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  1. Word. Of course your mom is worried for you. Her baby girl is shrinking while she is not around to control it. It can't hurt to have some extra prayers thrown your way even if you are just fine and slaying this WLS thing!
  2. Wow Tom! It's seems like just a few weeks ago you were celebrating hitting the 199 mark. 19 more pounds gone? Remarkable!
  3. So stinking cute!!
  4. Julie- you are adorable as ever!
  5. I'm so behind on posts and trying to get caught up. Happy Belated 4th my beautiful friend! You need to get your selfie mirror back!!
  6. It's good to see your gorgeous face too! I need to do better as well...
  7. Awww. You are stunning! I love that cage front neckline.
  8. I'm so proud of you Steph!
  9. Oh snap!
  10. Mock that up! I will buy it. I have an illustration of the sleeve taped on my desk. I attached the head of our old CEO to it as an honor because after many years of excluding bariatrics, he is the one who approved it. (We won't discuss the fact that he should've been the first recipient of the new approved benefit!!!) also, I drew a cheeseburger in the part of the stomach that is removed in the illustration.
  11. Yes. This. Add my poor coworkers to this list. We had 3 sleevers 6 months apart over an 18 month period (I'm the middle) and it was horrible for our co-peeps. We were accused of being a cult.
  12. Club name change!
  13. Ok. Well you can't be in the club!
  14. Sisters In Squatting Mishaps. Let's make our awareness ribbon be yellow!
  15. So. Um. Yes. This is also happening to me. I've even peed straight through the small crack between the seat and the porcelain bowl. However I can track mine to my TT. Getting my fupa hiked up and rearranged definitely changed my stream. Especially if it is a urgent, gots to go now type situation.