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  1. Hi my beautiful peeps. Surgery went amazingly well and I did great in recovery. I have 2 drains in my mons which I can already see and tell is all new! he weighed my removal for me. 7-8 pounds of skin on just my abdomen and keyhole on my breasts. My hubby went out to get me some diet ginger ale and I had an emotional burst. I feel so ashamed about this. The cry is out and I pulled my stuff together. I know I shouldn't be ashamed but i was so shocked at that weight it was the instant feeling. He lipo'ed my flanks, abdomen and mons. My boobs are weirdly more sore than my belly but I'm sure the binder has a lot to do with that. I'm also wearing a device called SofPulse which he insists helps with pain and inflammation. I don't know what the output on the lipo shake was, I know that they put a lot of the liquidation fluid so I'm not too interested in finding out. The surgery center has two PS's who operate there. Every single nurse told me good job picking Dr Movassaghi. He uses the high lateral tension technique which fastens the abdominal fascia to the thigh fascia so I am quite tight and getting back into bed has been a little sketchy but overall I'm not in as much pain as I expected. My hubby is an amazing nurse. I'm so thankful for him. He is milking and measuring like a pro!!
  2. I dumped on Muscle Milk light RTDs. Also on Gold Standard ON whey. Also on the protein test tube type shots.
  3. Doing well and loving the life I live now. Almost 3yrs out and my sleeve is still doing its job. Put the right stuff in it and reap the rewards. It's work and it is hard don't get me wrong. It's not a magic tool, it's a day to day keep making the right decisions helper.
  4. My surgeon prescribed Hyoscamine for the spasm/chest pains. It helped a ton. Just try to keep moving as much as possible. Stasis is not helpful to recovery.
  5. Thanks! Actually it was rescheduled to tomorrow. My surgeon had the flu. I will post again as soon as I can. Wish me luck!
  6. Stunning! I love everything about this!
  7. Great job! And cute toes just so you know selfies really do help. I'm thisclose to three years out and I still have poor self image issues. I can see it in selfies but not the mirror. Especially not when I'm naked in the tub. Take lots of selfies.
  8. I NEVER had a teacher who was a fashionista! You are rocking this girl!!
  9. You look great Keli, it's good to see you on here again!
  10. Wonderful!!
  11. Ohmigosh it is. It's like being in the middle of a fluffy cloud of warm little puppies.
  12. I should be posting this to NSV. this super warm Sherpa lined hoodie was a freaking STEAL! It was 3.86 at Kohls. Without Kohls cash... maurices lace cardi maurices jeggings taupe ankle boots last day of work before my TT!!!!
  13. Med Joe B sweater dress Brown leggings Brown boots
  14. @vsgguyHave you read the books? I had read the book well in advance of seeing the movie. I don't think the movie could ever possibly show the complexity and distrust of Leo and Raisa's marriage. Other than that, I thought it was a good version of the book.
  15. I did, it was decent. It will be interesting to see if they continue to film these. I will have to check out IMDb.