgeous family! Who could ask for more? You can just tell he is a little ball of love. Kiss him for me.
  7. Thinking of you today, can't wait for your update!
  8. Great job Tom!
  9. You were in the hospital? Oh my gosh! I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
  10. You look great! Keep it up!
  11. Cucumber water is the business! Crisp and refreshing.
  12. Oh I love PF! I would die to see this but I can't swing it this summer. I'm all booked up!
  13. Wow! Amazing work!
  14. 10 narrow to 10 skeletal. I have a hard time finding shoes.
  15. Swelling. When they do such radical work it interferes with your lymphatic drainage "canals". It takes a good 6-9 months for your body to rechannel. Be patient. I know it's hard, I had a good two weeks and now I am swelling up again. But I know that I've been pushing limits and doing things I shouldn't be doing right now (vacuuming, carrying grocery bags).